They will soon bring it down to empty again

“So after 50 years of being virtually empty, I built up our oil reserves during my administration, and low energy prices, to 100% full. It’s called the Strategic National Reserves, and it hasn’t been full for many decades. In fact, it’s been mostly empty. It’s supposed to only be used for large-scale emergency or conflict. Now I see where Biden has just announced he’s going to take what we so carefully and magically built, and what will be a futile attempt to reduce oil and gasoline prices. They will soon bring it down to empty again. It just never ends!”

By Donald J. Trump

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jojo gomez

Our great President magically filled the reserves and now Biden is just stealing this incredible oil for the liberals in California. How could he undo what such a great leader so carefully put into place?

Mark Rakow

Magically? The Reserve gets filled continually. Trump claims he issued an Executive Order to fill it, which is just ridiculous. No other president has needed to do so, in order to get it filled. Why would this be any different?

But, just for the sake of argument, let’s say he did issue such an Order. Why would he wait until 2020, the last year of his presidency, to do so? I mean, seriously – it doesn’t take long to issue an Executive Order. Didn’t he think it was necessary? Did he forget?

The fact is, Trump is making this statement now, because it happens to be a current issue. It’s just another cheap, crappy Trumpy lie.

Tom Zahm

Saying that the reserve has been nearly empty for decades is just plain wrong.
See the graph at


Hey, why not put that “fact finding” skill to work at debunking all of the huge, outright lies of the current administration and their media. After all, they’re in power and doing everything possible to destroy the USA, such as tapping into the military’s emergency fuel source, for political points; eagerly letting countless anonymous people flood into our country every day, etc., etc.. Anything to say about them?


Anyhow, maybe Trump was referring to just one of the four storage sites being empty? Still, “what difference, at this point, does it make?” Right? Either way, if he’s wrong, he means no harm; he is a diehard USA proponent after all…the polar opposite of Biden and cohorts, who idiotically want to add one half of one percent of needed petroleum a day to the market. The only way to really bring down gas prices and keep them down is to open back up Trump’s USA oil industry, where all those well-paying jobs were had as well.


“one half of one percent” I wrote. Derp. It’s 5% not .5%. Oops I had a Biden moment. Anyway, the “Strategic Petroleum Reserves” stats should be confidential, shouldn’t they? What’s with these (new?) detailed charts exposing our emergency petroleum levels (as of Jan. 2022 in one of them) to the USA’s enemies? Something fishy is going on there.


Stop lying Donald. Your the BOY who keeps crying wolf


K. Marx: “Accuse them of what you’re doing, it creates confusion.” But meh, it’s so boring; come up with some new material. Jeez.

My Man Trump

You’re the boy who is the wolf.


So, gas prices would be closer to $10/gal under the Biden administration, if not for you???


What the $#%@ are you talking about? So insane. Gas prices in CA (the highest in the USA) were around $3/gallon during Trump’s wonderful leadership, and still would be (even lower?) today if not for the election steal by the “progressives” (WEF dictators). Gas was already way up before Biden’s Ukraine mess. Give it a rest, Renee.


Moron is a Biblical term! Brandon is a moron of Biblical proportions!

Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!

My Man Trump

He’s trying desperately to look good for the midterms. It won’t work. Not only is he desperate but he is also an idiot.

A Village Person

Truth Social has suffered a 93% decline in downloads since launch and is a massive flop. Have a nice day!

My Man Trump

Conspiracy theory AND fake news! Just another commie lib.

Mark Rakow

In the 47 years since it was established, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve – which, by the way, is the actual name – has NEVER been anywhere near empty. It reached what was, at the time, its maximum authorized capacity of 727 million barrels on December 27, 2009; shortly thereafter, capacity was reduced to 700 million barrels.

During the eight years of the Obama Administration, the Reserve never fell below 700 million barrels..

Never. Not even once.

However, starting in 2017, and for more than three years thereafter, the amount in the Reserve declined steadily. The Department of Energy Trump claims to have filled it, in 2020……..but, of course, he didn’t. Instead, the Reserve increased by only around 10 million barrels, to just over 640 million barrels, but then it quickly dropped again. As of December 21, 2021, the Reserve held 593.6 million barrels.

Since 2015, Congress has been selling the oil in the Reserve to fund the deficit, in unpublicized sales. In fact, there have been at least seven such sales since 2017, a total reduction of 132 million barrels.

