They were ALL watching my interview with Tucker Carlson!

“The Globalists over at FoxNews and their subservient “paper,” The Wall Street Journal, in their never ending quest to stop America First, and give Ron DeSanctimonious one last HOPELESS push, have created the dumbest Poll yet. It states “What candidates are you voting for among likely GOP primary voters who WATCHED THE DEBATE?” I wasn’t going to bring this up but no TRUMP VOTER watched the debate, which was the lowest rated ever, because they were ALL watching my interview with Tucker Carlson!

The Interview has, at this moment, 260,000,000 Views, the biggest of all time, whereas the FoxNews Debate had only 11,000,000 Viewers. End of story! If FoxNews doesn’t get on board the greatest MOVEMENT of all time, MAGA, they will continue to Hemorrhage Viewers and Ratings – They will never come back – The beautiful Golden Goose will be forever gone!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I think they have already sealed their fate.
They must know that we can spot propaganda and we already know the truth.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, Fox News, For a long time, that was the only trusted news station. I can’t even get most of the programs. Whatever did they do? Sell out. Or are they just against you? PIGS! I am furious! I better cool down and ask JESUS to make things right. But, that is very impressive that we all watched you and gave the debates a miss. I watched you three times in a row. I wonder if other people did that. We will win. I saw clips of the debates and they were all disgraceful.. Ambitious, self serving, betraying you and AMERICA. How could such inexperienced candidates forget what this si all about. You are the ONLY QUALIFIED PRESIDENT. NO ONE else will do!!Can. you guess, Mr. PRESIDENT, I LOVE YOU TOO. Nancy A. Daylo


Well said, thank you Nancy.


260,000,000 + views to 11,000,000 views? Game over. 45 killed it.





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