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Sarah Luu

There are SO MANY examples of things (so many to list) that people said ” THAT CAN NEVER BE DONE” & President TRUMP DID THEM with seamlessly simple, common sense effort. I FIRMLY believe that this great man had done more GREAT THINGS for our great land & the world, in 4 short years, than ANY other HUMAN BEING has done since our founding fathers did centuries ago. HE DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANY OF IT. By MOST standards, as a human being, he has it ALL. HOWEVER, HE LOVES HIS COUNTRY & THE WORLD & WANTED TO GIVE BACK TO THOSE THAT ALLOWED HIM TO ACHIEVE SO MUCH!… AND HE MOST CERTAINLY DID!!! But WHAT is he getting in return from a SELECT FEW of JEALOUS, EVIL BARBARIANS? THERE ARE FAR, FAR MORE OF US (THE GOOD) THAN THERE ARE OF THEM (THE BAD & THE UGLY!). We ALL MUST DESTROY these EVIL PRICKS before it is to late (i.e. WW3). DON”T BE AFRAID OF THEM EVERYONE. We MUST help THIS GREAT MAN as he has helped us in so many times & ways. DON”T PLAY THEIR GAME SIR! The Secret SERVICE needs to OBEY their sworn oaths & PROTECT YOU from ANY & ALL HARM, NO MATTER THE SOURCE! YOU covered OUR backs in time of need. NOW it is OUR TURN! EVERYONE,(DON”T be AFRAID!) HELP OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP the BEST WAYS YOU CAN – Phone calls to YOUR ELECTED Representatives, Senators, Gov’s, etc & WHATEVER $$’s YOU can spare from the $$’s that he saved for ALL of US! Thank You All for reading my rant for this GREAT, GREAT MAN!!! Sarah Luu

R Minoglio

Biden and the leftist lunatics are destroying our once great USA daily. They are turning this country into a socialist communist hell. The so called reporters on CNN, MSNBC, and other leftist networks think they will be safe from what will happen to us but they will suffer the same fate. There will only be 2 classes of people in the NWO. The extremely rich and the extremely poor. They will be left behind. They just don’t know it yet. We need President Trump back now. I want my country back. Only God can save us now.


Rock On Patriot!
Well Said!
TRUMP 2024!


100% Correct President Trump!
After Cho Biden Foreign Agent pulled out of Afghanistan the USA was SEEN as WEAK!
Putin knew that and Took Advantage.
The USA is currently seen as WEAK with the Idiot in the White House and his STUPID administration!
TRUMP 2024!

Steve R

Mr. Trump, please explain in detail how you would have accomplished this.

I think you’re saying you would have allowed Putin to absorb Ukraine by refusing to provide support.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President