They are having a terrible time of it

“Remember when the Fake News Media would blast me about how well Seoul, South Korea was doing with the pandemic? Well now, sadly, Seoul is riddled with the China Virus almost beyond what other countries had to go through. They are having a terrible time of it. The Media also used India as another country doing really well—we all know how that ended. They talked about these two countries in order to demean my Administration, which has now been proven to have done an incredible job. I only bring this up to show how dishonest and corrupt the Fake News Media is!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meegan Fixler

Fake News is the enemy of the people!!

Mike Hunt

While El Trumpo is the naked Emperor of the Fake News kingdom!


Fake News Doesn’t have a Clue!
Trump 2024!

Beth Wilson

well, CPAC speech sucked!!!!! get with it!!! we know whats happening!!! do it already!!!! im tired of being called a crazy ass!!!!


BEST Speech EVER! Go see a psychiatrist.

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