They will take something I say and literally write the exact opposite

“It’s amazing how inaccurately the Fake News Media covers my statements. They will take something I say and literally write the exact opposite. They truly are a disgrace and disaster for our Country. Make America Great Again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

What difference does it make? Trump has nothing relevant to say anyway.

Ken K

So your name backwards is walk our ram?
You Satanist are easy for me to spot. Soon as the u.n. invades I’ll be like stink on dog shit. I see the future. I seen 911 in 1990. I see democrats will burn in hell. We tried to help you retards. Yet you insist on being fried bacon. Well. So be it. I’m baptized. I’m going to heaven. I wont know retarded kkkdemoctards ever existed. You’ll know youre on fire. 🔥

Mark Rakow

You’re full of it.

My Man Trump

So what’s new. They are the scourge of the earth, along with the Marxist regime they are protecting. Hey, I know how to stop both dead in their tracks–Come back now, Sir. We are waiting.

Mark Rakow

Insofar as knowing how to stop both, “dead in their tracks” – both, of course, being all of the thousands of members of the media, and the untold thousands more who comprise the so-called “Marxist regime” – perhaps you ought to stop dead in your own tracks, and consider the sheer stupidity of that claim, to say nothing of the utter impossibility of carrying it out.

Or better yet, don’t stop. Just keep on shooting your mouth off. And, in due time, your big mouth will result in a very similar fate – and in tracks of your own.

My Man Trump

Are you threatening me? Is that what you just did. Well you just showed yourself–true self as literally a commie marxist radical. And I hate to inform you that unless you are high in the regime, your fate will be like everyone else. Or do you think you are gaining favor in here with FJB by shooting off your mouth in favor of evil. They are loyal to no one that is not an elite. And you are no elite. You are just a convenient, short lived tool. It would serve you well to remember who’s site you are on.

Mark Rakow

I know whose site I’m on.
What’s your point?


MAGA~God Bless!

Mr. Ree

We made America Great Again on November 3rd, 2020!


That is correct. Joe Biden was elected to 4 years in office as President of the U.S.A.

My Man Trump

He was not elected by the people. He was “elected” by stolen ballots and machines.

Ken K

Give him it (Bysexualden) a polygraph on fraud. If he passes we’ll shut up. Till then go fuck yourself with a spear 😆


Thank you President Trump for working tirelessly to Save America! 🇺🇸 The media and the current fraudulent administration are an absolute lying disgrace!!

Last edited 1 year ago by ELW

And everyone who knowingly helped or was complicit by knowing but not speaking up about treason.


The majority of the population around the world is with you President Trump. Don’t worry about those who aren’t, as they are insignificant and have been programmed by the media and many schools and colleges etc… I do know that a lot of us are losing hope for a better tomorrow though.

Johnny Appleseed….

Never lose hope.

If they take your dreams… DREAM BIGGER!!!

If they take your efforts… WORK CIRCLES AROUND THEM.

If they take your freedom and lock you up….


There is no winning for the other side.

Hope… can never be lost.

R Minoglio

We need you now. We can’t wait 3 years. Biden is destroying this country. We can’t let them pass the BBB bill. It will destroy all of us.


there is no such thing as appeasing the left they are nasty, filthy horrible devils.

Mark Rakow

You don’t even notice that your comment is nasty, filthy, and horrible.


Says the guy who’s posted many nasty and horrible comments himself…

Mark Rakow

Go back to your ironing, Tabs.

Johnny Appleseed


Pick on someone your own size…. She is too much for you….

Mark Rakow

I guess she’ll be happy to know you’re available. Obese, at least.



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