Their lead investigator just quit

“Their lead investigator just quit, they cancelled or postponed future hearings, the T.V. Ratings are absolutely abysmal, and Shifty Schiff continues his sanctimonious “interviews” just as though he were talking about his first four failed hoaxes!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I wish our Father would strike that liar who claims to be of Judah (rev 2 and rev 3: 9) down. He’s like his daddy Cain who was of the devil. professional liar.

Save Our United States

I have a feeling the country has seen enough of the Democrats for awhile.


Trump claims their “lead investigator” has just quit.
He lied, of course. There is no such person.

He claims the hearings were cancelled or postponed.
That, too, is a lie. At least three more hearings will take place in July.

There’s no hurry, The DOJ needs time to start working on the indictments.

Mary Geiger

The dums were hoping to become big TV stars showing off their acting styles on Fiction Theater. Lying is more like it. Either way, it’s all fiction.


Democrats are asking questions. They’re not lying.
Republicans are answering the questions. And they’re not lying either.
The answers are truthful.

No lie. No lies.

Sarah Luu

This is NOT surprising at all. I’m sure their surveys and other “sources” of intelligence show that their BS show is doing them more harm than good. They MUST be planning something(s) new to fight and or DESTROY you and the great MAGA movement! WE need to DESTROY ALL OF THEM ASAP in any way(s) possible. Their solution to me is very clear – QUIT!, RESIGN, FLEE our great country, admit their guilt & kill themselves. They are extremely 5hitlessly fearful of you ( and us ). They are becoming MORE & MORE desperate everyday! THEY must be overthrown NOW! “In every revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a vision!” Those who can cause ANY kaos with these pricks, BE BRAVE!, Obey your oath’s & GET BUSY disrupting them & wipe them out! Sarah Luu


You’re an idiot.


Like we all witnessed on Jan. 6, this is another good example of how dangerous the Trump cult is.


They have no pride. They continue to embarrass themselves. Shifty Schiff must get paid a lot for being the best clown in the show.


I wonder when investigators are going to start looking into, little “pencil neck” Shifty Schiff? I’ve heard some terrible things going around, about a hotel and a young boy ? The news media, doesn’t seem to care about Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, or the names in Epstein’s flight log. Heaven only knows what he is guilty of?!?! I have just pretty much given up on this whole “shit show”


I have to say it, but you are completely off your rocker. I’ve been reading your different posts and held my tongue until now. I think you should get help.

My Man Trump

Sorry but I have to say this: You are a disgrace to human kind and when this movie is over, I hope the LION looks you up.


Right On!
Petie For Prison!


This comitee is illegal and criminal and its members will be prosecuted when law and order is restored.


No, it’s not.
And no, they won’t.

Jojo Gomez

Why doesn’t the unselect committee look into who actually won the election? Everyone knows trump was the real winner of the election. This committee is wasting time and our money. They are investigating true patriots who came to DC on Jan 6 because they wanted to restore the real president of the United States. If we don’t fight like hell we won’t have a country and we are prepared to fight. Shifty Schiff watermelon head and the rest of these losers will drown in the swamp they created while us true patriots take back our country and make it great again

My Man Trump

Hahaha. I love it!! Could not happen to a better illegal committee.

Joe Gill

Ron DeSantis 2024!!!!

Mary Geiger

Trump 2024!!!!! MAGA.A


Trump/Desantis 2024!


I’d be for that 💪💪💪


Rock & Roll!


Something special must be done with Schiff!!! He is completely unethical and should be thrown out of Congress altogether! Do I get an AMEN?


Amen Brother!

Becky Peterson

Time to sue Schiff and the company of liars
Stop wasting taxpayers money or we stop paying taxes!


Stop paying taxes, and you go to jail.


Apparently they don’t care that they’re playing with our lives and people are dying because of their games. These people never grow up. We need a 2nd set of Nuremberg trials for these perpe-traitors!


Yes we do!

Meg P


Now here’s another important NEWS story, those darn Dems always try to HIDE.
Andrew Gillum who was the Dem. running against our dear Ron Desantis, was just indicted for 21 counts, including wire fraud and lying to the FBI about it. This guy was so vicious in his campaign that we in Florida were quite concern. He stated his goal was to get rid of Trump. These are too often the new Dems running for seats. They have evidence of him ‘stealing’ fund running money and using it for personal desires.

