They will talk about anything, other than the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election

“Has anybody noticed that the Biden Administration, working in close conjunction with the Fake News Media, has promoted mandates very hard in order to get people to stop talking about the most incompetent withdrawal from a war site in history? They will talk about anything, other than the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election results, in order to get people’s minds off of the horror show that has just taken place in Afghanistan!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Trump of All President’s President Donald J Trump Sir a few family members joined the service after 911. One said on Fakebook byedine can go f%ck himself lol.
Wondering in he (family member didn’t get booted). Lol brb gotta check iffin he is still on fakebook, Sir!

Sarah Stone

TEN MONTHS LATER: “There continues to be NEITHER evidence to support the election fraud claims, NOR precedent for removing a DULY-ELECTED President or “reinstating” an ousted one.”

You ALL are being LIED TO!! Who is the real SHEEP!? Get vaccinated.


Are you literally blind? You poor lost soul your in need of prayers Dear Lord Jesus help this lost soul 🙏

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They can’t talk about a rigged election. If they admit it they’d be headed to jail. It’s a disgrace. Everything they’ve touched since Jan. 20th has been anti-American. DISGRACEFUL


Totally RIGGED and STOLEN by Criminal Biden and the Corrupt Government and the Commie-Libs! EVERYONE knows it was RIGGED and STOLEN! Trump was RE-ELECTED!

My Man Trump

Mr. President, I along with probably millions Americans, witnessed the steal that night between 1:00 and 3:00 am. At 1:00 am when they shut it down (that has never happened) you were winning easily. At 3:00 am when they came back (after supposedly stopping for the night) Biden was winning in key swing states and others. Biden, his team and foreign bad actors did this right in front of us. That is how blatant it was because they think we are stupid. They also knew that they owned many of the courts and the ones they didn’t would do nothing. It was the greatest steal in American history right in front of our eyes. You are the true President of this country. Please grab your military, call martial law, clean up the damage, and free us all from this disgraceful, weak false administration.


Yes I was there all this night long, they did it in front of the world ! What a bunch of hyenas ! What a humiliation for the USA and for Americains !

Ora Gasm

No one but fringe lunatics are talking about “IT” because “IT” didn’t happen. Pure bullshit.


Bullsh*t = ora gasm

Ken Koolaid

Then tell them to stop blocking audits if you’re so correct. Or you’re a liar. LALALALALA

Tim Tates

The VOTER FRAUD Democrats and some RINOs lie, steal, cheat, and even murder! They illegally took control of our government! Christians need to pray to remove Satan’s grip on this country that was founded on the WORD of GOD!—-2 Chronicles 7:13-14
King James Version
13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send PESTILENCE among my people;
14 If MY PEOPLE, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.




The Biden administration isn’t even acting as if they’re following the constitution. They’re all straight from hell, and hope they go back to hell.

calvin wrenn

IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE WERE GET RID OF THESE CHEATABLE VOTING MACHINES. Where in the hehaa or hell is the talk of keeping the voting machines unplugged from the internet.that one simple thing could keep china and the rest of the hackers from changing votes ..The pillow man showed good proof from looking at p cap information tha tthere are chinese adresses and a shit pile load of them. JUST A THOUGHT . BUT NOT ENOUGH. GET THE HELL RID OF THE DAM THANGS ALL TOGETHER COME ON YOU LEFTEST YOU KNOW THE CHINESE OWN BIG STAKES $ 400000000 IN THE DOMINION COMPANY TAKE THAT TO THE BANK YOU COMMIE BIDEN UNINFORMED TWO FACED BASTERS



Don McKellar

Unfortunately, without a competent job and release of an audit in Arizona or somewhere else, they know all they have to do is keep a conspiracy of silence on it. And so far, it’s working. It’s wrong, it’s a scam, it’s a lie, but with everybody who could have done something being cowards and choking when it happened, all you really have now is something like the Arizona audit. And so far, that’s been one long drawn out mystery — WHERE IS IT???


canvass audit sample result (est.) 96k ghost voters, 173k lost votes. Forensic results coming soon. Expect decertification in AZ.

calvin wrenn


Ora Gasm

What are you smoking bud? There will be no decertification. Trump lost. Deal with it!


forensic results next week, deal with it!


Wait and see, stupid hyena !


“Coming soon”… that’s funny… why don’t you try Mr. TRUMP’s line “in a couple of weeks”… oh wait, they did that 3 weeks ago, “oh, they got the COVID, maybe in a couple of weeks”… what’s next ? “the dog ate it”


Patience is a great virtue.


Four months overdue !


Dean- you seem nervous



Linda J

Are they paying cash to these networks under the table to stick with the liberal agenda?

Deanna Collins

Yes we notice – it is a shame that the veil has not been lifted yet for all to see but once that happens jaws will drop – We are all looking forward to your return soon ! not 2024 – we keep our faith and believe in the LORD and he will shock the world !

Sue Mckee

I was watching you on fox news Thanking our brave Men and Women In the NYC police department. As soon as you said the election was rigged they cut your visit off and said it’s a lie and proven in court and a few more things. So I went to Newsmax who had all of what you said and your visit in full they didn’t cut any of it . Ty for honoring our brave Men and women in blue who don’t get credit for what they do. We love you we miss you. We want you back. PS: you were also live on Facebook I’m waiting to see if they took that down yet. Thank You for your love of Country and We the people.

Miss Mo

do you happen to know if that is being aired anywhere? I missed it.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

On this day the 20th anniversary of 9-11, it is clear and obvious the great accomplishments made under your leadership, President Trump. However 8 months in with basement dwelling Joe it is also obvious our great Country is in a complete state of disaster.
We Americans need you back in the White House ASAP. We need Don Jr. to make a run for some type of leadership role, as well as we need your other son, Eric to get in there too. I see your daughter in law, Lara perhaps will join too.
Now is the time to get as many great people on board with “Save America”.


On this day of remembrance Mr TRUMP should try to act presidential and STFU !




LOL ,Dean and Prize are the only 2 buffoons brave enough to rear their leftist heads, during one of the worst Presidencies to ever inhabit the Whitehouse.

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk
Ora Gasm

Oh Thoski! Did you forget about me you moron? I thought we were close! You know you want me!


Oh you’re just a fly !


Good advice for you to take every day!

Bobba Sheftz

You are lacking in common sense. If you think that Biden has any presidential qualities, then me saying, “lacking common sense” is too mild for you. Even his own dog knows he is no good. It bites him.


Sure they will…the old bait and switch. They are CCP sympathizers, they are evil. They may laugh and call us sheep, but he who laughs…laughs last. The cannot prolong their inevitable fate forever.

barbara white

Our minds are now on forced vaccines. Im terrified of that damn shot

Deborah J Tate

We’re on to them, Mr. President. We won’t forget the Afghanistan debacle and we refuse to submit to their draconian measures with Covid. They’re fooling only themselves. MAGA!


“Resident” Biden is the worst. He and his administration are FRAUDS! Everyone knows the election was stolen… was/is blatant and in our faces. This corrupt boob needs to be booted and arrested along with his group of criminals.



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