These Statements of Financial Condition are not audited

“We have a great company with fantastic assets that are unique, extremely valuable and, in many cases, far more valuable than what was listed in our Financial Statements. Anyone with even a minor degree of financial acumen would recognize that these Statements of Financial Condition, prepared for the Trump Organization, are not audited—Which is also prominently highlighted in the Disclaimer Declaration on page one and two of the documents themselves. My company has among the best real estate and other assets anywhere in the world, has significant amounts of cash, and has relatively very little debt, which is totally current. The Mazars June 30, 2014 Statement of Financial Condition, reported before I ran for President in 2015, contains, subject to review of the entire Statement, the following:

Cash and marketable securities $302,300,000
Escrow, reserve deposits and prepaid expenses $40,000,000
Total assets $6,300,700,000
Net worth $5,777,540,000
Total liabilities and net worth $6,300,700,000

This does not include the estimated brand value from an earlier date. As stated by Predictiv, “In addition, the value of business development, licensing, television revenues and related income benefiting from the Trump brand were evaluated. Based on the information provided, it was concluded that the value of the Trump brand was in the $2.8 to $3 billion range.” Based on current enthusiasm and transactions which have or will take place, the brand value today could be, in my opinion, substantially higher. But even at the low number, this would impart a Net Worth of approximately $8 to $9 billion. Remember, when the Attorney General and or District Attorney say they think my financial statements may be high, I don’t even include these branding numbers in them, which is far more than any discrepancy they may have, if there is a discrepancy at all.

The accounting firm Mazars has been threatened, harassed, and insulted like virtually no other firm has ever been. They were essentially forced to resign from a great long-term account by the prosecutorial misconduct of a highly political, but failed, gubernatorial candidate, Letitia James, and the Hillary Clinton run District Attorney’s Office of Manhattan, where crime has reached levels not even thought possible, including the vicious killing of a thirty-five-year-old woman in her Chinatown apartment yesterday by a man who should never have been allowed to be on the streets. Murder and other crimes in Manhattan and New York have gone through the roof, some crimes by as much as 100%, as the Democrat run DA and AG spends historic amounts of time, energy, and money trying to “get Trump.” Lawyers from Hillary Clinton’s law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, have temporarily left the firm and gone to work in the District Attorney’s office in order to viciously make sure that “the job gets done.”

The actions of the AG and DA, including the Radical Left Westchester County DA who was a Trump hating contributor at MSNBC, reveal the vile and malicious intent that underlies the nonstop barrage of insults and threats aimed at me and the Trump Organization, including their years-long review of over nine million pages of documents that go far beyond the Statute of Limitations. Letitia James got elected by violently attacking “Donald J. Trump”, even though she knew nothing about me. Likewise, District Attorney Alvin Bragg “bragged” that he has sued President Trump over 100 times, more than anybody else. He is now working hand-in-hand with people from the law firm which is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors. Chuck Schumer’s brother, Robert, is a partner and runs the firm. After many years as the District Attorney, the previous DA, Cy Vance, recently left without being able to charge anything other than a fringe benefits case about which the WSJ Editorial Board commented, saying “Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James subpoenaed millions of documents and years of tax returns, and that’s all they’ve come up with.” They go on to say, “the political motives at work are transparent…[AG James] all but promised a selective prosecution—that is, pick a target, then search for a crime to allege…it looks like political targeting.” The charge against a 74-year-old long-term and wonderful employee is that he did not pay taxes on a company car or a company apartment (Do others pay such a tax? Did Cy Vance pay a tax on his car?), and a charge having to do with my paying for the education of his grandchildren. Murderers all over the city and they are worried about me helping with young children’s education? We may be the only company ever criminally charged by a District Attorney in a fringe benefits case. I believe Allen is innocent.

Mazars decision to withdraw was clearly a result of the AG’s and DA’s vicious intimidation tactics used—also on other members of the Trump Organization. Mazars, who were scared beyond belief, in conversations with us made it clear that they were willing to do or say anything to stop the constant threat which has gone against them for years. They were “broken” and just wanted it all to stop. I wish they had the courage to fight it out, but they didn’t, and who can blame them, but in their forced letter of surrender, Mazars does strongly state that all work was “performed in accordance with professional standards” and that there were “no material discrepancies in the financial statements.” The attached strongly worded and unambiguous Mazars Disclaimer Clause, or similar, is in each Financial Statement dating back many years.”


“This crime against me is a continuation of a Witch Hunt the likes of which has never been seen in this Country before. From Russia, Russia, Russia, which has now been proven by the Durham findings to be a complete and total fraud, to the Mueller Report, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, there has never been anything like it. The people of our Country are angry and upset, and losing faith in our system, and our Country itself.