So, the moral of the story is: all those negative people that gave HIM money, just paid for HIS lifestyle. Sadly, this goes on too often. He has no power so he will go down.


Paula Berger

It’s just too bad for them (Not), but they’ll dig another yahoo out of the woodwork; all to keep sticking it to the American VOTER & TAXPAYER, this dog and pony show is just for the IGNORANT (those whom continue to refuse to learn, no matter side) followers.
What is going on and has been going on to (TRYING) to distorting A more American America “with independence and freedoms of liberty” once given back to the people, now being dumbed-down for the world to see how incompetent and easy it is to steal America!
Thank god for the Supreme Court “following the rule of law and not allowing the laws to be thrown aside for ignorance and TIRANY ( BIDEN IS THE TRUE TERRORIST and his BLM and ANTIFA are his destruction minions —- Not MEGA

Team Norm L

Somebody sure as hell dumbed you down.


This “Congressional Circus” is getting to be more Hilarious by the Minute!

Michael Jenson

Can’t blame him only dummy’s go down with ship they built it’s name is the “Rhino & Monbat’s Minnow”


Now is your chance, go present the FRAUDSTERS with the mountain of VOTER FRAUD evidence you have!!
That’ll make all the Democrats cry and they’ll have to reinstate you as PRESIDENT OF THE USA!! DON’T LET YOUR PEOPLE DOWN!!!!

Pat McGroin

When will you realize that there is no evidence!




He has lied to you. Constantly.


Aw, how cozy you and your “7” marxist buddies are in here, it’s almost touching. I heard that you all lounge on Mike Lindell’s pillows and such while angrily poking at your keyboards. For about the tenth time, the evidence:


Those Discovery channel quality documentaries still don’t show any actual proof of voter fraud, just reenactments and hypothetical scenarios that voter fraud is possible. Trump was crying fraud before votes were done being counted, so give us the actual PROOF or continue to be a SHEEP


It’s all there in several documentaries. How better to “give you the actual PROOF” than footage of mules stuffing ballot boxes, etc., etc.? Quit denying the obvious…gaslighting is a disgusting tactic. All of us who were watching the election results on that Nov. night saw it happen live. For you to say that about the films, you obviously cannot bear to watch even one minute, but others need to if they want to learn something about democrats. With your remarks you try to dissuade others from watching…but only dopey people would be dissuaded, and your toxic politicians already have their votes. The proof is in the pudding. The “SHEEP” are all of your mask-wearing, MSM believing, democrat voting doofuses who get “Locked Down” at the whim of covid co-creator Fauci and who gush about being “in quarantine,” etc. Sheep are nice though, you people are not.


Well Said!
The Whole World could see that the election was rigged on the night of 11/3/2020!
If you could not, then you are a Dumb Ass!

Post Patriot

One crappy movie, produced by a convicted felon, is not “several documentaries.”

As for the proof being “in the pudding,” what you have is not pudding.
It’s a mudpie.

Bon Appétit.

Sarah Luu

Obviously you only get your “news” from the fake news media. EDUCATE YOURSELF! One great site is Mike Lindell’s “”. Just take a little time and look at just SOME of the evidence he’s gathered. If you have ANY common sense in your brain you WILL see they MANY ways the election was stolen. BE OPEN MINDED & you WILL understand!, or do you like paying over $5.00/gal for gasoline.


In California gas is over $6 a gallon…ALL the fault of the freaking biden administration. Yet that’s only one of countless gigantic wrongs on their part…all deliberate.


I don’t consider someone who sells pillows and has fallen flat on his face time and again when attempting to prove voter fraud to be a viable source of information. The upside is he’s sold lots of pillows every time he’s tried!

Ever since the 2000 election (and probably earlier), our presidential elections has been a circus! Turning everyone against eachother makes us weak, “Divided we stand, united we fall”, and that’s what those in power want.

I’d love to have some honest candidates running on both sides that put America first instead of the embarrassing freakshow we’ve been given the last few terms. We need to do better as a country otherwise it won’t matter who’s in office, we will fail.

Continue praising Trump and giving him money, I’m sure filling a desperate millionaire’s pockets will Make America Great Again.


Are you smoking Maui Wowie?


Mr president until we get these lawmakers out of office none of this corruption will stop!


Right On The Money!

Stalwart Republican

More bullshit from an impotent traitor.


Yes, Shifty Schiff is a Traitor!

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!