They pulled out all the stops to take the election away from the People

Mollie Hemingway’s bestselling book, Rigged, is a great read on the Corrupt Fake News Media and Big Tech’s interference in the 2020 Presidential Election, not to mention the corrupt election itself. They pulled out all the stops to take the election away from the People, and if we had more honest reporters like Mollie Hemingway, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it—more and more evidence of fraud and irregularities coming out, daily!”

By Donald J. Trump

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So what are we the people going to do about it? Talk Talk Talk!!! That’s it!!!!!!!

Mark Rakow

It’s not a “bestselling book” if it’s not selling best. Which it isn’t. In fact, it’s barely selling at all. Because the vast majority of people simply don’t buy it.


Ordered it.

My Man Trump

Mollie Hemingway’s book is outstanding. The steal is so outrageous, bold and without shame. Let’s not forget treason. Everyone relevant has seen the proof and even FJB and his regime knows “they” the people are coming. Timing is everything and of course it is also need to know. So for now, we just continue to wait. And boy does that suck.

Mr. Ree

I think y’all should get your guns & all the militia stuff & head down to the swamp & take over! No commie-lib-faggots are gonna steal YOUR COUNTRY!

Mark Rakow

While they’re doing that, where will you be? In the house, watching “Hee-Haw” reruns?


No voter ID, No more honest elections in the US ever again! China is printing the Clinton/Harris ballots for 2024 right now.
America was stolen November 3, 2020 when the tv went blank with Trump as the president and was rebooted with Biden the winner. The world knows!

Jean M Guirao

Everybody knows that the dems stole the elections, that they are answering to xi and that they want to kill the middle class so we will become a communist regime which is easier for them to control us and at the same time they think we are just hopelessly doing nothing and that we are good at nothing and so they want to get ride of us by given us this jab they call vaccin which is a poison in our veins!! Lets riot, lets protest, don’t obey to bloody biden!! lets demand to get our real Potus Donald J trump back to the white house, this mascarade is already too old!!!


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!! The evidence is overwhelmingly yet nothing is done.


That’s because what you are being told is overwhelming evidence is not evidence at all, certainly not evidence that would hold up in a court of law.


Courts don’t like to get involved in elections you obviously have no understanding of the history of election challenges in court

Mark Rakow

It’s not that courts don’t like to get involved, but a potential case must meet three basic criteria: The case must be legitimate, accompanied by admissible evidence, and the plaintiff must have standing. In many of Trump’s court challenges, there was no legitimacy; in one lawsuit, for example, the claim was made that, because a election worker was wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt, the worker was cheating and, thus, it was electoral fraud. This is simply not a legitimate claim.

Other cases had no evidence at all – a verbal claim, for example, or an affidavit, which by itself is not evidence. The court cannot proceed if there is nothing upon which to proceed. As a result, the court has no choice but to dismiss the case, often ‘without prejudice,” which means a case cannot be refiled. Similarly, a lawyer can make virtually any claim at all, true or not, when outside the courtroom. In court, however, attorneys are forbidden to knowingly lie, or misrepresent facts. Doing so is legal malpractice, with serious consequences, up to and including disbarment . So when the time came to present the case, the lawyer was, literally, unable to speak. And – case dismissed.

One cannot just waltz into a courtroom, and say, “Judge, I have a lawsuit, and you have to hear it.” It simply doesn’t work that way. Insofar as standing, the person or group filing suit must have a direct connection to the case, and the evidence that is presented must show that the plaintiff has suffered a loss as a result of what’s being alleged.

The upshot of all these issues is that Trump’s lawsuits were either dismissed, voluntarily withdrawn, or were lost on a procedural basis. Full disclosure: I’m an attorney, so I’m able to speak on these matters with a certain level of authenticity.

Mr. Ree

Because the “evidence” is all lies?

My Man Trump

You’re not crazy, just feeling angry and tired of waiting. Just be patient a little while longer. We will all be enormously rewarded except of course the treasonous bastards, foreign and domestic. Everyone is too afraid…That is why we are not seeing decertification and no courts will even hear the case. You see SCOTUS ran like hell and so did all the others. This is going to be a military action. It is treason, after all.

Mark Rakow

No, it’s not going to be “a military action” – not in any way, shape, or form. Nor is it treason.