Instead of this sham investigation of a great company that has done a spectacular job for New York and beyond, why isn’t law enforcement and the Fake News Media, which has been so destructive to our Country, looking into the fact that Hillary Clinton and her minions got caught SPYING into the office of the President of the United States, a crime so grave that it once called for the death penalty as punishment if caught. It doesn’t get any worse than that! After five years of constant bombardment, this political and racist attack must stop. Look to the murderers, drug dealers and rapists instead!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Linda MacLeod Goodman

Rules for Radicals #1b: Make the enemy doubt their own power.

Breitbart quoted AP propaganda yesterday and GP is quoting it today..

Mirroring the presstitutes ignoring the Durham probe creates suspicion that the Trump Org has something to hide, too, right? My Upside-down World friends are gloating over the fake news and the silence from the conservative press; and the Durham probe is just a distraction, of course. President Trump is shining a light and the conservative press is ignoring it completely. The upside is, more enemies are out of the closet, right? As the saying goes, when they show you who they are, believe them.



Marijo Makufka

The demonically-run lamestream media MUST TELL THE TRUTH!!!
Many Americans still parrot partial truths or outright lies that they heard from the lying press about the GREAT COMPANY that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BUILT through BUSINESS ACUMAN, HARD WORK, PERSERVERANCE, and HONEST DEALS.
We the People stand beside you, President Trump, and will not leave you.
We the People believe in you.
We the People will never stop, will never give in, will never give up.
We the People also await the RETURN OF THE GREATEST 1ST FMILY EVER!!!
We remain at your stead, ready to serve you.
I pray blessings over you and yours; I see that YOUR RETURN IS IMMINENT!!!

joy young

their over riding hate for you and the people that voted for you will drive them to hell! it is coming they are blinded by their hate.

Linda MacLeod Goodman

The leading conservative press should bring clarity as President Trump does here, but Breitbart posted AP propaganda and the Gateway Pundit is ignoring the story, which makes it seem like there’s something to hide. TGP covered the developing story two years ago, but now, nothing.

And why does the conservative press consistently neglect to include the link to this website when they post the President’s statements? This guarantees most supporters don’t know it exists. Are they all controlled opposition? So much worse than fake news because they’re trusted and the worst bad guys pretend to be the best bad guys. And isn’t infiltration of the press fundamental to the enemy within? 60 years after President Kennedy sounded the alarm even the local school boards are infiltrated.

“For we are opposed around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; on infiltration instead of invasion…”JFK, The President & the Press; Apr 27, 1961

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Will the ‘leading conservative press’ post the President’s above statement and dispel any growing suspicion that there’s something to hide? Or will they continue to mimic the mainstream & progressive presstitutes ignoring the Durham probe because there really is something to hide?

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Dang it, I meant the worst bad guys pretend to be the best good guys. Just one more on controlled opposition – the final presidential debate in Oct 2020 was thoroughly fact-checked by Breitbart, with a shocking result they obscured across 28+ pages:
It should have been the WORLDWIDE headline, but nobody even noticed and Breitbart wasn’t telling. I linked to the data here, because you have to see it to believe it..


Letitia James got elected using the same crooked machines they used to steal the 2020 election. The reason they feel emboldened is bc they know they cannot lose.


Thank you for this update. No amount of hit pieces against you Mr. President is going to change my mind about you. You are still my President, best President in my lifetime! As to the evil lying, spying traitors, their crimes against God, family and country, need to be prosecuted. [They] were given multitude opportunities to turn away from what [they] did and fess up yet refused. Justice is coming to [them] so help us God.


Very sad the Commie-Liberals Ran Off WeiserMazars LLP Accounting Firm!
Continue the FIGHT President Trump and I Will Continue to Fight With YOU!


the only reason Watergate happened to become a scandal was bc Nixon was a Republican. The dems are thieves, liars, murderers, abusers of everyone and every bit of power they get in their grubby talons. RINOS are just like them, probably due to fear OF them.
It will only get worse from here, I’m afraid.
Stolen elections have consequences.
The J6-ers are being tortured in a filthy jail held without any trial. No, we used to be a free country. Now, we are the communist state the evil ones hoped for. Hoped for is the wrong phrase.They worked, pushed and conspired to get us here, while we were busy being honest hard working Americans.


“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”- Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police and a right bastard.

Johnny Appleseed

Could not have been said any better.

Daniel Bacon

Biden and Harris should be remove and the legitimate winner Donald J Trump be reinstall to President if the United States

Johnny Appleseed

Here is the truth about God.

