They are doing everything within their power to force prosecutors

“What the Fake News Media doesn’t tell you, and they are doing everything within their power to force prosecutors throughout the Country to do a terrible injustice to our Nation and its people, is that a low-life attorney named Mark Pomerantz, who is a “Never Trumper” and a Hillary Clinton sycophant (together with his wife). left a Never Trumper, Crooked Hillary law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, with two young associates who were also Never Trumpers, in order to go into the District Attorney’s office to unjustly prosecute a man named Donald J. Trump, who also just happens to be the 45th President of the United States, and is leading in every poll to be the 47th. The Fake News also didn’t reveal the fact that this is virtually unprecedented for private lawyers to take an unpaid leave of absence from an opposing party law firm in order to prosecute anyone, let alone a former President. They also didn’t tell you that a principal leader of the firm is Robert Schumer, the brother of Chuck Schumer, that the firm is a Never Trumper firm and works for the Democrat Party, that for lawyers to go into the New York City’s District Attorney’s office to prosecute an opponent is unprecedented in NYC history because the District Attorney’s office has hundreds of lawyers already working there, and that a number of Assistant District Attorneys refused to work on the case because they felt I was being treated extremely unfairly, and that indeed, there was no case.

Can you imagine a Never Trumper Democrat-only law firm sending a Never Trumper law partner with two associates to the District Attorney’s office to prosecute their political opponent, Donald J. Trump, and the firm represents the Democrat Party, and is headed by Robert Schumer, Chuck Schumer’s brother, and many other Never Trumpers? What kind of Country are we living in?”

By Donald J. Trump

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Rosanne. Choate

We think of you as the true 46th. We do not accept the fraud in Biden and the great disservice done to our country by the frauds in D.C. And even greater disservice done by Pelosi. Especially in Feb. of 2020 with your State of the Union document. What she did was a total disgrace.


We all know their goal is to keep you out of office. Any judge should see Right through their corrupt plans.Those losers will rue the day they caused trouble with a man of God and all the millions of ppl supporting you.God will punish them.
We ❤️ you President Trump.

Don’t feed the trolls in the comments, please.

Ken K



Of course they are doing everything in there power. Your nothing more then A LIAR & A CROOK.
And you tried to steal an election. Of course there going to Prosecute you. You deserve everything that’s happening to you.

Ken K

DemoKKKrats are pedophiles


Since there is no possible way you could believe that, and the fact that you are able to operate technology in order to post these lies, I conclude that you are either a willing liar or a paid shill. Either way, you are both wrong AND irrelevant.

If you are being paid, then I would gladly respond multiple times in order to drain the pool of funding faster.


Of course they are doing everything on there power. Your a LIAR & A CROOK. And you tried to steal an election. Of course there going to Prosecute you

My Man Trump

I think you must be talking about FJB. And he actually DID steal the election along with all his commie cohorts.


Since the 2020 election was RIGGED, we now live in a COMMUNIST Country with CORRUPT Governments and Dictators!
FJB! and the Commie-Liberals!


The demon worshiping cabal wants you gone, But God is on your side, YOU WIN, WE WIN. God Bless you Mr. President.



Kathi Williams

My Heart goes out to you, and your family Mr. President. I get so angry seeing these evil people getting away with all this Illegal unconstitutional bullshit. I only voted Democrat once in my life, yep, I’ll admit it, Bill Clinton. But I did not vote for him the second time. That was when my eyes were wide and a wake ever since. I didn’t even vote for Bush. Saw the writings on that corrupt @sshole there too. You are the People’s President. If the states had any balls, they would decertify their 2020 elections and give back the presidency which is rightfully yours. Then and only then can you ROLL back EVERYTHING BIDEN DID. HOPEFULLY THAT MEASN PEDOLOVER JACKSON AS WELL.

Mark Rakow

There is absolutely no chance, none whatsoever, that any State will ever decertify their vote totals from the 2020 election. In fact, you’ve offered evidence that proves it conclusively.

States do not have balls.


You don’t have ANY balls either like ALL Liberals!

Mark Rakow

Sounds like you’ve got a new hobby.
But hey, whatever floats your boat…..


It is time we accept this fact. They are either too corrupt or too threatened.

My Man Trump

We do not need the states to do the right thing. It would be nice for a change. What did Pelosi say about the commie evil crime in the streets; people do what they do. LOL. Ride that red wave!!!

Mark Rakow

You don’t need the states to do the right thing. Is that a fact? So, what do you need to do – the WRONG thing?

You tried that on January 6. In case you missed the memo, it didn’t work.

Dan for DT

2000 mules stole the 2020 election.

