They go after me instead of the people that Rigged and Stole it

“The young, ambitious, Radical Left Democrat “Prosecutor” from Georgia, who is presiding over one of the most Crime Ridden and Corrupt places in the USA, Fulton County, has put together a Grand Jury to investigate an absolutely “PERFECT” phone call to the Secretary of State. Many lawyers, from both sides, were knowingly on the call. I also assumed it was taped. I called to fight a Rigged & Stolen Election, and they go after me instead of the people that Rigged and Stole it. God Bless America!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

The grand jury is not investigating the phone call. They’re hearing evidence, including the phone call, and will decide whether the evidence is sufficient to warrant an indictment.

My guess is that they will not, but it’s certainly possible. What’s more, I think Trump knows it’s possible. Why else would he be throwing such a hissy fit?

Jerry Pyeatt

I can’t wait for the end of the tyrannical treasonous leftists end, I’d love to hear you POTUSDJT AND GENERAL FLYNN PLAY THIS IS THE END on your great violins as the Biden administration goes down in flames. Isn’t every crime they all helped commit to betrayal of the American people high crimes worthy of hanging or firing squad,? I mean so much fraudulent lies and crimes they need dealt with like they would do to anyone who did this shit to them. They are lizards 🦎 who need dealt with in the most strict manner for destroying our nation cannot wait for the end of enemies on our soil. And a stop to all Bidens evil plot him and his cronies have for America and the world, killing off 50 % of the world’s population. They need dealt with old school. POTUSDJT for PRESIDENT 2024. IM VOTING FOR YOU SIR.


They are using propaganda to keep themselves from being exposed.
They don’t want the public to know the truth.
They would go down as the biggest crime of the century.
The worse people in politics, deplorable.
They are fighting for their jobs and attacking anyone that exposes their crimes.

Wild Bill

President Trump is the real deal. An American Patroit. Joe joe has ties to China Ukraine and a few other countries. God bless President Trump and his Beautiful family. I’m not a robot.


Absolutely awful how these creeps have blamed DJT for all the things they are doing day in and day out. So tired that they are avoiding prosecution by using our corrupt legal system to continually put off their own guilt while we impatiently wait for justice to occur.

Just Me

You have to know that all of these investigations and seeking to find you guilty of one or more crimes is nothing more than the Deep State’s doing everything in their power to prevent you from being eligible to hold public office of any kind.

Georgia, New York, the January 6th commission, all of them, one purpose and only one purpose: to find you guilty. For them, the verdicts are already in; you are guilty. All they are doing now is looking for a shred of proof to back up their verdicts.

January 6th was no more an insurrection that was the local Christmas Parade. Everytime I hear the term, insurrection, it makes me furious.

Linda M

They are evil. They try to hind their own miss deeds by putting the focus elsewhere.


Your phone call was inappropriate, filled with threats, insults, and false claims. You had nothing to back-up your claims–just statements asking Raffensberger and his lawyer to just take your word for it. You begged them to find you one more vote than you received. That phone call proved that you are the most corrupt and ignorant President this country has bever known. The dems have you to thank, in part, for handing them the Senate because of your false claims.

Mary Geiger

What do you have to back up your claims?


The truth


He/she has CNN, The View, Snopes, et al…the MSM, i.e. MainSwampMedia.

Mark Rakow

While that phone call was certainly inappropriate, what you’ve termed as “threats, insults, and false claims” may – or may not – rise to the level of criminal conduct and intent, under Georgia law. I must confess that I’m not well-versed on the nuances of Georgia law, in this respect. Instead, I will depend on the knowledge, skill, and integrity of the Fulton County prosecutors who are handling the case.

That said, I understand that a grand jury is about to be convened, which never bodes well. It suggests that indictment(s) may be forthcoming.

Will Trump go to prison? It’s difficult to say, but probably not. Will he be tried? If he is indicted, he almost certainly will be. Personally, I doubt he’d plead guilty, but if he does, that would severely damage his prospects for 2024.

Whether he’d be legally precluded from running is another matter altogether.


I am absolutely sure you agree when an honest DOJ/FBI and judiciary are established (note I didn’t say re-established) they must undo the evil damage that has been created over the past years. Treason must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The fake news media must be replaced with honest and fair media. Millions are behind this to eliminate all of the enemy within.

Mark Rakow

Of course treason must be prosecuted, to the fullest extent of the law. However, it must first be established AND PROVEN that such treason exists. The circumstances here, however, make that quite unlikely.


Acts of “utter desperation”-in my entire life I have never witnessed such evil.


Of course.., the gag is simple. “Go after others to hide their own failings”.

Dems are pros at that!


They’ve also taken gaslighting to a whole new level of sleaziness.

Mark Rakow

Spoken like one who is an authority on sleaziness.

James R Kissiar

Dems will lose the election so it’s the only card they have to play now that America is woke to the Biden disaster. Good Luck.

Mark Rakow

At this point, it appears likely the Dems will lose the House, although it will probably not be by nearly as much as the Republicans are hoping – and, frankly, bragging. However, full disclosure: In 2018, I predicted the Dems would flip no more than 25 Republican seats, and they flipped 41.

It’s unlikely Dems will lose the Senate. They don’t have nearly as many seats to defend this year as the Republicans, and all of their incumbents are expected to win, most rather easily. In fact, they may even gain a seat, if they can flip the seat of retiring Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. I’m not saying that’ll happen, but it’s certainly a possibiity, especially if Dr. Oz continues to tongue the increasingly dirty ass of Donald J. Trump.

As for 2024, it’s virtually impossible to say, at this point. what will happen. Will Biden run for reelection? Maybe…..but personally, I doubt it. Even under the best of circumstances, he’d have a tough time persuading Americans to give him a second term. On the other hand, he can’t very well say right now that he won’t run. Doing so would immediately render him a lame duck, with more than two years remaining in this term, which would virtually assure a catastrophe for Democrats this fall. It might even cost them the Senate. So, he’s better off saying that he’ll run. He can always change his mind later, and I think he will. Kamala Harris will almost certainly not be the Democratic nominee, under any circumstances. If Joe walks, she has little choice but to walk, too.

As for the Republicans, their situation, while not necessarily worse, is infinitely more complicated. Right now, Trump has the inside track. However – and this is crucial – If Trump continues to claim he won in 2020, it would mean he cannot run in 2024, because, at least theoretically, he could win. And if he did win, he couldn’t serve. It’s as simple, yet as complicated, as that. Under the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, “no person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.” Incidentally, the chances of that Amendment being invalidated in enough time to allow Trump to run are absolutely nil. A new Amendment would be needed to invalidate the 22nd; it would have to pass both houses of Congress, then be ratified by 3/4 of the states. That’s just not going to happen.

I might add that I believe this factor will, ultimately, prove decisive in the GOP refusing to make Trump their nominee in 2024. Granted, lots of Republicans (and Trump himself) will throw a fit over it, but the fact remains. As long as The Big Lie persists, The Big Liar cannot run.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mark Rakow

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