They also improperly took my complete and highly confidential medical file

“Not only did the FBI steal my Passports in the FBI Raid and Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, but it has just been learned through court filings that they also improperly took my complete and highly confidential medical file and history, with all the bells and whistles (at least they’ll see that I’m very healthy, an absolutely perfect physical specimen!), plus personal Tax Records (Illegal to take), and lawyer/client/privileged information, a definite NO, NO. Days of the Soviet Union!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Illegal, immoral, wrong.

Prayer Warrior

Sounds to
Me they’re just finding out the plan they have had to manipulate and lie has failed! It’s pointless framing our President Donald J Trump for anything that’s falsely accusations, Praise God! Hallelujah! I’m just grateful what God is revealed throughout this journey! We love you! All is well

Corey Frederic

Truth Social site is BROKEN
Can you please fix. there is absolutely No-Way to get a help line or chat. Can not get on site and can not create new user – please help. I have removed all cookies, even used incognito browser – nothing works – “ANY” user name you enter for a new account ALWAYS comes back “Username already in use”

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Look Up To Heaven

Had the same problem. No way to reach out for Help line.


Why not put serial numbers on all ballots, just like the dollar bill. Then we can track them and eliminate duplicates and invalid serial numbers.




Because that would make too much sense.

Bonnie Posner

Horrendous! The DOJ needs to be reined in or dismantled! Communist tactics! I hope you sue!

Airmen Anderson

Good evening Mr. President, would somebody please help me understand how can all this be happening?

Crimes are being committed and no arrests are being made or known and because there are no arrests being made or known gives the criminal or illegal authority the false belief that whoever they are can get away with it! Mr. President, are you really going to let these criminals get away with breaking the Law and breaking into your gorgeous Mar-a-Lago Home and stealing from you? I hope not…

And may I add in front of the USMC Delta Force that was present at the time and protecting you and your Home! Who’s been arrested; “We the People” want to know? Then we have MSNBC condoning not only the FBI Break-in of your Home but Joe Biden’s evil Speech last Thursday Night! Then instead of the FBI coming clean and giving back to you what they took the FBI leaks to the Washington Post your private sensitive information even after a Special Master was appointed, is there something wrong with this picture?

We the People want to be assured that our Vote will count & be counted and that our Homes and yours will be secure. Military arrests must be made in numbers NOW and must be made known! I am reporting a Crime(s) has happened long overdue and implore our United States Military to make the appropriate arrests in numbers NOW post haste and must be made known publicly!

Otherwise Mr. President if immediate action is not taken to thwart off this evil enemy from within then as you so eloquently put it not too long ago “Dark Times Are Ahead.” God Forbid!

P.S: Have a blessed day ahead Mr. President, your brother in Christ, Sir… Godspeed…


I absolutely agree.


FJB! and the GESTAPO fbi/doj.


An “absolutely perfect physical specimen” of what, exactly?


i suspect they slipped things into boxes that was not their before they raided your home. As with the CDC, FBI is confirmed bad for our Country….they will never get credibitly or integrity back—-ever.


Unbelievable crimes they are committing. They all need to be arrested and sued out the wahoo.
I’m at the point to say dismantle, defund, all the regimes entities that are involved in all of these crimes.
The corruption is deep and wide.


You look pretty good to me IMHO. As long as Melania is happy, we’re happy!! Just take care of yourself.


While I was lying in a hospital bed, receiving four units blood, the hospital internet was being held for ransom. The only conputers working in the hospital, were the medical carts. I couldn’t receive anything for my pain due to my heart rate. I was cried for days,
through painful, bandage changes, after the removal of femur plates, and my total knee replacement. My medical files are a story of pain and misfortune. I’ve survived the main artery, in my wrist , being surgically severed. Waking up in surgery recovery, with my hip replacement dislocated. Infections, piclines to my heart, DVT’s and a damaged sympathetic nervous system. While I was lying there, feeling hopless, the lawyers directly across the street, sent me a manila envelope, denying legal representation. I’ve suffered twenty two years, of 24/7 chronic pain and many trauma surgeries.Why is it that others are compensated, while others, are left poor and disabled? I don’t understand lawyers or our judicial system? Why does It seem like this world is so unjust? Those who are kind, giving and honest, are never compensated. While the evil takers, get everything, and get away with murder? This should never happen to the President!! This is a hippa law violation!! Your medical files are your private documents, between physician and patient. That is, unless you give someone , legal access. I am disgusted by the FBI not investigating the real crimials! I hope they find all the stuff being covered up, by the”fake” news media. It took courage exposing the “swamp”. It was the hardest thing, I’ve ever done, in my entire life! I’ve been through so much already. Apparently I’ll never be acknowledged and at this point, I’m just really tired of it all. God bless and Godspeed President Trump🌹🦁🇺🇸MAGA


No low is ever too low for these wanna-be NWO dictators. Surely there are some people left who can get justice happening here? Someone with governmental power got to break free of that insanity stranglehold and go at them like nobody’s business. Who will it be?


