They have absolutely no case.

“They have absolutely no case. The only witnesses are against their so-called “star” witness, a serial liar, convicted felon, and disbarred lawyer. I did nothing wrong, and they know it. This, and everything else that they are doing with the DOJ-led Witch Hunt, is all about ELECTION INTERFERENCE, their new and “highly sophisticated” method of cheating on Elections!

By Donald J. Trump

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They need to Focus on CRIME, NOT BULLSHXT!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

Whenever these fools do foolish things, on cue, AMERICA should laugh at them. We cannot allow people living in a fantasy world to be taken seriously. LIARS lIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD. They have no common sense and cannot function well enough to run a country. They probably cannot make sane judgments for their own life. They need to be laughed out of office. They are STUPID. They are hurting AMERICA.They ALL need to be FIRED. NAD



Nancy A. Daylo

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump, I think you got ’em on the run now. Keep kicking their behind. No, I can see your face. Don’t you smile! You are so serious. The idiots are acting like fools, so we are permitted to laugh at them. Nancy A. Daylo

joy young


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