Last November, the Biden Administration released 50 million barrels, to help address the anticipated rise in gasoline prices. On Thursday of this week, the Administration announced it would release another 30 million barrels, as a hedge against uncertainty and volatility brought about by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

I have attached a link to a website, which will clarify all of this – and fairly well debunk Trump’s all-too-familiar lies.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mark Rakow

Whether what you and that government site say is true or not, those strategic oil reserves are for emergency use only, and before the Resident and cohorts took over the White House, there was nothing even approaching an emergency…just the opposite in fact, since Trump had our nation more energy independent than at any prior time in history, even selling crude oil to other countries.

There would be no deliberate “emergency” now if Biden and cohorts hadn’t shut down our burgeoning oil industry, killing a huge number of good jobs here, enriching Russia so they could invade Ukraine, causing the USA to beg for oil from Russia, Venezuela, etc., seriously gouging people’s finances to drive their cars, and ramping up inflation with everything costing more due to gas prices and all the crazy government spending of magical “money.” US citizens’ life savings are worth less each day under “Biden.”

Now your Resident wants to tap into our strategic oil reserve because of his own idiotic, deliberately destructive (to put it mildly) actions. But wait…

At roughly 700 million barrels of oil in the reserve, with the USA consuming about 20 million barrels a day, do the math. With your “president’s” plan to release a million barrels a day from the reserve, that’s 0.5% of what’s needed, and he/they think that will lower gas prices? At that rate the reserve would be empty after about 700 days (he says he’d stop after 180 days). Then what; we all get forced to buy expensive electric cars and need all those huge batteries, which is a supply and environmental nightmare of its own with all the electricity needed and the disposal of all those hazardous batteries, etc. It’s totally insane.

Your man is a huge disaster and you need to realize that. But then I’m sure you do, and you like it, because the USA needs to be brought to its knees and finished off, right? I suppose your lot think it’s also a great idea to have Putin and Xi negotiating a nuke deal with Iran for the USA? How extremely shameful.

Last edited 11 months ago by Laura

0.5%? I had Biden moment, arrgh! Meant to say 5%.


I believe our President know more about this subject than you or anyone Else in the world


Exactly! His so-called “report” is written like an article, even worded like an opinion piece, by a Biden administration agency, and it’s written in the present telling us allegedly what the supply was years ago. What I would like to see is an actual report from the time frame when it was occurring. I checked the page info for the UNDATED PIECE and they last modified it at 1:23 pm today, Pacific time, about 28 minutes ago as of now, so it’s a “fluid” document, i.e. “progressive” propaganda. More importantly, that petroleum reserve is for emergency use especially for the military. Idiotically using it up for deceptive political gain seriously threatens our nation’s security, even more so than simply having that demented “president” and admin. in power. China, Iran and Russia surely are thrilled about the buffoon’s actions.

Mark Rakow

I would point out to you that the Department of Energy is NOT a Biden administration agency. To say so is to suggest that every employee therein is a political appointee. The fact is, the Department is an agency withn the Executive Branch of the Federal government, headed by the Secretary of Energy, who does happen to be a Biden appointee.

As for the data produced and authorized by the Energy Department, the very idea that it’s false, and/or is falsified, and thus intended to deliberately deceive the public, based on who is President – is simply appalling. And speaking of simply, one can simply go into Archives, to any date in those 47 years, and find that the data to be an exact match to that portrayed on the graph I attached.

Unless, of course, one is simply too ignorant to know how. Or simply too lazy to bother to do so. Or simply too dishonest to care to try.

The simple fact of the matter is that you’re ignorant, lazy, and dishonest. And you probably also need a bath. Being ignorant, lazy, and dishonest, that fact simply cannot be ignored.


Disgusting that the resident is using those reserves, and making it look like that will reduce prices. It won’t.

Mark Rakow

The average price per gallon has fallen by 8 cents in the past week. That may not sound like much, but it’s still a decline, and it’s not realistic to simply assume it’ll fall rapidly.

The point is, it did fall, and it fell for a reason. It doesn’t just happen by itself.


They are draining America, while we drain the swamp. Please hurry President Trump. It’s really horrifying what they are doing.

My Man Trump

How right you are.


The thing is, we could be running cars on hemp and/or vegetable oil, but they really don’t want a solution! They want to continue to bring us down!

Johnny Appleseed










Some stupid fucked up way those little disrespectful backstabbing shit heads are going to make it your fault and you had not one thing to do with all their bone head window licking dumbass decisions…..

These mother fuckers could not be more stupid if they tried.