OH WOW!!!!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

VIOLATION OF HIPAA for starters. Hold all of these communists accountable for this!

Losers need to believe you and it would save them much head to wall banging when they steal your property and learn you told the truth.

Sue and put them in prison.

Sarah Luu

These Bastards have turned the FBI into THE GESTAPO – LITERALLY! They have become EVIL ARROGANT GODS that FIRMLY believe that they can do what EVER they want AT ANYTIME because they have been doing so long with NO ONE ABLE OR WILLING (the military big brass) to stop them. WE MUST ACT NOW to stop this PURE EVIL INFECTION. I Know that there are A FEW GOOD, MORAL people still in the FBI. Why don’t THEY DO SOMETHING? FEAR? INTIMIDATION? Just heard Biden “whisper” to OLD CVNT OBAMA at their “kindergarten picture hanging” BIDEN:” I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU” TO ME that was a DIRECT REFERENCE TO THE STOLEN ELECTION! I FIRMLY BELIEVE that they think they are ALL GODS! COMPLETELY THE EVILEST OF EVIL mob of DEMONS to EVER walk the earth. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We MUST DESTROY these EVIL FVCKS NOW!, with EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE. Sarah Luu

Le cat

“an absolutely perfect physical specimen”. I have watched all of President Trump rallies since the very beginning. Just before the election of 2020, I watched all the rallies, and I have to say: “how does it do it?” It seems I was more tired (physically) than the President, and I did not even travel I watched from my couch! what was it ? 6 in one day?I still cannot get over this. I have never seen anything like it.

Kreg Vergith

Oh, man!!!
There’s nothing they won’t steal – law or no law!!

We can verify that you are, indeed, the very picture of vibrant good health.
Apart from that, it’s nobody’s business but you and your doctor (like everyone).

The big problem is that the DOJ, have had their slimy paws on everything they stole from you for months, and there’s no way they haven’t copied, digitized, edited, redacted, shredded, or just plain ‘misplaced’ anything that doesn’t fit their version of the truth.

They’re likely just still trying to dig up something juicy related to RussiaRushiaRussia, part Deux.


Sarah Luu

The ONLY things they claim to have are obviously fabricated, or else “the evidence” would have been leaked weeks ago.

Last edited 6 months ago by Sarah Luu
Kreg Vergith

Exactly where is “shifty” Schiff’s Mountain of irrefutable evidence?

WaPo seems to be the favored “source” these days.

Kreg Vergith

Oh, wait!!!
Now the Feds are going to have to fight the New York AG for the tax returns!!!!!

Look Up To Heaven

Dear Sir, we, all 80+ million, are so sorry you and your family have been so horribly violated by this regime. HEPA Laws were enacted to give medical privacy to all American citizens.

The best way we can ALL fight back, is to fight back at the voting booth this October and November. And to help others to vote.

We, on behave of all you have done for us, will FLOOD THE VOTES.

If you have not already given or helped Faith and Freedom Coalition, they are an excellent organization that is putting into organize ACTION, just what we need to win this November. Pray for those Congressional seats and Senate ones to be protected by God our Father.


They took the boxes that contained classified files. Because these boxes were in such a mess–mixed with clothing, trinkets, you medical records, and who knows what else, they had to take everything that was classified. Your special master will make sure you get it back. Also a perfect physical speciman? We don’t need to see your medical records to know that is just not true. The fact that you even said that is just pathetic. The world is laughing!!!


He is pathetic. I’m sure his lawyers are telling him to just shut up.

Sarah Luu

I would be willing to bet that The Social Security Disability organization has A-LOT of mental records on you. How would you “FEEL” if your mental problems were stolen for the world to see & that YOU are just a LEECH on the American Taxpayer! Fvck’en TROLL


Typical Trumper reply. Angry and makes absolutely no sense. They haven’t released his medical records. And if the files were not in such a mess, everything mixed together, this most likely wouldn’t have happened. And come on Sarah, do you actually think Trump is in perfect physical health? He was asking for it. 🙂

Alison Bacon

New Nuremberg now!!! Extremely overdue!!! Emailed you love to help!!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help