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Nancy A. Daylo

It is common for this administration to have no common sense and to do only foolish things. The problem is we need to get rid of thee Biden Administration and you should be our REAL PRESIDENT. 2020 was corrupt and all that Joe Biden did, was evil against his own country. He is a traitor and needs to go.Nancy A,Daylo

Airmen Anderson

Yes, Mr. President, and this is the very reason, why in my opinion it’s a NY trap. These evil Coons are trying so hard to interfere with your 2024 Presidential Campaign & Run for the Oval Office again! of which is your rightful Office to begin with. America knows you Won the 2020 Presidential Election, and so does our White Hat Partition of the United States Military. OMC, JAG and the Special forces are the only ones that should be meeting with these NY Coons to arrest them. Mr. President Sir! God save the Republic!

R Minoglio

This will make President Trump stronger. Everything they try to do to you blows up in the demoRATS face. Wake up people. It’s starting to feel like we live in communist nazi Germany. I want my country back.

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