My Man Trump

Kathi it is happening ….The cabal and the deep state is being dismantled even as we speak. And no, no one has balls. Just look at Pence. But DJT, even though he would love for politicians to do the right thing, it does not matter. DJT has the proof and so do the White Hats. DJT will take his rightful place as our President shortly after the red wave. Until then, just enjoy the movie. Nothing can stop it.

Mark Rakow

Oh, so it’s the White Hats now, is it?

Always something new, but never something sensible.

My Man Trump

You are boring as hell, Get new material or get out. By the way dweeb, it was always the white hats. Doesn’t your up close and personal intel tell you that? You’re a big shot, right? LOL

My Man Trump

It is incredulous that this kind of thing goes on and yet it does everyday. Biden and his regime should be sued and prosecuted for a fake presidency, violation of laws and the constitution which he swore to uphold and dereliction of duty. The border alone is an extreme lawless violation. A president’s number one duty is national security.. Let us not forget stolen elections. Mr. President, you might want to escalate your plan to take down the deep state, big tech, MSM and the Dems. Somebody needs to right this ship quickly and you are the man for the job. Desperate and fearful people can never be allowed to have, or remain, in power. Good always wins over evil and Donald Trump is our winner.

Mark Rakow

I have no doubt he’d want to escalate such a plan, if any such plan existed. However, given the obvious fact that he has none, nor does any exist, he’s just plumb out of luck.

Trump just can’t win for losing. However, he can continue to lose for losing, and I expect he will for the rest of his life. If nothing else, it’ll keep him out of the White House.

Frankly, that’s good enough for me.


Rakow = Commie-Liberal Loser!
FJB! and YOU!


You’ve mistaken the excellent President Trump for your sewer-dwelling sweetheart Hillary.

SHE will never be in the WH again. Not even on her knees! Ick!!!

Mark Rakow

Who says she’s running?

My Man Trump

I’m so sad. It’s hard to see someone who thinks they are so intelligent, to become a dim bulb living in LaLa land. Maybe your brain will perk up watching the Red Wave!!!!! It’s going to be brilliant!

Mark Rakow


My Man Trump



And here come the insults and name calling.

Dan for DT

…and you idiots never do that… Right. —-WE are NOT better off Now.
Not better off. —-What part of this do you commies not get?

My Man Trump

Okay. Hey you little commie puke, I was just going to ignore you because you are a nothing burger but you had to be the stupid commie that you are and begged to be insulted. Soooo, You are a prize ass with nothing relevant to say. All of you are boring but you are afforded free speech on this site unlike what you do to us on other sites. Your double standards are tedious and often criminal and most certainly un constitutional.


What are my double standards? What is my criminal and unconstitutional behavior? It must be exhausting to be so angry all the time.

My Man Trump

Then why are you.


You are the President. You should be protected against harasment. . How Can anyone be so hostile to the most succesful and loved President? Criminal liars should be in jail.


Keep your spirits up Mr President. A ‘new reset’ is on its way, and its not quite what the scheming, lying, corrupt democrats and Big Tech, Big Media and Big Corporations are all working towards. It is going to be initiated by patriot Americans who are angry as hell. That great gentleman historian, Victor Davis Hansen believes this to be so. That’s enough for me.
All of us around the world who respect the USA will be cheering you all the way.

Mark Rakow

Dr. Hanson believes it’s so, and that means it so? Oh? Really!
What’s more, you know what it will be, and how it will start. Oh. Really.

Victor Davis Hanson is a noted historian. But he’s hardly an expert on contemporary society. Many of his attitudes about people of color might lead one to believe the world ended on April 15, 1947, the moment Jackie Robinson appeared at Ebbets Field. As for his expectations for the ladies – well, that’s just it. He expects ladies in dresses, not women making addresses. Mind you, he tends to be rather circumspect, lest he look like a sexist, racist dolt. On the other hand, if it weren’t for dolts, no one would recognize him – and Tucker Carlson wouldn’t rely on him.

As for predicting the future, what does Vic care? He’s got his – so what difference does it make if he’s wrong? Still, he’ll pretend, if that’s what you want. Plus, Tucker pays scale. It’s not a fortune, but it’s enough to pay for that new Buick. It’s a Buick Encore…..get it?

No, I suppose not. But Victor Davis Hanson is not about to drive a Cadillac. Because, well……you know.

Yes, you do. Of course you do.
Mighty white of him, ain’t it?

My Man Trump

So predictable and all so boring at the same time. A new low. Keep up the great work. LOL

My Man Trump

That’s right Matilda. Finally someone who gets it. And although I am a fan of the intelligent Hansen, far greater knowledgeable people on this subject have been saying just that for a very long time. Since the stolen, criminal election of 2020.