They are basically whipping a .38 out of their own ass sticking the business end at their own toe… tripping the hammer on that hog leg and then blaming you because it was fucking loaded…

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed

That worked for Alec Baldwin.


haha LoL! That’s their agenda! They are really doing a good job to destroy America. They are doing everything to destroy our nation. Then they blame the other side ( old trick). It is communism in the early stages. It won’t go away without accountability.

Craig Barrett

$5 a gallon for diesel is efffing outrageous there is no damn reason it should be half of that

Elizabeth Curtiss

This country is in a sad plight. If we do not manage to keep the communist from stealing the midterm election in Nov, we will be under total dictatorship and headed for a third world country status. And to think that for well for over a century, we have been the most powerful nation on earth. This is all being done by design. It’s been in the works for decades.


Sir, please stop with the BS!!!!!!!!


FJB! and YOU!

Mark Rakow

Actually, it’s not BS.

These are out-and-out lies.

Johnny Appleseed



So, just to show how you lie, this is from the governments own web site:

Highest inventory – The SPR was filled to its then 727 million barrel authorized storage capacity on December 27, 2009; the inventory of 726.6 million barrels was the highest ever held in the SPR.

and don’t forget the past sales from the strategic reserve:

  • FY 2020 Mandated Sales: 9.85 million barrels
  • FY 2019 SPR Modernization Sale: 4.2 million barrels
  • FY 2019 Mandated Sales: 10.87 million barrels
  • FY 2018 SPR Modernization Sale: 4.74 million barrels
  • FY 2018 Mandated Sales: 14.17 million barrels
  • FY 2017 Mandated Sales: 10 million barrels
  • FY 2017 SPR Modernization Sale: 6.28 million barrels

note the years, mmmmmm who was president then eh?

you gaslight and spin to fool people…

Dan for DT

We are NOOOOT better off NOOOW than we were when DONALD J TRUMP was President – No matter how much crap you want to sling, This remains FACT. Your man Biden and his CLOWN CREW are screwing us ALL. and it’s the fault of idiots like you who voted for his dumb ass. VP


I wouldn’t believe shit this government tells us now! I guess you must of believed that we have no supply shortages or our border is fine or this President was never on board with defunding the police. Wake the hell up! I guess you sill believe trump was a Russian agent even though there is a mountain of evidence against it.
so I’m having a problem understanding why you would believe this trash info? This corrupt administration stopped us from being energy self sufficient, NOW WE HAVE NO OIL!! This jerk off president him self said he’s using our reserves. Wake up!!


Well, if you look at the historic record of this website through all those years it says the same so did TFG collude to fool the public as well?


They will now resort to calling you names.

My Man Trump

I’m laughing too hard to take any of this crap serious.

Johnny Appleseed

Remember… you are talking about the same assholes that started the “blood diamonds” bullshit because if all the diamonds that have been mined hit the market at once… diamonds would be no more valuable than quartz.

But I digress….

Johnny Appleseed

Did he lie about Hunter’s laptop??

Guess we gonna find out.


Pip. the GS lies make me sick!!!!

Teresa Jawson

Oh Pip I feel sorry for you believing the MSM, FALSE INTERNET ARTICLES— not facts with real data my friend. Move along! Soon you will awaken to reality and embrace what DJT is and has done for this Country—God Speed.


Teresa, where does your reality come from? Mr. Trump? OAN? QAnon? NewsMax? It’s not Pip who is being misled or who needs a reality check. Mr. Trump did do some good, but he did even more harm. He is the primary reason America is divided.

Last edited 11 months ago by Shell
My Man Trump

LMAO. Because that imposter you call a President is all in for unity, as long as you are a commie. The rest of us are censored, locked up and/or killed from the criminal, against the law FJB border, that is suppose to protect Americans, NOT create your own voter pool so you can keep cheating and lying and killing. Grow the hell up.


FJB! and Pippy!
Just a Typical LYING Liberals!
MAGA with $2.74 a gallon gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Appleseed

You are gas lighting.

We have seen oil drilled for and capped off for decades. The oil reserve is not just the “millions of barrels” the federal government has.

They would let drilling happen then stop the harvest.





There is a very large amount In The gulf… Deep Water Horizon proved there is PLENTY OF OIL…

How much did that fiasco dump in the ocean???

Who was the guy???

Who was the one that messed with the permitting inspecting… suddenly a huge problem happened???

We found a tap of fuel that could last for generations…

And it’s capped off… shut down.

The keystone is shut down… people I know lost their jobs because of that.

There is an oil reserve in Alaska that has more than enough fuel to drive the cost down to Pennies…

But suddenly we can’t be energy independent???

Why is that gas lighter???

Why is it we don’t have fuel???

