There are no damages

“There are no damages, the banks received full interest payments &, after years of receiving these payments & making a lot of money by such receipt, not to mention fees, the loans were paid off in full on or before the due date or, the loans are current and receiving full interest payments. Peekaboo James is a racist that is trying to get money for banks that are not entitled. She should focus on Murder, Rape, Drugs & other CRIME that is destroying New York. Rich banks don’t need her help!
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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I am waiting to see which child(ren) you will throw under the bus. I have a feeling it will be Eric–but time will tell. I guess it won’t really matter. Your company is going down after years and years and years of shameless fraud. No wonder we never actually got to see your tax returns. Your supporters should be asking why?

Kreg Vergith

Release YOUR tax returns!

Operate a profitable business in Manhattan!
I dare you to try!

Darren Baileey

It will be Eric as he his even dumber than the son in law.


Baileey, is that a mistake in spelling or is your whole family just stuppiidd?

Darren Baileey

It would take a special kind of stupid to vote for this loser a third time.


LOL. Buddy, you aren’t helping AKD one bit. You’re actually hurting AKD’s argument. You’re the last one here that should be talking about how dumb he HIS? And don’t blame it on autocorrect. I’ve read many of your proclamations and uh, yeah.

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My Man Trump

Get her out of office. She is catering to the rich banks to enhance her campaign and have powerful allies when in office. Look at FJB. He owes a mountain full of political favors.


She will be looking for a new job soon. Anyone who will hire her is doomed.


Yet again, 100% agreement with President Trump! That crazy TDS “woman” (is that allowed? hah) hasn’t got actual violent criminals running amok like never before to deal with? These people are stark raving mad, from Soros on down to the bottom of the swamp (i.e. people like Jimmy Kimmel).


Lol, who knows what she identifies as, they can change like the wind. Maybe she wants to be a dolphin and be referred to as fishette. Lol.

She should go back to the 5th grade and start over. Then she should slap her mother across her face.

Kreg Vergith

What’s so complicated?
Where’s the fraud?

If you take out a loan and pay it back in full, there’s no damage!


Read a book, Ms. AG!!!

Sarah Luu

Just one LAST attempt for this BIG, Fat Jiggaboo (YES I SAID IT!) to get on TV before she is kicked out. Call me what you want, but the crap that this BIG MOUTH BITCH has said for YEARS IS DEFINITELY PURE RACIST TRIPE. But NO!,” She is black and & can’t be a racist” PURE B.S. If a white (or other race person for that matter) said what she has said over the years, they would BE LYNCHED IN THE STREETS. If they don’t want to be “labeled” with certain words like “Jigaboo” or the “N” word, QUIT BEHAVING LIKE ONE! I HATE to be so blunt, but SOMEONE HAS TOO! The VAST MAJORITY people of certain races are NOT offensive & FAR from it, but the one’s that are MUST be CALLED OUT FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE! They are only confirming what many already believe. If they could act CIVILIZED, they WOULD NOT be called names & treated the way they act. I am so sick & tired of people using their race as an excuse to hide behind for their outrageous & often illegal behaviour i.e. rioting,looting,rapes, murder,etc. This bitch had one and ONLY ONE purpose to be in office – effect jealous racist revenge on President Trump & his family. She ran for office with ONLY ONE GOAL. NOT for what an AG is elected to do. I accuse her of running for & taking office under FALSE PRETENSES. LOOK AT HER RECORD.- UNPROSECUTED murders & multiple other crimes. Too many to be listed, ALL on purpose to waste taxpayers money on keeping a PURELY RACIST & Jealous based effort to “get Donald Trump & put him thru hell” She should be prosecuted for NOT doing her job & wasting taxpayers money with obsessive, compulsive, racist, jealous HATRED of President Trump & his family She should BE FORCED to PAY BACK ALL of the taxpayers money she spent on this “witch hunt” If she wants attention, she should MEET YOU FACE TO FACE with her crap.She’d get some REAL attention then. I’m sorry if MY opinions have offended anyone. That is NOT my intent. But someone has to say what others are afraid to do.


This is an ILLEGIMATE case and WILL Be Thrown Out!
If FAKE Lawyer James wants to help, she can be a Police Officer for the New York Subway System!

Mary Geiger

The communist bunch have pals in every corner of the country trying to take down President Trump – they’re going to fall flat on their faces. Can’t happen soon enough.

Last edited 6 months ago by Mary Geiger
R Minoglio

This is another nothing burger. We all know it’s a WITCHHUNT! She should be doing her job. This bullshit must stop. The real American Patriots know the truth. The Biden administration and rogue democrats are destroying this country. They are out of control. We must take back the house and the Senate. Let’s go Brandon. ULTRA MAGA.


Well Said!
Thank You!

jo young

agree. you don’t have to defend yourself to us – anyone with a brain and eyes can see what is going on – the same thing that is happening to everyone who supported you and still support you.

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