They can’t win on the issues with the American people

“The Radical Left desperately needs non-Citizens to vote, because they can’t win on the issues with the American people.

This November, the Great State of Ohio has the unique opportunity to stop this destructive campaign. Issue 2, the Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment, will ensure “ONLY a citizen of the United States…is entitled to vote at all elections.”

Stop Foreign Election Interference, vote YES on Issue 2—it has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

It’s bad enough that FJB allows the invasion into our country but they should NEVER be allowed to vote or stay in this country. I hope there are plans to round them up and ship them back. MAGA!


Take back our country. BUCKEYES vote YES on issue 2.


Amen President Trump!
Voter Identification of USA Citizen and Paper Ballots ONLY!


For sure. Issue 2


What audacity the left has! They can care less about the American people so they cheat to win!

Kreg Vergith

It’s unconscionable that we should need to have this conversation.

All that we have as Americans is rapidly being taken away!

Did we dare think that our rights and liberties were inalienable? Given by God?

James Cummings

Only a Citizen Voting is already in the Constitution anyone seeking to circumvent such fundamental law should face grave consequences.

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