Their ratings are down

“Wow, Morning Joe is “tanking” badly. Their ratings are down 15% for one year, and 38% over a two-year period. Is it possible that he is thinking of replacing his Psycho “Wife” Co-Host, Mika, with somebody else? It can only be an improvement in that there are many with far more talent.

In any event, these numbers are in the “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd category—”Meet the Fake Press.” On the other hand, a show that is doing really well is “Fox & Friends Weekend Edition,” with three wonderful hosts, and Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures.””

By Donald J. Trump

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We need more news reporters to speak up about the truth and what’s really going on in the political arena, thus the democrats real agenda.

My Man Trump

I love Maria Bartiromo! She is the star of star’s. Geez, that’s really too bad about fake news and Phoney Joe. I can’t imagine what went wrong. LOL. They are all Marxists, from the illegitimate regime down to Fake news and friends. They all really need to go.


Maria Bartiromo does give thought provoking interviews, by asking the hard questions.

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