There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country

“If Democrats don’t immediately stop smash-and-grab robberies, which are taking place in their cities, the National Guard must be called out. There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country. Large numbers of stores are leaving San Francisco and other cities. Some chains are closing most of their stores, it is all not even believable.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

But Republicans don’t need to stop smash-and-grab robberies? Could it be that they’re behind them?



My Man Trump

We see madness and destruction everyday. We also see it not stopping but getting bolder and bolder. And this will continue until the socialists, all of them, are rounded up and destroyed. And not just them personally but any wills, foundations, etc., they have set up to continue on in lieu of their death. It all must be eradicated so this can never, ever happen again. I’m sure that the dragnet on the treasonous steal will capture most of them. President Trump, we have all seen enough. It is time to act.


How can you call yourself American when you hate half the people who live in it?

My Man Trump

Read it again, you tool. I was not talking about Americans, I was talking about their narrative. Punishment must be swift and as described in the military books. Have you heard….They committed TREASON. And if they get their way they have another bill FJB and his squad desperately wants passed that its sole purpose is to destroy us. Including these stupid asses in here spewing their hate and propaganda.

Mark Rakow

Just how will “the socialists, all of them, [be] rounded up and destroyed?” And how would “any wills, foundations, etc., they have set up” be eradicated?

Not that it matters, but it won’t have anything to do with “the dragnet on the treasonous steal.” No such dragnet exists. Because no such steal exists.


That’s our leaders in California. If you steal <$950.00, you can go scott free. I did not vote for them, but dead people did.

Mark Rakow

Even if that were true, which is isn’t, Biden beat Trump by millions of votes. I rather doubt millions of dead people voted.

My Man Trump

LMAO. You are so lost. All your replies are so outrageous I do not bother responding to most of them but every once in a while your “shock and awe” defense looks like a cry for help.


It’s beyond my comprehension how anyone can be in favor of letting people walk off with anything they please so long as it’s under $900! Those who do are either insane or are really out to destroy society.


It would be easy to stop just arrest Gorge Soros who is paying for all the unrest in America just as he has in all the other countries Gorge Soros has destroyed. America is the last country he needs to destroy and we can all see his work being done, the smash and grabs are just a small but devastating part of Gorge Soroses chaos he is unleashing on America. The one thing Gorge Soros is afraid of is President Trump and his return so he is working as fast as he can but we all know that President Trump will be returning, I just hope it’s very soon. Then we will get to see the greatest event in history the fall of Gorge Soros and the deep state.
God Bless President Trump and all worldwide Patriots, GOD BLESS AMERICA


I for one would be happy to join with American patriots in stopping these treasonous traitors who have taken over so many American government positions and physically remove them from office if necessary. But, they are traitors and I want them treated like traitors. Tried as enemy combatants in front of a military tribunal, and if found guilty, shot or hanged. I don’t want them hanging around state offices or anywhere they could be disruptive to decent Americans and civil society.

Last edited 1 year ago by VonSteever

Rock N Roll!

Mark Rakow

Military tribunals only apply to members of the military. Be that as it may, what you’re proposing is, itself, treason. And if you’re found guilty, guess what?

End of story. A rather quick end, in fact.


Have people become so mind-controlled they can’t see beyond the end of their nose that Marxism, fascism, communism are all the same thing, have always had the same results, and that they are being led down the merry path to destruction? This is what happens when people are led by their emotions and idealism. They are used by yet other groups and don’t even know it, believing they are doing the right thing. This is so sad, but it is tearing up our economy and security and hurting so many in the worse way!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

It’s an utter disgrace. Marxist democrats who claim ENTITLEMENTS, Antifa, BLM, all part of their plan to terrorize our Country’s cities.
China is laughing at our problems, while our Country is going down the drain. Universities have become leftist indoctrination centers.

Johnny Appleseed

Yes it has Mr. President. Not to call you out.

It has not been prevalent. It has been in the dark. Kept silent.

You pulled out a big ass Q-beam and a lot of things not seen in the shadows are now in the light.

The very reason getting rid of you is such a big deal.

Your Q-beam is setting good people free from having to do dark dealings to survive.

I am just hoping this is a rescue operation and not a huge get everybody net.

There are many trapped in the clutches of the Deep state.

Many I believe would make good citizens if given the opportunity to have freedom.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

nothing will change until we have you back mr. president. the dems are demonic.


Dear President Trump, Sir you are our elected president. There is NO doubt in ANYONES mind that the election was stolen by corrupt evil treasonous actors who are enemies of this country! Sir, it has been a year now that we the American people are waiting for you to take your rightful place in office. However, time and patience has run out. Sir we NEED you to lead we the people to defeat this evil that has overtaken our nation. The time for being nice is past. The time for using the courts has passed, it is now time to take forceful action!!
200+ million Americans stand with you sir! If our military will not defend our country, we the people will rise up and fight for our country. Sir, we CAN NOT wait for 22, or 24!!! The time is NOW, or our nation will be lost! Please sir take action NOW! Any further audits, court cases, and other avenues of proving the fraud can continue AFTER you are in office to prove the fraud, However, you MUST crush this high TREASON NOW!!! What took place in Nov. 2020 is nothing less than high treason against this nation!! We the American people are in shock and awe that NOTHING has been done for over a year to bring these of highest criminals to justice!!! By our countries law, ANYONE guilty of treason must be executed!! We the people of this nation DEMAND that this very law be upheld!!!
Sir, these people laugh and mock us, and you! There is great wisdom in not rushing into a situation as complex as this one, however, there is also a time when action is required before it is too late. We are at the time for action!!! Sir, we the people are loosing hope. You must act now!! If you do not act to save this country now, American people will loose faith in you, and will not vote for you in 24. Even if a portion of the population did vote for you, as you well know, our vote would not count. Mr President, you yourself said ” nothing can stop what is coming now”, and “the best is yet to come”. The time is NOW! Use whatever means necessary, including force, to destroy this corruption and evil in our nation!!!


What can Trump do? He’s not president. He’s not an elected official. What power does he have? He’s a private citizen.


Send the National Guard to the LIBERALS cities NOW!


The Marxist mobs better not try these tricks in our neighborhood. All family owned businesses. Robust sheriff. Armed citizens. We won’t stand for this bullshit.


It is right out of the Marxist play book— create chaos-separate people by race and class and financial status–establish controls and create a dependency on the Government. This is what they are doing, unless we find a way to stop them.


Well Said!


Yep! Thesis (status quo), antithesis (created problem to cause unrest), synthesis (step in and become the hero by solving the problem you created in the first place–and people will give up their freedoms for your solution). That’s the tactic that communism used in countries all over the world during the cold war

Craig Barrett

Everything the demonrats touch turns to shit, their entire agenda is dark, it is a terrible thing to stand before the KING on judgement day, payday always comes, ALAWAYS

Becky Lynch

First responsibility of ANY level of government is to provide a secure environment for the citizens. When Great Britain barricaded Boston and the shot heard around the world was fired, that was because We The People secured the liberty and fought back. Secure your city People, secure your liberty People. When SF fails The People are called upon again.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

San Francisco is already a total failure. Pelosi, Newsom and leftist democrats are to blame.

R Minoglio

It is absolutely ridiculous that we the American people have to put up with this bullshit from our supposed to be leaders. We need you now more than ever Mr. President. They are destroying this country more everyday. We love you President Trump.


Trump can’t do it alone, we must ALL rise up and fight against this evil!!! What will be the shot that will start this whole thing off? It’s time to fire it!!

Mark Rakow

This whole thing is just you, shooting your mouth off.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I believe President Trump never lost the election. President Trump is our rightful President.

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