They will destroy her also

“Isn’t it ironic that Liz Cheney is supporting the same people, Radical Left Democrats, that did everything possible to destroy her father when he was Vice President, and after? When they are finished using “Liz,” they will destroy her also. This is all happening as her poll numbers have reached an all-time low in the Great State of Wyoming!”

By Donald J. Trump

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John F. Brzezinski III

They only ‘use’ who they have ‘blackmailed’

Carmine Gazerro

Liz Cheney, imagine being I’ll congresswoman and you can’t even go to your own state and do public rallies. No no Liz has to meet 2 to 10 people in private. I can’t believe two show up. But then again they could be on the payroll

Mr. Ree

Liz will only get stronger with your abuse! Realize that the Cheney family have had political power in this country before it was a country & the idea that you can topple them is as usual for you, STUPID. Bye Felicia!.


Why does McCarthy allow her to remain in the Republican caucus? Unbelievably weak leadership.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Vote out all democrats and RINOS!!


She deserves all the misery she gets!

My Man Trump

Liz Chaney and the other major rinos is one of the many reasons people hate politicians. Look at John McCain. He was a scum ball rino. Worse than Liz in some ways. But Liz does receive the medal for worse rino (and person) EVER. I think maybe she has a daddy complex. Who knows what motivates hate and evil. Luckily when her term is over we can kiss her hateful behind goodbye.

My Man Trump

Did you guys see Tucker Carlson last night. Liz wants to be President and she is going to run. She already has millions for her campaign funded by three huge and dangerous rinos–Mitt Romney, McConnel and Lindsey Graham. Also on the unselect committee, which she is in charge, she is a ruthless power monger and the constitution is thrown out. She is an integral part of the FJB regime. All of these rinos are big never Trumpers and joined with the Marxists great reset and new world order. In fact, Bush Sr. was a member of the Illumanotti where all of this is coming from. God help us all.


You’re kidding me, she’s running for president?! I watched Tucker’s show last night but didn’t catch the beginning so I just got the end of his monologue about her. Wow, I’m looking forward to the primary debates already!

My Man Trump

LMAO. She is awful. But it is a concern that McConnell, Romney and Graham have given her millions and more to come I’m sure. But who would vote for her, right!


stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Save Our United States

It is hard for me to understand how Liz and people like her think. What exactly do they stand for or represent? They are unprincipled for sure.


She knows exactly what these deep state swamp are guilty of. I wrote her a message on her face book page a long time ao.

Mark Rakow

Oh yeah, right. Like you’re a credible source?

My Man Trump

No, we rely on you for that. You are the misinformation information specialist. Hahaha




Why, because she has principles and believes in the oath she took to uphold the constitution?
Liar, cheat, and thief, perfectly describes trump, who has always only thought of himself.

Rosanne. Choate



That’s OK. She has some type of need that she will never get met. There are a couple of good dedicated people that are runnng to take her place. She had her chance. A person can’t live and win with a heart full of vengeance. When she comes crashing down, maybe Ronna will be there to catch her and they can wallow in the mud together.

I think it’s terrible “old” 81 year old hating Nancy Pelosi is now running again – or so she says. I think she may just have a great fall, like Humpty Dumpty (a political satire). And this time election fraud will not hold, unless it would be God’s will. I’m not sure how He’s going to get Sodom and Gomorra to recognize that He is God.


Liz Cheney = TOAST!

Steven E. Morris

She’s stupid. Just trying to be in the limelight.

Tim Tates


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