He has about 7.1 billion children. 250 or so different nations for a reason. Because he made each of his children specially made INDIVIDUALS.

He is like a dad, trying to make sure they are all okay while they are screwing each other over, killing each other, robbing each other, stabbing each other in the back….

And all we can seem to try and fix is someone cussing??


And the only time they band together is to tell him what a no good piece of crap he is…

Everyone runs around being mad at God… but does anyone stop and think about how he is feeling???

Who is there to comfort God when his children are treating each other like shit.

I read the whole Bible and God has feelings. He gets angry. He likes things and don’t like things. He cry’s out in pain.

He has agony.

But all his children want him to protect them from all his other children that have decided to be selfish little assholes.

They pray to him to get them. They pray to him to take their side in a fight… instead of doing the right things he said to do.

Think about that for a min.

He don’t want us to be a one world government… but he don’t want us running around cutting each other’s throats and blowing each other up either.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Diane Roy

. A bunch of demonic and sadistic individuals that need to be prosecuted!!! You have everything President Donald J Trump. Drain the swamp~MAGA


Just please do not forget what they are doing to you and please spend your entire second term getting revenge!

Teresa M Chisholm

Let’s fix this!


Too bad they won’t be able to stop you from running in 2024.

The Durham report should be enough to dilute the medias politics for the next few months, just in time to retake congress.

And with Bidens continuing screw-ups (I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that the dems will lose big in November)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

But he runs sooooooooooooooo slow!!!


Don’t worry, he will pretty much be in charge of the country in January 2023.


what Belarus?????


Nincompoop……..came right to my mind when I seen your reply.

(Been waiting a long time for this word to finally fit someone to a tee, I’m sure your parents called you that a lot.)

Thanks for that! Have a nice day.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

Well Said!
Hillary For Prison!


Interesting that at his recent rally Mr TRUMP implied that any “misplaced commas” etc. that might cause charges against the TRUMP Org would be due to the accounting firm Mazars. The jist of what was said implied that Mazars would thrown under the bus in any legal defense.
Can’t fault Mazars for jumping ship.

Stacia Smith

we are living on a gangster planet.


Yes, and the biggest and best gangster is D. Trump.

Mark Rakow

Well, whaddya know? Trump’s accountants have decided to dump him. Right in the middle of tax season. How unfortunate. And that’s not all; the accountants have disavowed 9 years of Trump’s tax returns and accounting statements.

So, what will he do? He doesn’t have many options. The fact that the accountants have disavowed the records means they have very serious concerns about their accuracy. In short, they’re worried about illegal activity being traced to them.

Is the government going to demand to see his tax records?
Well, of course! In fact, the New York Attorney General already has them.

Did Trump break the law? Probably. Otherwise, his accountants wouldn’t have dumped him. Nobody from the firm wants to end up sharing a prison cell with Trump.

Nobody else does either. And it’s starting to look like he’ll be headed there.

Johnny Appleseed


Yeah we did the work…. We don’t want to be attached to it….


Sounds like assholes that would throw someone under the bus just to get the light off something else they don’t want to come to light…

It will be funny if the worst thing they can find is something like


Maximize their returns…

So the best you have is you are going to crucify the man for some shit most Americans do anyway???


Hey guys… Skid marks is a rat.

Because colluding with a foreign country and controllling exports for personal gain is okay… but lying on your taxes is a sin…. Give me a break.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Are you hyper ventilating Mark???

Don’t you remember all the times you have been down this road? HAHA

Let me que you in……….Nobody on this side is worried.

So, grab a bag to blow into. (And keep hyper-ventilating)


When did id become legal to subpoena documents to anything without pursing a legitimate crime?

Apparently it’s legal for slimebag democraps against their political opponents, especially if it’s President Trump.


Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. Decertify now!!

Mark Rakow

That’s not going to happen. Neither the US Constitution, nor the constitution of any State offers decertification as a possible remedy in conducting elections. Accordingly, no State legislature has the authority to do so. Certification is a power held solely by the Executive branch in each State. No State allows its legislature to summarily strip this power from the Executive branch, nor to intercede in the process.

Even if that were to change – a remote possibility, at best – it would have absolutely no effect on the 2020 election. The losing candidate is not about to be handed the Presidency. The very idea is completely absurd.

Johnny Appleseed

I know this is going to sound bad but…

Welcome to the United States.

They have been doing it to us for years.

You don’t go with their narrative you are out.

You don’t jump through their hoops… you are out.

You don’t keep saying the same lying bullshit line over and over… you are out.

If you don’t go alone with the program even though you know it’s a bunch of bullshit… you are out.

It’s the way things have been for a very long time.