Mary Geiger

We’re beginning to find out why it’s so difficult to clean out the swamp. It is deep and wide and every swamp creature in it and their uncles are already rooted in the muck that anchors them so they can’t or don’t want to let go of their corruption.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mary Geiger
My Man Trump

But DJT is dismantling it one piece at a time and he is almost done. Nothing can stop it. And what has been done to our great country, will be undone. That is also a consequence of stolen elections. A greater good is at the end of all of this. We are almost there.

Dean Anoia

All the afore mentioned are violators of our Blessed Constitution. There is a word used for those who do such. I have no pity on those who falsely accuse and attempt to take down our great president. May God have mercy on their souls.


I agree with : Thank you, a Real Patriotist: ” is hell of a crooked bunch that is trying to stop us. But they won’t be able to as there is an army on the way to help you this November.
I can see it even happening like never before all around me at the grassroots level here in Wisconsin.
Now listen.
We love the way you work so hard for all of us. And we know it is hard for you to take a break.”

Mark Rakow

Yeah, it’s hard. Lying takes SO much energy.

My Man Trump

You should know you lying spinner of truth and decency.


America is fast becoming unrecognizable! It almost seems they are trying to provoke a civil war. It ain’t going to happen. Patriots are too smart for that. IF the courts, especially the Supreme Court, rectifies the horrible wrongs that have been done. Why can’t they at least tell the states the legislators have the constitutional right to de-certify the 2020 electors? If justice is not done and they try to steal another election, God help us. One can only imagine what could happen.

Mark Rakow

Why can’t they? Because the States DON’T have the Constitutional right to decertify the 2020 electors. What’s more, SCOTUS has no Constitutional authority to issue any such ruling, all on its own. Not even if it wanted to.

Under the US Constitution, conducting elections is a “reserved power,” given only to the individual states. The Federal government has no authority to intervene in any way. Instead, the presumption was, and remains, that each State’s constitution contain a provision authorizing the State to hold elections. Then, in turn, each state’s legislature must enact the necessary legislation to conduct those elections; the legislation being the specific laws that govern the process.

Bottom line? Insofar as “decertification,” the Feds can’t make it happen. Period. The US Constitution makes it very clear: States are in charge of elections. But the States can’t even consider decertification, unless the state’s constitution says it can, AND the State’s Legislature has determined exactly how it can. It’s a two-part process, and both parts must be done. But no State has ever done either of the parts. That means decertification cannot be done, anywhere, under any circumstances. Legally speaking, the word doesn’t even exist.

I know…’s complicated, and I’m sorry to be so detailed. But a lot of people still DO NOT UNDERSTAND the facts. Or, they just refuse to believe it, or accept it. Blelieve it or not; I don’t care. The fact remains, Decertification is absolutely not going to happen.

Oh; one more thing about decertification: the State Legislature, acting on its own, cannot decertify an election. Because, here again, if the constitution doesn’t authorize it, it can’t happen. In every State, certification is a process entrusted to the Executive Branch. The Legislature cannot simply yank that power away, and do what it wants. Because, for the zillionth time, no state’s constitution authorizes it.

And……more bad news, Trumpies: The US Supreme Court will not be hearing any cases involving the 2020 election. It won’t, for two reasons. First, SCOTUS is not a “court of original jurisdiction.” In other words, cases don’t go directly there, except for cases of one State suing another. Otherwise, only cases that have been heard and adjudicated in the lower courts may be heard by SCOTUS.

The second reason? You probably won’t like this, but it’s a fact: SCOTUS itself decides what cases it should hear, and which it doesn’t. The only cases it must hear are, again, State versus State, because there are no other options. Beyond this, what they do or don’t want to hear is totally up to them. And they don’t have to say why, or even how they decided. They just make it official: “The US Supreme Court has refused to hear…..” There is no appeal. It’s really over.

So, are you mad? Well, if you aren’t mad now, you’re about to be.

As you probably didn’t know, at least one of Trump’s lawsuits DID reach the US Supreme Court. And after reviewing the facts of the case, they just made it official: “The US Supreme Court has refused to hear….”

There is no appeal.
So, guess what?

It’s over.

My Man Trump

No need to worry. That will never happen again and communism in this country will be eradicated. And everything that this illegitimate regime has done, including nominations, will be undone. FJB has a lot of blood on his hands. There are some important things that cannot be undone but everything that can be will be. Tragic the amount of lives lost under his regime.


We’re living in a great country that happens to have great freedoms. So great even our criminals and the insane have (people you mentioned) rights. Problem; is our system has become a corrupt system full of corrupt individuals.


What country? It died when you left. There isn’t anything more obvious then that. Come back and we can fix it. The proof of a fraudulent 2020 election is overwhelming. Pull the trigger Mr. President. Declare yourself as President in exile and bring all the proof of election fraud to SCOTUS. Then our military can get involved in the forefront instead of behind the scenes. Let’s end the hostile takeover of our beloved country by treasonous forces once and for all.
We, the people, love you. We put you in office by a landslide both times. We’ve got your back if you’ll let us. LFG…it’s time.

