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Penelope Murphy-Westby

Mr. Trump claims to have offered 10,000 (or 20,000) National Guard troops to protect the Capitol on January 6. Unfortunately, the facts (and Federal law) prove otherwise.

The President has the authority to deploy the DC National Guard. However, he does not have that same authority over Guard troops from other States. Each state’s Governor has the sole authority to deploy Guard troops from their state. This is REGARDLESS of the fact that the President is Commander-in-Chief. Under Federal law, the President cannot act on behalf of any state’s Governor in this regard. Concerning January 6, no Governor authorized the deployment of National Guard troops to the Capitol, nor was any such request made to any State on behalf of the President.

While it’s, at least, theoretically possible that Trump may have offered to deploy the DC National Guard, he wouldn’t have been able to offer 20,000 troops – or even 10,000, for that matter. Because, in fact, the DC National Guard only has 3,700 members.

Incidentally, Trump couldn’t have offered to send Army troops either. Under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, US troops cannot be used to enforce domestic policy. In other words, they cannot be deployed to guard the Capitol.

Unfortunately, once again, Trump has lied. . . and the facts prove it.


Because that has been debunked many, many times.


Because Wino Pelosi wanted to “Stage Riots!”


That’s it, the 10000 troops would have ruined their whole plan; Ray Epps and crew said NO WAY!”



Penelope Murphy-Westby

Wrong. The 10,000 troops would have ruined Trump’s whole plan. That’s why he saw to it that the DC National Guard was deployed elsewhere that day – which they were, scattered throughout the city – thus ensuring the Guard couldn’t be easily or quickly mobilized to go to the Capitol.

As for whatever offensive or defensive weaponry and/or riot gear they would have needed, it was safely under lock-and-key, back at the Armory. Needless to say, this only delayed them further.


Why did you rile up thousands of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and others before and on January 6th? You were giddy about the insurrection. Now you are backtracking as though you actually wanted to stop it. You are pathetic.



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