They don’t want the TRUTH to get out

“Fox News is no longer Fox News. They won’t even show or discuss the greatest & most impactful documentary of our time, “2000 Mules.” The Radical Left Democrats are thrilled -They don’t want the TRUTH to get out. Depressing to watch what has happened to Fox! CNN should go Conservative and take over the greatest, strongest, and most powerful BASE in U.S. history. Nobody is watching CNN’s Fake News now so, as I say, what the hell have they got to lose? Sadly, they’re to stupid to make the change!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Here we go again. 2000 Mules is just another diatribe about the 2020 election. No proof just a “trust us” nonfactual account of things that never, ever happened. It’s full of batshit crazy theories that are not based on facts. Even Tucker Carlson won’t promote it because it is so out there in left field. You are pathetic DJT.

My Man Trump

It’s a shame what happened to Fox News ever since they put That rino, Paul Ryan, on the board. That is when it got really bad. I read MXM News. It’s great. DJT, Jr. is the co-founder.

Mark Rakow

Trump lost the election. But he is “to stupid” to know he’s stupid, too.


People really have trouble with too. Also demonstrated below.

My Man Trump

Says “The Kow” with the dirty mouth. Go live your 600 LB life and leave us alone.

Mark Rakow

“Waaaaaah! Leave us alone!”

So, hotshot, what happened to those already-signed indictments?


Fake media is the enemy of the people and must be closed when law and order is restored. Owners must be arrested. We only need media that will tell the TRUTH


Sarcastic, yet productive, IF you had chosen anyone OTHER than CNN that at least had a SHRED of reputation left. They do not.


To many people missing the opportunity to do the right thing. We the people will never forget who they are and will never trust them again. The truth will always prevail. They want the American people to have doubts. They continue to dumb down the American people. I’m sick of it!

Mark Rakow

Therefore, you’re sick AND dumb.
Which explains why you’re a Trump supporter.

Meg P

Markie you have to grow up before you can play with the big kids. Then you need to have your brain washed out from all that brain washing you are into. Then you have to ask the question, why are you still spending time on this site reading all these TRUTHS. Next comes, why you have so much anger when you condemn President Trump and all these people on this site. Time to get God Mark! Then it will be time to live a real life where you feel God’s love and you can pass that love on to others.

Mark Rakow

Funny you should mention “big kids.” Two of my staff and I are headed to Washington, DC, on Friday, to meet with a group of very big kids.

On Monday next, we begin discussions about a certain no-longer-so-big-kid, whose oh-so-naughty behavior may land him in oh-so-very-big trouble.

Meanwhile, spare me the sermonette, Suzy. I don’t condemn any people on this site. Their own comments are, in fact, condemning them. A few have had the temerity to issue threats. I’m not worried, but perhaps they ought to be. Frankly, if I believed in Karma, I’d say she may well become quite a bitch.

And speaking of bitch, I’m quite done speaking with you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

Dirty mouth is at it again. Wait until he goes into his atty routine like he is relevant or something. So sad.

Mark Rakow

Poor little you.


I don’t watch FOX aka FAUX ever since they called AZ with 1% reporting. They don’t want to talk about 2000 Mules because they were part of the steal! Jackals they are. God doesn’t sleep!

Meg P

How true, how true, how true!



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