Our natural gas alone could keep us running indefinitely… our coal could keep the country going for a very very long time…

Our hydro and nuclear are are unmatched.

Now what was that you were saying about a few million barrels of oil in a trillion barrel conversation???

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed

You just point to the the very fact that they lie on their own website!!!


President Trump we know the truth. We stand with you sir… I just watched a funny comedy show … 3/31 Clown Bidens Press Conference on oil… Enjoy the Show 🎬🎥🎞🍿










My Man Trump



Baaaa says the sheep

Johnny Appleseed

Gwen you finally got something right… good for you…. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Good come back Gloon, NOT!!! A better one would be, don’t confuse me with the facts.

A Village Person

Oh Jonny, you confuse FARTS with FACTS & they stink!


Wow another great comeback! Who am I getting a reply from, a 2yr old kid?
when you don’t have facts to back your ass up, you should keep quiet not say stupid shit?

My Man Trump

Where’s the rest of your herd.

Dan for DT

Find a mirror–THAT will show you the sheep.


FJB! and the Commie-Liberals!

Carmine Gazerro

Mr President to relate you have to own a business how stupid Sleepy Joey is on this reserve oil. If he releases it all it’s only enough for 2 or 3 weeks. And then you’re back where you started you cannot get out of this price jumping unless you produce in the United States.

It’s simple business the current produces want price high and keep the production low. The only way to control the price worldwide is through the United States production of fossil fuels. And it’s sad because the whole world‘s getting punished because of this moronic decision of Joe Biden, prices are up everywhere. So the US can help poor people worldwide by producing its own fossil fuels in a cleaner fashion and without the transport and pollution that goes with it

Last edited 1 year ago by Carmine Gazerro
Dean Anoia

Of course. Because they are Anti American. I won’t vote for one candidate that isn’t AMERICA FIRST. 🇺🇸


Usurper Biden has to be removed!




You are so right about everything. Fill up the Oil reserves and lower the gas prices for We the people. Why is it so difficult?

Gerald Warner

These bastards want us weak so we get attacked

My Man Trump

By FJB and his regime and the elites.

Mary Geiger

Climate clingers will never help us obtain energy independence again. They’ve got themselves a cheerleader in the WH and until he’s gone we’ll have to do our best to keep going with what he’ll allow us to have. And he hates oil. Except in another country where he can sneakily make millions off of it.


I’m using an Android system and cannot get on truthsocial. The media is screaming that truth social is crashing everyone is leaving it . I don’t believe it though. Someone cheer me up!

Last edited 11 months ago by John


OK John cheer up (I am a real computer guy 40 years programming systems design)

They just started the downloads on Android a couple of days ago

There are so many people trying to get in, it looks like the southern border.

It will take a little while to build capacity and they are doing it right. Building a good product that people will want to use is the only way to go. And you know Trump… he does everything first class.

Slapping a piece of shit together is a waste of time. People will get on and not use it if it isn’t a good piece of software

The SPAC (DWAC) will be the common stock of the company and has been holding steady for weeks around $70-$80 (twice the price of Twitter) and will shoot to the moon when they really launch for downloads to PCs and so forth…

You should know by now not to believe the fake media.

The media and big tech are doing all they can to say negative things(lies) because Truth Social will wipe them out and a year or two down the road, they will be like the dodo bird.

Best stock investment you could make right now (buy the dips) is to buy DWAC (trump’s stock) and hang on to it, Also CFVI (Rumble) is another one you should get, around $12 share.

Hold steady man 🙂

Mark Rakow

They did not start the downloads on Android “a couple of days ago.” They have not started doing them yet at all, and it’s unknown when they may start.

The company has refused to say.
That fact, alone, says a lot.

Seriously; don’t you people check ANYTHING first, before you start lying to each other? No wonder Republicans are so vicious and paranoid.

A new leaf on the tree

Mark .i

It must not be a happy existence for you… spending time hating and wishing bad things for other people

Guess you didn’t hear the Nunes interview on Mornings with Maria on Friday. There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the fake liberal “news” outlets. He pretty clearly laid out the plan.


Do you contribute money to pay for this forum/site? Or do you just shoot your mouth off and let other people pay for the things you use?

As a socialist getting paid by Soros to troll the people that make this country work and the people that put food in your mouth

think this over

It never occurs to a mouse why the cheese is free

Johnny Appleseed

Never crashes on me. Seems to be working fine. Doing about the same maybe better than fakebook when it came out. They are working out bugs from what I understand but I have not seen any personally…

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed
A Village Person

No worries, mate, it’s going under anyway! Truth Social has suffered a 93% decline in downloads since launch and is a massive flop. Have a nice day!

