They wouldn’t let him speak

“Wow, the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, was booed off the stage Saturday at a Georgia Republican Party event. They wouldn’t let him speak. It is amazing how the people get what happened in Georgia, and elsewhere! The election was rigged, and everybody knows it. Kemp refused to call a Special Session of the Legislature, and did absolutely nothing. Now our Country is going to hell!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Linda MacLeod Goodman

The vast majority being heard. Nice change from the inverted ‘norm’.


Nice to see all you lefties on full TDS display! Can’t wait to see how hard you stomp your little elf feet after the next turn of the wheel!!

Drink Clorox

You got no evidence, Fat Donald!
If you got no evidence, you got no Election Fraud.

Trump-appointed Judge Stephanos Bibas: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,”

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Linda MacLeod Goodman

Ignore the Russia Collusion Delusion, lie, rinse, repeat.

Projection is a cloak of innocence over the guilty accuser. Liberals do Goebbels proud, but like all cheap tricks, once you know it, it’s just a bore.
“In his analysis of Nazi propaganda, Ellis Freeman identified an influence tactic based on projection: accusing another person of the negative traits and behaviors that one possesses and exhibits with the goal of deflecting blame away from one’s own misdeeds and toward the accused…the use of projection as an influence tactic is not limited to fascist regimes and its consequences can be socially devastating…”

Last edited 2 years ago by Linda MacLeod Goodman

The election was nine months ago. You lost. Get over it. It’s boring!

Mike Kissinger

Hmmmmmm…..the Georgia Republican party members would not let a Republican governor speak. This happened in June of this year, Mr. Trump. How far out of the loop do you want to be? This is very old news. He was booed because he would not cater to your election fraud bs and defended Georgia’s voting process and votes along with the Republican Secretary of State.. You cannot find election fraud bs, so you are resorting to very old news? For what possible reason? To get your cultists riled up? That is very sad. Maybe you should take it easy and golf some more.


You have said a few times on this website how you believe in the right for personal choice when it comes to an election. Possibly 80 million plus voted for Trump. And you still refer to them as cultist? Get your thoughts and ideas in line please. You seem inconsistent.


Should Mr. TRUMP be commenting on Georgia at all in light of ongoing, possibly criminal investigations ?


Maybe he would have better legal advisors if he didn’t have a reputation for not paying his legal bills.

True Americana

He’s a stable genius with a good brain and small – I’m talking itsy bitsy – hands.


Only in your tiny little leftist fantasy world….Mr. CNN talking points.



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