They keep trying to cancel us

Yesterday, when the 45th President was about to initiate his speech at the “Protect our Elections” Rally in Phoenix, hackers targeted our website.

Another failed attempt to hide what is in plain view today with the recent discoveries. They will continue to do this. The pursuit will not stop! 

Facebook, followed by Twitter, and now Youtube. Blocked channels and broadcasting interrupted in the middle of the speech when thousands of people were watching! 

If this were not enough, now they are using other resources to prevent the word of President Donald J. Trump from being transmitted.

We are not stopping. News is about to come to

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Mike Hunt

But Donnie, we DID cancel you by 7 million votes! It’s YOU that keeps hanging around expecting a free lunch in the cafeteria! Go away! I know it’s hard to give up the best cash cow you’ve ever milked but just go.


Hey get lost liberal left winger. Nothing outrages me more than when people like you show disrespect to the office of the President of United States. You are not measured up to a fraction of President Trump, so please address appropriately. Why don’t you go away and take your stupidity elsewhere.


Either way I watched it live and even sent a link to a recorded version to 3 of my family. They all liked it. It was a good and direct speech. Now to volunteer our work on the audit. Because we All (even Biden) know 2020 was Stolen.


Isn’t it refreshing to see some of the same argumentative people that make twitter into hell on earth sharing their few remaining brain cells with all of us here


While watching on RSBN, it just stopped. No worries, I found him and finished.

Kathryn Vass

Ooooh no! I am SO SORRY to hear all this!! If I were Wonder Girl, I’d be after them before you could even think the word “WHEN?”! Does that mean our allowing your site to use Cookies has now given the hackers information on each of our visited sites? Is there anything we need to be doing?? Or by your saying they “targeted” your site, do you mean they tried but were I successful?

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn Vass

As they say “Failed Attempt” I believe we have the confirmation that it wasn’t a success. Plus, reading the cookies policy, we see that the info they keep its not relevant, so even if they have any success, they don’t take any relevant info from us.


TRUMP says “hacked”…
I have a different take –

There has been an annoying “CONTRIBUTE” pop-up on this site since it started.
Perhaps you noticed it was not “popping up” for a few days before the “speech”

Just my opinion but I would guess that somebody on the “TRUMP team” noticed that the $$$’s weren’t pouring in the way they expected and then learned the pop-up wasn’t working…

Now it is pretty obvious that they never had the sharpest coding pencils on the “TRUMP tech team”… I would guess they had them rush to put the pop-up back and that caused the site to become inoperable for a period of time…

You may have noticed the “CONTRIBUTE” pop-up is back today


The popup never vanished LOL. It was always here. I’m a daily visitor of this website and its always here
Just close it two times and u will see that it will not appear again. Or at least until you clear your browser cache/change your browser.
P.S – The cloudfare page is activated, this would not happen if it was not an attack.

Mike Kissinger

I would say you are probably right Austin. Although this is such a substandard website, probably would not be hard for anyone to hack. I imagine most of the people have given all they are going to give and now are just annoyed with the popup. Does not really bother me, I have no intention of give the grifters any money. But the “I’m not a robot” routine can be time consuming.


But Lefty, this website is less substandard then the one Barry Obama set-up for the Obama-Care website for all Americans.


100% TRUTH!!!

Mike Kissinger

So sorry Mr. Trump. It is not a cancellation process. It is an electronic attack against a lie machine. Welcome to the US.

Mike Hunt

THEY ARE MR. PRESIDENT! OMG! I bet they are hiding under your bed RIGHT NOW!


Get a Girlfriend!


Get a functional brain!!!


Says the leftist Looney who ignores or tries to suppress the truth because they are afraid of it. Welcome to the Democratic Socialist/Marxist Agenda.


just another fraud denier, ignore

Mike Kissinger

Yes, I agree, ttj, THosk seems to deny reality. That can be expected of grade school students out for summer vacation.


Hey! Right handed Lefty, good to hear from you, even though most of you Leftist rhetoric is boring and predictable. I’m so sorry to hear that your wife is ashamed of being of Indian heritage, I know how she feels ,For I too am a victim. I’ve been trying to get the band “The Human league” to change their name name for decades. How dare they offend my race! (O Moses smell the roses and/or Gimmie an Ever Living break!)


Say is the “thumbs down” a thing new ? I didn’t notice it earlier. Possibly because I would never waste time giving a “thumbs down”… also there isn’t much value in showing the “net number”… TRUMP wouldn’t be happy if it said his 2020 election score was -6,898,049

Mike Kissinger

I think it is new today Dean. They did not hire the best web designers, nor probably are paying too much to the ones they have. One small feature after. Takes time when you do it on a shoestring with non professionals.

Mike Kissinger

Best guess is that the web boys rolled out the new feature last night and crashed the site. Easy to blame on hackers in an attempt to cover up incompetence.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

Before the speech starts?! Even you don’t believe in that Mike … With all the information we have access today, its easy to understand that an attack can happen.


Yes, Joe Biden allows and promotes such attacks worldwide..

Mike Kissinger

Possible either way Austin. Not sure why a hacker would even bother with this site. Seems like low hanging fruit.


Let me make this perfectly clear to you Lefty, They Live to attack this site because Trump lives in their heads rent free….


HAHAHAHAHA ,dont like the thumbs down Lefty???? Get used to the truth. It hurts, but it shall set you free…


Are we hurting your wittle leftist feelings? awwwwwww poooor baby….(get used to it)



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