My Man Trump

You people keep on with same lies and fake news. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. You just can’t cure stupid.

Mark Rakow

No, you really can’t cure stupid. That’s why Trump continues to hold rallies.


Dear Pillage person

Please buy twitter and fakebook stock with the money you get from Soros

By the way do you contribute any money for the use of this site (to spew such nonsense) while the rest of us pay your way?

Just another leach socialist

It never occurs to a mouse (socialist) why the cheese is free

John Langer

Trump 2024🇺🇸

Tom Birch

The only fossil fool 😉 is the fake pres. Looking for our real leader to come back.

Marijo Makufka

We the People were so happy and proud watching you build up our Strategic National Reserves.

We the People know you MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

We the People know the 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED.

We the People know WE NEED YOU NOW, Mr. President.

We the People await your imminent return to the White House as the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

We the People await the imminent return of the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!

We the People are forever in your stead.

We the People will never forget, never give in, and never give up.

I pray blessings over you and yours.

Gloria Hensley

And at the same time We the People know all of this, to continue talking about what you have done, does not give us ‘tools’. We have a satanist attempting to get into the Supreme Court to basically make pediphillia and child rape legal. We have an invasion of hundreds of thousands illegals that will be flooding into our nation by May, We have men saying they are women and destroying our women’s sports. We have schools (unions and leaders) corrupting our tiny little kids with CRT and “sex education”. The restrainer (St. Joseph) was removed by Almighty God – and Satan was given full reign. God is allowing this because of this sinful nations’ behavior. We have to repent and begin to be Christ-like, not satan-like.

Regina Dalton

I’m sorry President Trump… I have no words for what this admin is doing to the American people.


It is called Betrayal.

Biden will go down in history as the 2nd Benidict Arnold.
Putin as the second Hitler,
Pelosi as Marie Antoinette,
Hillary as Ma Baker
Kamala Harris as Goofy

Last edited 1 year ago by A NEW LEAF

Love it!

Mark Rakow

DWAC isn’t exactly “holding steady,” as you claim. In the past 4 weeks, the per-share price has fallen 32% – in fact, just on Thursday alone, it fell 5.78% – closing at $64.51.

That said, a single month’s poor performance is hardly a fair assessment of the stock’s potential, let alone that of Truth Social. However, Bloomberg reports that downloads of the app have plunged 95%, from 170,000 per day in late February, to just 8,000 now.

Long waiting lists and the lack of an Android app notwithstanding, these numbers are a reflection of Truth Social’s appeal – or lack thereof.


Mark … aka ankle biter

The public is waiting for the technology to be able to handle the volume. Unlike little children and democrats, wise people don’t require instant gratification.

Trump supporters don’t expect this to happen overnight and will flock there as it comes along … the over 85 million voters alone in 2020 will be on board at a minimum

It took years for Twitter (shitter) and Fakebook to develop into
the crap software they use …

Both are on their way out… and loosing users daily (that is why Fakebook dropped so dramatically recently

One year ago.

Fakebook was over $300 on this exact day ago and is $226

Shitter was at over $70 and at $39 today

Why don’t you take the money Soros he pays you and invest is all in Shitter and Fakebook?

As a socialist/communist think about this

It never occurs to the mouse why the cheese is free

Last edited 11 months ago by A NEW LEAF
My Man Trump

I love it!!!!

My Man Trump

LMAO. Brilliant!

Michael Jenson

there dem-witts


Socialists looking for governments to give them things never ask


le cat

Incompetent?, senile, it does not matter which, the most amazing part is warming or not warming, they are actually so arrogant that they believe they can turn the weather around. We have had ice age, deluge, warmer ages and we were not there yet. That’s what happens with people who have given themselves too much power, they think it has given them a brain.


Actually, they don’t care nor believe what the reality/facts are. They only want to fool people, so they can be in charge and make MONEY !

Dan for DT

Yes – all they want is power and dough—they think they will live forever. They don’t care about people or our country. FJB

My Man Trump

Climate control is a standard play for communism. It is 101 communism on how to gain power and control over the masses to make them fall in line like sheep. And that is where the greed comes in….to acquire all of your money through high taxes, inflation (which is a tax), increasing capital gains taxes and all the tax bases, etc. Exactly what is going on in America since the stolen election. The criminal border is to keep them in power and also the elites get cheap labor. They are following the standard communist manual. Let’s not forget new world order, globalism. Reducing the world population, etc. You see what’s happening and it is all on purpose.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help