Incidentally, surely you realize that a so-called “foreign bastard” cannot be charged with treason?

SCOTUS ran like hell because it does not have original jurisdiction in any of the legal challenges brought by Trump. He, of course, made the same foolish assumption; he figured SCOTUS would gladly take the case, and rule in his favor, because he appointed three of the nine Justices.

He figured wrong. Justices are appointed, not hired. They don’t work for Trump, and they don’t owe him a damned thing.

Yuk Chun Birch

This world is getting more & more dishonest leaning towards the corrupt & the wicked. I am so grateful for true reporter like Mollie Hemingway.

Chuck Roast

Sounds like the people are waiting for direction !

Mark Rakow

Clearly, you need to be told where to go.


And, President Trump, we won our election back! It was stolen and it’s time it was returned to its rightful owner, you. We the people voted for you, not and installed president being puppeted by someone else. Could it possibly be Obama?


Yup— this is essentially Obummer’s 3rd term that he was trying to get before he had to leave.

Mark Rakow

It was not stolen, and will certainly not be “returned.” Because We, the Even More People, voted for Joe Biden.

All Trump got was his ass out. As in, out of the White House.

Elizabeth Headley

I really have a slew of books to buy/read @ you, POTUS! GOOD REVIEWS TOO! Will def stock up when I can! Including your beautiful commemorative book! A veritable library! Awesome!


And what’s being done about it?!!! I’ve signed every petition for audits, I’ve spoken up on every public forum I can! What NOW? Anyone with authority going to arrest these crooks? How about correcting the election we know Biden did NOT win?!! Take down the deep state players that have sold their souls to demons and have imprisoned humanity! Durham? Coney-Barrett? Cavanaugh? Anyone out there with authority willing to stand up for Mans God given rights??!!!!!

Mark Rakow

Nothing is being done about it. Because there is nothing to do, and nothing that can be done. “Correcting the election” how? Just hand it over to Trump? Why? He didn’t win.

As for the three names you mentioned, none of them have any authority here, and none can do diddly squat. You don’t like it? Tough. The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden won, and Trump lost.

Case closed. Losers gotta lose, and he did.


The 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED and STOLEN and it was BLATANT and VERY EASY TO SEE! The Commie-Liberals, Rhinos and the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT!
THE USA Patriots MUST Keep the HEAT ON and Keep Exposing the TRUTH!
Eventually the CORRUPTION will be So Large that the Corrupt government WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!

Cary Miller

Yeah, double tripple and quadruple down. What everyone needs to see, “The Goodly” (W-Hat)

Overt Action
Clear Optics



Mark Rakow


Cary Miller

Yes, yes! They have and continue to “GET AWAY WITH it”! And you are plugging books. I stand behind every single comment that I have posted to “TDODT”! I also stand behind my career of service and fight for freedom. I served in not only the Navy but also the Army and Kansas Army National Guard as a “AGR/FTUS”. I was never a “SO” but I always took care of my people! I am beyond “Fedup”! You keep saying, and keep saying, and keep saying, over and over and over, “You’re going to be very happy”. Tell that to the dead! I will remain loyal, for just a bit longer. At some point the truth, or the alternative.

God Bless all good people in Christ andConscience!!!


I’m ready for Action too, whatever it brings!!!


I don’t know what you expect Trump to be able to do right now. He has no political or military authority. We need to be patient and do our part for 2022 and 2024.

Cary Miller

Please wake up and understand that there is no 2022 without 2020 being rectified. It was rigged and “Everyone Knows It”! Well, obviously not everyone, but “Everyone” needs to wake the “F” up.
Pray, Lord give the blind eyes to see?!🙏✝️

My Man Trump

Wrong! He is running a shadow Presidency behind the scenes, preparing the people for his return…which will be soon. The only thing we need to be patient for is his return. When you steal an election that is TREASON! That is what all these forensic audits are about. Proof for the people to see. President Trump already has all the proof of the steal in real time. When he thinks the time is right he is coming to take his rightful place as the legitimate 46th President of the United States. You can never allow treason to stand. Never!! Trump has all the military authority he needs. Incidentally, the proof shows that Trump won in a landslide.

