These issues are far from “ghosts”

“Everyone knows the wisdom embodied in the saying “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The WSJ’s May 2, 2022 editorial argues that we should ignore the blatant fraud that took place in Wisconsin in the November 2020 election as detailed by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in his 136 page Preliminary Report issued on March 1, 2022. To ignore the fraud that Justice Gableman continues to uncover is to allow that fraud to be repeated. Justice Gableman’s Report revealed many illegal and unethical acts including Zuckerberg funded election bribery, illegal ballot drop boxes, and obstruction of evidence gathering. Gableman also revealed that the Wisconsin Election Commission shared access to Wisconsin’s registration system with Zuckerberg funded left-wing activists, disregarded Wisconsin law so that tens of thousands of nursing home residents could be exploited for their votes, and illegally encouraged Wisconsin voters declare themselves “indefinitely confined” under Wisconsin law, thereby avoiding Wisconsin’s voter ID requirements.
These issues are far from “ghosts” as the editorial board claims. Here is a link to the Report so that people can see it for themselves. I encourage everyone to read it. 
The fact that the WSJ editorial board came out with this hit piece the day after the nationwide premier of True the Vote’s movie, 2000 Mules, which proves a massive illegal ballot harvesting operation took place in the 2020 election—especially in key battleground counties like Milwaukee County—is also curious. Voters know that unless we fix what happened in 2020, those who stole the 2020 election will try to do it again in 2022. Ignorance is not bliss. Sky high inflation, threats of World War III, and the invasion across our borders are a direct consequence of the stolen 2020 election. What happened in 2020 can never be allowed to happen again!”

By Donald J. Trump


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What fraud? You lost fair and square by more then 8 million votes Pinocchio. Stop lying to everyone

My Man Trump

LMAO. I have swamp land that I will sell you for a good price. Honest.

Mark Rakow

There are, in fact, two Preliminary Reports; both are dated March 1, 2022. One is 136 pages in length, and the other is 94 pages. There is also a truncated third Prelimary Report. Not all pages are numbered, and certain pages contain lengthy passages of duplicated information – in two cases, duplicated three times. This version is, roughly, 70-75 pages in length.

I would add that, in a few instances, the duplicated passages reveal certain oddities. I cannot go into detail about these; it’s quite possible they are merely duplicative imperfections. A forensics team is examining each of those.

Our office has obtained all three versions, and a team of five associates are closely examining them. For security and sterility reasons, two of these five have been designated as Co-Leads, equal in authority. One of the team is on record as recused, being personally acquainted with both Speaker Vos and the former Justice.

I am not at liberty to disclose a great deal; however, the fact that there are multiple reports is, indeed, notable. Certain of the media is aware of our work, but have thus far agreed to maintain a discreet posture. Above all, Wisconsinites deserve none but the facts.

The ex-President ought to carefully consider his remarks heretofore, and henceforth be advised to proceed, if he must, with extreme caution. On such antics, Wisconsin law is explicit and quite clear. It’s not the Badger State for nothing.

My Man Trump

Enough of your crap. Your shift is starting pretty soon at Walmart. Don’t be late, there is clean up on aisle 7 that you need to get to. Blue light special got a little crazy.

Mark Rakow

“Blue light special?” Hmm.
You really are from another century.

My Man Trump

I knew you would fall for it. You are such a lame F**k who compliments your president who is a lame duck. You guys are book ends. The books are How to destroy America and Marxism in the WH.

Tray Tray

It’s depressing to say the very least. I don’t know how we will survive the next 3 years. Seems as though evil is overtaking the entire world. Lord here our prayer: please help us🙏🏻Amen🙏🏻

Renee Storm

Anyone in positions of power to prosecute these crimes and do nothing about it are complicit and should also be prosecuted for treason right along those who initiated the crimes. The insurrection of our country via ballot stuffing/election fraud should result in thousands of deaths by hanging, or firing squad. The covid pandemic and election fraud was a large scale attack on our election system and meant to overthrow the powers of the people. I Don’t care how these treasonous actors are executed, but justice is essential!

Mark Rakow

Were you aware that late-stage syphilis causes mental degradation and delusions, such as the ones you clearly have?

So, yes. I’d say syphilis. A serious STD.
Or, perhaps, you’re just fucked in the head.

My Man Trump

They keep digging their hole deeper and deeper. You are 100 percent right as always, DJT. 2000 MULES!!!! We will never forget.


Anyone who Think 2020 was not stolen or ask you to stop are traitors and enemies iof We the People and should be silenced and prosecuted when law and order is restored

Craig Barrett

Anyone that has a brain that works knows the demonrats cheated , they tried in 2016 but didn’t realize you would win so big so they had several backup plans for 2020 thankfully they have been caught, time for Justice against TREASON


NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FJB! AND THE wsj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for continuing to fight for Free and Fair Elections. The Marxists in this country definitely do not want this to happen. They support One Party Rule.

Mark Rakow

And you DON’T support One-Party Rule?

My Man Trump

Not yours!


Thank you for the information. As a patriot, I do not understand a lot of the legality and political lingo. I do know that there must be a complete investigation of all the illegal things that occured doing the 2020 election. As an American citizen, I deserve that. I need to know did my vote count!

Donna Damore

I honestly think those who condemn you for not dropping the voter fraud of the Presidential Election 2020 couldn’t possibly withstand what happened to us, and more importantly to you. I say screw them, .
Personally I can not wait until you take back our beautiful United States of America.

God bless you President Trump.🙏



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