These people are CRAZY!!

“There is no “crime” having to do with the storage of documents at Mar-a- Lago, only in the minds of the Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our Country, and were just forced by the Courts to give me back much of what they took (STOLE?) during their unprecedented and unnecessary break in of my home. The Clinton “Socks Case,” which is law, says it all belongs to “the President,” NO CRIME, and the Presidential Record Act is simple, “negotiate,” and NO CRIME. These people are CRAZY!!!

By Donald J. Trump

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It’s discusting of what this regime is doing. They seem to be above our laws, controlling everything.
It has to stop. Who knows what the will do next.
They want to destroy God’s Laws and want the people to obey their laws.
God will destroy the enemies and the Nations.

My Man Trump

These people are desperate. The President is the real “Teflon Don”. It is funny as hell. Nothing sticks to him because there is nothing there.


They knew that the committee and hearings garbage was going to go nowhere so this was just another backup plan.

Kreg Vergith

I heard a judge say once that selective enforcement taints both sides equally.

Never thought I’d see it here.


Your “friends” on the Supreme Court once again don’t want to hear what you have to say.


Violation of the 4th Amendment!
Sue the HELL out of these SOBs President Trump!

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