If we say anything and prove we ain’t what they accuse us of… they go after friend and family.

Watch the police television shows… it is celebrated when a police officer breaks protocols.

It is celebrated when a gangster gets that “pig cop.”

They do that stuff for a reason. To program us into that situation. Basically they are making more cops and robbers both of them breaking the constitution, but they make money off of all that.

They have been programming us for so long no one is noticing it anymore.

It’s actually scary. Honest to God scary.

If anyone stands up and says hey this ain’t right… they do what they are doing to you right now.

They are making you out to be a Whiny Baby brat.

Hell I have been living with stuff like that for a while.

It is daunting. It’s is tiring. But it’s how things are.

We ain’t the only ones going through it either. There are millions going through this weather they want to speak up or not.

People get beat down long enough they want to shut up and give up.

And that is what the deep state is doing now. They are doing the silent long let this die down tactic now. They have tired every other thing they had….

Now it’s let the water ripples stop.

They just letting the waters calm and the waves stop so they can get geared up for a different direction. You did a lot of damage but the next phase is very tricky….

They are going to start looking like you.

Assimilation and dismantle.

Please please have a protocol in place for this.

Basically they are going to start sounding like your message but twist it to their own liking.

Your message is fire burning hot.

It catches everywhere it goes like a prairie fire. They are going to come up with something very similar to you mr message and make it sound like each other.


Bombney vs. Oblahblah 20twelve.

If you took one guy out and plugged the other guy in during their speeches… you would not be able to tell a difference if it were not for the color of their skin. They were both saying the exact same thing.

BOMBNEY was just towing the like and oblahblah was supposed to shove everything down our throats.

No matter who we picked…. We still voted for socialized healthcare designed to rob us of our income tax returns.

Is what it is. Hope this helps.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Ahhh, more smoke and mirrors. Be interesting to understand how they are being racist towards you…

Mark Rakow

They aren’t, as we know perfectly well. That’s just the sort of garbage Trump puts out there, when he has nothing else.

And in this case, he has absolutely nothing else. We’ve been hearing, for quite some time, that income tax evasion and fraud could ultimately be his downfall, and might even send him to prison. This appears increasingly likely; in fact, I’d venture to say it’s probably going to happen.

The fact that nine years of Trump’s tax records were disavowed by his accountants is very significant. The long harangue above suggests that he’s not only concerned about this matter, he’s downright scared. Frankly, he ought to be.

Leavenworth is not a pretty place. For one thing, it’s in Kansas,


How about we start investigating some dems, Hillary, Bill, Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, the list is endless!!!

Mark Rakow

Apparently, so is your imagination.

Wendy Trump

Wow. Someone’s triggered.

Elizabeth Headley

Special treatment for just you POTUS! Cuz they love you SO MUCH!
WOW! They stoop so low! Apparently they DO dare to mess with people of such a great status…I thought THIS LEVEL was reserved for us worthless eaters/ the rank and file!

Mark Rakow

He’s not receiving special treatment in this matter. In fact, he’s being treated as any other American. That’s as it should be.

If you, or I, or any other American, were suspected of income tax evasion, and/or tax fraud, and/or conspiracy to commit fraud, and/or racketeering, and/or any other felony, and the evidence supported it, we’d be likewise investigated, indicted, prosecuted, tried, and sentenced. Trump doesn’t get a pass, just because he’s Trump. And he’s no longer a sitting president. So he’s subject to prosecution.

As for the claim of “spying on a sitting president,” that’s a whole other matter. For one thing, it’s quite a stretch to say that’s what occurred. So far, the evidence suggests there was some improper activity along these lines. Whether it rises to the level of criminal conduct, and whether the Justice Department believes it’s appropriate to go forward on this, remains to be seen.

It’s possible. But, at this point, it’s only a possibility. But one thing is certain: this process will take quite some time. Point being, if you’re waiting for anyone in particular to go to prison, don’t hold your breath. It’s got nothing to do with partisanship; in fact, this is precisely why it will take quite some time.

The Justice Department goes to great lengths to ensure that political considerations don’t poison the well, and compromise any potential legal proceedings. This is to protect Democrats AND Republicans alike.

Gerald Warner

This is al;l treason and the only penalty is HANG.

Mark Rakow

This is not treason; anyway, that penalty hasn’t been used in a case of treason since 1865. Get a grip.


so, you want to adopt me, is that it ?

Craig Barrett

The only crime here is by the AG and the DA both need to be disbarred, I would not hire them to clean my toilet , they are beneath that job, everyone see through their BULLSHIT

Mark Rakow

You don’t have a clue what you’re saying. Obviously.

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