Mark Rakow

Wrong! He thinks he is running a shadow Presidency, by duping gullible people into believing he’ll return….which he won’t. Stealing an election can’t possibly be treason, since no election was stolen in the first place. Trump has NO proof, because no proof exists. Most of all, he has absolutely NO military authority. None, whatsoever.

My Man Trump

WRONG and Brainwashed.


I thank you for your dedication and service. Stand Fast——

Susan Cossett

Soon everyone will know the truth…..that we have an imposter in the Whitehouse!

My Man Trump

Right on! He is a poser and he is illegitimate. FJB


I have my 2 copies of Mollie’s book. One for me and one for a dear friend.
The Truth still remains the best defence of President Trump. It can be both a shield and a sword.
It is almost joyful to be able to rebut confidently some who clearly believe everything the democratic (left) controlled MSM propaganda machine sprout..
We have it here in Australia too, but possibly because of lower population, it is not as rampant here as in the US, yet, thankfully.
More strength to your arm in supporting President Trump, and returning sanity with a Republican controlled Government.


Hopefully you have more success than me when discussing U.S. politics, even my family believe the false narratives.
We may be saved by election corruption because our elections are run completely different to the States
Australian elections are compulsory, held on a Saturday and poll booths are staffed by ordinary citizens for that one day and paid a very generous casual hourly rate. These citizens encompass different demographics and are usually employed elsewhere full time or part time. They may also be full time parents or students etc etc!!

Debra Puddy

We know that President Trump won the election, but here we are months later and resident Biden is in the White House along with his clowns. And if you live in a democrat ran state…let’s just say the governors, the politicians, the hospitals, the doctors, are following the narrative, especially with “Covid”. But we know President Trump won…but it doesn’t change a damn thing!

Mark Rakow

You don’t know Trump won. You only believe he did, because he keeps telling you he did. But the facts have repeatedly and consistently proven otherwise.

Trump lost. He didn’t win. You don’t like it…but it doesn’t change a damn thing!

My Man Trump

I hope you are paid very well because everything you say is propaganda to perpetuate socialism and destroy a great country and its people. Including you when they are done with you. You people are the minority in this country and all your screaming, yelling and brainwashing will not change that. You promote lies as truth and it screams of desperation. Enjoy your money now because it will come to an abrupt end. Get a real job. At least that is honorable and the American way, just not FJBs’ way.


No there is not. It was a fair election you lost. The courts say so and you need to get over it…


The courts refused to take evidence the cases were dismissed because the evidence has been refused ..Just go to the states where they were thrown out and read the court records it’s plain to see that the challenges were stone walled.

My Man Trump

Absolutely dead on. Finally someone said it. Well put.


There is no evidence to support the claims.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Exactly. The election was a rigged total disaster. Utter disgrace that the truth gets covered up. Mainstream media, big tech, democrats, RINOS, and CCP fomented this travesty.
President Trump is our rightful President. Who in their right mind would vote for this demented zombie Joe and his circus of clowns and retards.
On another note, thank you once again for recommending a good book to read.
Absolutely one thing I love about President Trump, is his reading list of outstanding selected books!
Giving Tuesday is tomorrow.
Donating more funds to you and Save America.
God bless President Trump.


You do know Mr TRUMP reads almost nothing…


Go away troll

Mary Geiger

We know better than the Dems that Biden is not our president; he is not presidential material. Donald J. Trump is our true president.

Michael Jenson

with all there lying and cheating they believe most citizen love them, there little Kings and Queen and there time is slipping away……….

Craig Barrett

President Donald J Trump won the 2020 election in a LANDSLIDE, any everyone knows it

Cary Miller


God Bless all good people in Christ and Conscience!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Cary Miller
Cary Miller

There have been some “Q”uestionable issues of concern regarding PATRIOTS of “High Visibility” let’s say. “The natives are getting restless.” Issues are starting to unravel the (STONE). With all of that in mind, Do you think the (KEY) can really pull “This” off, without 100,000,000+ loosing faith in “The Plan”? Praying for all!

God love you and your family Mr. President, lord knows I do, as well as I do all of the good People and PATRIOTS that are in this war against the evil!



My Man Trump

The Stone and the Key can definitely pull it off, especially with Q+ in charge.

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