Mark Rakow

Declare himself “President-In-Exile.” Wow.

As an attorney, I thought I’d heard it all. And now, I really have.

Ignoring that idiocy, for the moment, Trump can’t just go marching in to the US Supreme Court with a pile of papers, throw them onto the floor, and say “Looky here, judge! I got proof. Hurry up, and make me President!”

For one thing, all the doors are locked, and/or heavily guarded. This is to prevent kooks, freaks, whack-jobs, nincompoops, and ordinary oafs from marching in, as I’ve described above. The guards have their orders: no one gets in, without a legitimate purpose. Trump has no legitimate purpose. He might think that he does, but he’s wrong. Others might in insist that he does. And they’re…….well, a lot of things. Mostly, they’re ignorant. Other than that, most are kooks, freaks, whack-jobs, nincompoops, and ordinary oafs.

If he approaches, he’ll be met, intercepted, then told that he’s not permitted to enter. The first time, it’ll be courteously. Possibly the second time, too.

But the third time? It’ll be with considerably less courtesy, I assure you. He’ll be clearly informed, and in no uncertain terms. This will be his last opportunity to leave without further incident. And, I assure you, he does not want any such “further incident” to occur. And certainly not there.

A “further incident” would undoubtably be physical in nature. Multiple guards will take part in this, as many as necessary, and he’ll be escorted away. He’d best go peacefully, without a struggle, or the escorts will cease the peace, and commence defense. Their job is to keep intruders out. Trump’s an intruder. He’ll be kept out.

As for his papers, they’ll be confiscated. Any information that might appear will be disregarded. It’s not worth the paper it’s scrawled on. The papers themselves will be relegated to the shredder.

Meanwhile, outside, if Trump insists on trying to fight his way in, he’ll be subdued. Police, who have undoubtably already been called, will start arriving on the scene. He’ll be handcuffed, probably shackled, and shoved into a waiting vehicle.

Perhaps they’ll shield his head, so he doesn’t hit it on the door frame as he’s being shoved in. The officers may recall that Trump, himself, told cops not to bother doing this with suspects. They were urged to, in effect, go ahead, and bash their heads while shoving them in. Personally, I don’t think they will bash his head. But I don’t think they’ll shield it, either. Instead, I believe he’ll struggle. So, he’ll bash it himself.

Despite all this, maybe he’s so morbidly obese and/or greasy, he’ll somehow manage to slip away. He won’t get far, but it doesn’t matter. Capitol Police weaponry is of sufficient range to dispatch a fleeing suspect, or a sniveling coward.

Thus dispatched, said coward is removed ignominiously. After that, it won’t matter. The “President In Exile” is now an Ex-President In Ex-Exile, and hauled away.

The election is now over, once and for all. Trump would be, too. Finally, and at last.

(NOTE: I’m not saying all this would happen. It probably wouldn’t. Maybe.)

My Man Trump

Never mind Markie. He has delusions of grandeur. President Trump has never left. He and his cabinet have been very busy working his plan to destroy the deep state and communism. He has been successful but timing is everything. FJB will have to be an imposter in the WH for just a little longer. The red wave is going to be huge and the return of our President will be shortly after. SCOTUS has nothing to do with it. This was a stolen election….unprecedented. There is no constitution for that. Just enjoy the movie.

Craig Barrett

Everyone of those pieces of trash should be in prison, disbarred and hung for TREASON, the news media in our country is DEAD

A new leaf on the tree

It is hell of a crooked bunch that is trying to stop us. But they won’t be able to as there is an army on the way to help you this November.

I can see it even happening like never before all around me at the grassroots level here in Wisconsin.

Now listen.

We love the way you work so hard for all of us. And we know it is hard for you to take a break.

But please watch a little of the Master’s tournament this weekend.

Noone deserves to watch more than you.

Together we will win this thing, I am sure.

Last edited 1 year ago by A new leaf on the tree

Let me be the first to give you a “Big Thumbs Down” for this piece.


What’s the matter? Can’t stand the TRUTH?!


How about two big thumbs up? Perhaps you enjoy being a sheep. That’s what the leftist commies want. So, take your indoctrinated mind somewhere else.


Petie gets the “Middle Finger!”

A new leaf on the tree


It must be quite the sacrifice for you to take your thumb out of your mouth to make that gesture

It must be an unhappy life as a socialist

think about this

It never occurs to the mouse why the cheese is free




You’re fighting “the good fight” Mr. President. You have already made your place in history.

Presiding over the best US economy in 40 years, all while being under attack by the hateful left.
You will be remembered long after all have forgotten the 46th President.

“A true Patriot and never a spiteful Politician”



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