These documents be immediately returned

“Oh great! It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged “attorney-client” material, and also “executive” privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken. By copy of this TRUTH, I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

One would think, with so many young female attorneys working for him, that at least a few might have some competence in legal office procedure. Are they all that sloppy?

On the other hand, I doubt if any were hired for their legal skills. Sloppy or otherwise.

My Man Trump

You are a sick, arrogant bastard. Crawl back into your hole in the basement.


FJB! and YOU Commie-Lib!

My Man Trump

Did anyone expect fair play. The whole thing was dirty and had the stench of communism and dictatorship. Aren’t we proud of our third world country.

Mary Geiger

They will be delivered to Nancy Pelosi, Bennie Thompson, Liz Cheney and the rest of the jan6 gang. Watch the subpoenas fly out of this committees’ hands as they will be doing all they can to stop President Trump from his right to be our president again. They will extend their fairy tale TV show for another season.
If they use these documents for their investigations, every one of them should be sued to the hilt. Take everything they own.


We’re ready President Trump, go hard after these crooked Democrat controlled minions.


This is obviously also a continuation of their illegal spying operation against Trump. How dare those jack-booted thugs take things they had absolutely no business or right to take! That alone is a serious crime, to add to all the rest. This gets more disgusting every day, just when you think it cannot possibly get any worse. I’m so sorry our legitimate President is enduring these outrageous criminal offenses. May truth and justice win out in the end, and SOON!

Save Our United States

I ask, which entity is seditious, J6 or the Democrat party?


right….they have already had time to copy them.


These are government documents, what’s the problem with them copying them?

Mary Geiger

Why else would they be copying them? To hand out copies to all the J6 committee.


Why would they care about nuclear secrets or what was he hiding from the J6 committee?

Mindy Pechenuk

You are right. This is the time to stop this treason by the DOJ and FBI. Your documents need to be returned and you need to be back in the White House in 2024. We need to use Scheudule F to clean out this permanent beaucracy. This is needed so we can go back to the American Economic System and abolish the Federal Reserve. I stand with you, Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18


“…THIEVES nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” -1 Corinthians 6:10


Absolutely true.

Sarah Luu

They don’t believe in THE TRUE GOD, father of JESUS CHRIST. Their god is obviously SATAN & do HIS bidding! Sarah Luu



Rowland L. Holland

press charges to the max



Sarah Luu

Dear Mr. President, I believe that it is unlikely that you will get anything back, unless you and your legal team find something in the laws that makes their perverted act a deadly crime with “unavoidable and clear cut consequences” that they find out in desperation that there is no escape from. The damage has already been done because, I’m sure, they have already made thousands of copies of EVERYTHING they took, fabricated, and SELECTIVELY leaked it to Biden’s cronies, “fake news” outlets, foreign governments, claiming YOU LEAKED IT. Keep fighting!! I KNOW that you have the strength and the will NOT to let these pricks pull you down. Keep speaking out ON ALL FORUMS, like this one, that will get your messages out without distorting it. The VAST MAJORITY BELIEVES IN YOU! I KNOW you know that. Time is running out for these pricks, they know it and will only continue to become more & more desperate, reckless, insane, and FVCK UP! Use THEIR OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS AGAINST THEM! As I said before, FLOOD the known, reliable sources to GET THE WORD(S) OUT!!!. Don’t give the “fake news” the time of day. DON’T EVER SPEAK TO THEM OR ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR EXISTENCE!. Their ratings will tank even further and they will continue to FVCK UP with obsurd stories out of pure desperation. The more desperate they become, the more ridiculous they will become. BE READY FOR ANYTHING, NO MATTER NOW CRAZY IT MAY SOUND.The first lady should sue all those involved in “RAPING” her personal effects. There is NO TELLING what they did with it, to it or ON IT! I’m sure you know what I’m referring to.SICK, TWISTED, PERVERTED, X-RATED ACTS! ALL of this crap proves your courage and strong will, that would crack up most people. THANK YOU FOR STAYING STRONG FOR US. This is ONE OF MANY REASONS THAT YOU ARE LOVED & RESPECTED BY SO MANY MILLIONS, ALL OVER THE WORLD! With the greatest of love, admiration, honor & respect. Sarah Luu P.S.- Don’t ANYONE EVER FORGET “In every revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a VISION” We will ALWAYS be WITH YOU!


This has essence of a crime but I’m sure they will give the …ooops excuse and media will cover for them. This smells like water gate 2


They are making up their own rules as they go. Banana Republic?

Sarah Luu

Simple- The Gestapo and idiots like “Major Hockstetter”! BIDEN!, VAT IS DIS MAN DOING HERE? LOL at ALL of them!

Fredrik Refsdal

I would say worse. Even a banana republic does have some standards.


OMG this sounds like what happened with hitler and stallon


What does that even mean? You’re a fan of Hitler and Stalin?



Bart Aaron

No, she is clearly referring to the famous story of Hitler and the clydesdale at Berghof. This situation is almost identical!


I see.


But some of the FBI agents are keeping Melania’s dresses, in honor of J. Edgar Hoover. LMAO

le cat

This is not what I was promised when I became a (legal) US citizen. I want my money back


How corrupt is that?


This continued all out attack on President Trump, shows the World what the deep state has done to America!! The FBI continues to show its deep corruption by repeatedly taking attorney/client privilege materials through every raid etc at every conservatives home, office, place of business, etc.
We are waist deep in their communist tactics!! Let’s not forget Milley & others, spouting their rhetoric from all the communists countries & their play books!! God bless America and our World!!! The commies could not corrupt or buy President Trump!! It’s driving them all loony toon crazy.

Airmen Anderson

That’s not good news Mr. President the FBI stealing your privileged documents, and God knows all what else they have illegally done. I believe it is time that the Military conduct their own legal Raid & military operation upon all those that are corrupt AKA the Deep State’s FBI, post haste, Mr. President… Godspeed…


Even if they comply, it will be after every document has been copied and digitised in their ongoing search for any excuse to block #45 from ever becoming #47.

Bart Aaron

How dare you suggest that #46 is legit! RINO!



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