There was no case against Donald J. Trump

“When Alvin Bragg first attained office, he made it very clear that, like many other prosecutors, there was no case against Donald J. Trump. Then the Biden Administration, the Democrats, and the Fake News Media began pushing him, and pushing him hard, and low and behold he said that there might just be a case after all. I knew what that meant — He was being pushed to do something that shouldn’t be done. He wasn’t willing to stand up to Soros and the Marxists that are destroying our Country!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, (I like your name, so I write it as often as I can.) And when I write your name, I ask JESUS to bless you, dear Mr. PRESIDENT. And I ask HIM to bring your enemies down. Alvin Bragg appears to be a ridiculous example of the DEM LAW. He lets criminals go free and tries to get a big name by prosecuting the hero of the Conservative party. Perhaps, he was bribed to take this foolish case on. But, what do we expect of the DEM party, no common sense, but they have the backing of Joe Biden and the crooked DOJ and the fallen FBI. They are all a sad bunch of bad guys that a NY superhero needs to kick, pow, and ca-zoom, tie up in a bundle and cart them off to GOTHAM CITY JAIL.
May GOD give you the power and means to take these criminals out. I pray that ALL AMERICA stands behind you and demand that fake lawyers and fake news and fake fantasies be banished from our government. It should be on the ballot. Nancy


Never forget, as president Trump has said so many times, they are only after him because he defends us. He is one of the very few, true American patriots that stands between the lawless DC Cartel and the utter destruction of our beautiful country!

joy young

Agree! Pres Trump, if you are asking for protests and marches, please please keep telling everyone to keep it peaceful!! We don’t need any more political prisoners in any other area than DC – the den of iniquity.

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