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I’ve noticed there are many things that don’t exist anymore mainly pertaining to the rule of law which really need to be brought back and enforced.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear FAVORITE PRESIDENT, Donald J. TRUMP, I will never believe the garbage this administration of LIARS spout. They are sons of the DEVIL and should be sent back to hell where they belong.I know everyday you confess your sins to JESUS and HE removes them all and make you perfect. HE does that for anyone who confesses their sins to HIM and ask HIM to take them away. Daily cleansing makes for a perfect PRESIDENT. EH? I dare Alvin Bragg to confess his sins to JESUS. Maybe he doesn’t believe in JESUS and is stuck in his miserable skin, sin. Nancy A. Daylo


Mr President, you know these are “trumped” up charges!!! Sir, say the word and 200 million true patriot MAGA Americans will surround you, and protect you from these evil A holes!
barges is a POS and he will get what’s coming to him!!

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