These are the Prosecutors

“These are the Prosecutors that Merrick Garland and Hopeless Joe Biden have illegally unleashed on me in order to Interfere with the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. They don’t want me to get the Nomination, because they know I won twice, did much better the second time, and am also leading Biden big in the Polls. How would you like to be simultaneously fighting this group of Thugs, Radical Left Marxists, Racists, and Lunatics? But it’s what I do to Make America Great Again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP! Everything is getting out of hand. What started as a Plandemic turned into ELECTION FRAUD. Sleepy Joe and Soros Family are destroying our Country. We have open southern border, fentanyl and other drugs, rampant crime, crumbling infrastructure, weaponization of branches of government, and China and Russia are laughing at us.

Sarah Luu

These are the PROSTITUTORS! They have SOLD THEMSELVES to EVIL for $$$, power & attention. They care NOTHING about what is good & right, ONLY about THEMSELVES, THEIR HATRED, born from JEALOUSY & the EVIL PRICKS with fat pockets. Sarah Luu


Political Persecutors and Criminals!
TRUMP 2024!


Much Love Honor and Respect to you, kind sir! You are a true leader, a warrior like none other, and appointed from on high! I am one of many that are most grateful for everything you have done and are doing and will do as I believe in your fight! Keep on fighting Sir! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, always! Bless all that you do, and may you and your family always rest at night with a peaceful slumber, no matter the current battle. . God bless you! God bless your beautiful supportive and loving family!

Carlos Idelone

Please President Trump, warn the People about this upcoming digital control currency. May God protect and guide you, for your sake and ours.

Captain Obvious

L.James and A.Bragg ran on,get Trump at any cost.The problem with this is,it IS going to come back and bite both of them and their lackeys in the ass.They both know they have nothing on him,but are trying to make something out of nothing.Two tiered justice system?You be the judge,jury and executioner.

R Minoglio

The American people will not let this stand. Wake up people. The Biden administration is destroying this country. I want my country back. The way it was before all this woke bullshit. I love my country. If you love this country. Let your voice be heard.


Im praying for that Mr President! All these criminal traitors MUST be charged and put in jail. I think also these hearings going on right now, very important. There are so many traitors and deepstaters, its crazy. And they lie and lie and lie….They must be charged, it must be done. And Donald Trump will be back in 2024, if not before. And some very interesting things will happen this summer, my guess is starting tribunal in kyiv, for all these criminals. Taiwan will be the next “thing” God bless President Trump, he is the current president and mister DOnald Trump youll win the 2024 election also. After that we need some new arrangement for what do do with donald trumps “lost 4 years as a sitting president. My option is, president trump will be given more years as sitting president from 2020-2024 and he will be president from 2024-2028. Im praying for that. Much greetings from Berlin/germany


may God guide and protect you
we need you to repair the mess

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