This Act was created for a very good reason

“The political Hacks and Thugs had no right under the Presidential Records Act to storm Mar-a-Lago and steal everything in sight, including Passports and privileged documents. They even broke into my safe with a safecracker – Can you believe? This Act was created for a very good reason, and it works. We are right now living in a Lawless Country, that just so happens to be, also, a Failing Nation!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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A highly motivated and professional team needs to go to Afghanistan and take back something like 85 billion dollars and all the military weaponry that was handed to the enemies, and don’t stop there follow the scams and storm and take back the currency that should be in millions of patriots hands just use extreme force because the leftist are same way.


Sue all of them. They are governing like china. It’s all to cover up their criminal activities.
They are doing this to surpress any news of hunter Bidens lap top from hell.
All to protect the Biden/Obama regime and criminal activities
They are using President Trump as a punching bag, they are full of hate. Our justice system must work for the people or there will be no justice.

The Heroes Act was stolen ( just like the 2020 presidential election ) and it feels like they also violated the Stolen Valor Act by abusing the Heroes Act.

It been simply said many times: Lock them up!


Its election time. They gonna do any thing they can to push THEIR narrative. That is FRAUD

Crackers n cheese



So sad! The disrespect shown by the left is heartbreaking! America deserves better!

Becky Peterson

90 days before elections says that’s why


First there was Russiagate (and all the rest of it), now this blatantly illegal raid and theft…TWO major crimes of the century by these people in just a few years. Their evil knows no bounds. They have not even one ounce of propriety among them. The TDS they fought so hard for and loved so much has literally destroyed their hearts and minds. Or, which came first? How I would love to see the comeuppance.


The Presidential Records Act of 1978 requires the preservation of all Presidential records.

It also officially changed the legal ownership of the President’s official records from private to public, which means Trump had no legal right to take or keep them in his private residence, or to refuse to surrender them to the National Archives.

The Act established a new statutory structure under which Presidents must manage their records. Trump has clearly violated both the spirit and the letter of the law in this regard.


However it was perfectly acceptable that Obama took 33 million documents back to his home? Funny that no lib mentions that when attempting to slam Trump on the same subject. Maybe you all just forgot. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens.


NARA Press Release Statement on Obama Presidential Records

AUGUST 12, 2022

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) assumed exclusive legal and physical custody of Obama Presidential records when President Barack Obama left office in 2017, in accordance with the Presidential Records Act (PRA). NARA moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified records to a NARA facility in the Chicago area where they are maintained exclusively by NARA. Additionally, NARA maintains the classified Obama Presidential records in a NARA facility in the Washington, DC, area. As required by the PRA, former President Obama has no control over where and how NARA stores the Presidential records of his Administration. For more information, please visit


Thank you for this. Maybe just maybe it will sink in.


I doubt it


Nah, it didn’t but keep trying, I love watching the two of you waste your time. MAGA


You know what? That really hurt. Am I so beneath you that you couldn’t bother wasting your time addressing that comment to me? You have to use a third party to somewhat relay the message? After all we’ve been through together? All this time I considered myself affable but you have once again shown me the light. It saddens me, it really does. Welp, moving on. About your comment. Are you for certain, without a shadow of a doubt that Obama neither took nor has any classified documents? See here’s the thing. Apparently you and I receive our information from polar opposite sources. The only difference between you and I is, you’ll believe anything your news informants tell you and I don’t believe all of mine, not even half but in this case from what I’ve only read, I do believe Obama has done the exact same thing Trump is being accused of. Speaking of documents. I wonder why no actions were taken against Hillary’ and her email white washing scandal? Oh they played pretend hearing but it was obvious nothing would come of it. Any thoughts?


Nothing was stolen, and Trump’s passports were returned, eleven days ago, on August 15.


How do you know nothing was stolen, were you there? You must forgive my rudeness sir, I had no idea that we had an official federal agent in our presence here who actually stormed the fort. The story’s you could tell, am I right? Nothing To See Here Everyone. We have a G-man who has all the inside dirt on this scam, err I mean, on this blatant act of obvious treason. You sir deserve the Medal of Honor for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to this great country. I salute you, hero. I know, I know. You usually don’t salute federal agents but I think in this case, you deserve it….But I have one question. If you’re here then who’s back at feds-r-us base camp planting fake evidence in the Trump family’s belongings, or is that classified?


This is so unlawful. No one raided Obama or Clinton. Look what they did. Just evil and disgusting.

R Minoglio

We must take our country back. Otherwise we are doomed. Thank you President Trump. I know that God is on our side.I hope when the time comes he destroys all the wickedness. I also hope that people will fight for our country. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA.


Proof they’re deathly afraid of you Mr. President!
Hurry back, two years is too long!

Sarah Luu

These pricks firmly believe that THEY ARE GODS over the USA & can do what they want & when and answer only to themselves. The Clinton’s did it (and continue to), Obama, Now it’s the Biden Mafia’s turn & NO-ONE appears to have the guts and stop them before they RAPE & STEAL,EVERYTHING THEY CAN FROM US. They firmly believe with the assistance of THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, foreign powers, traitors,etc,etc, that they can GET AWAY, SCOTT FREE WITH EVERYTHING. I believe that NOW the ONLY WAY TO SHUT THEM DOWN, would be a MILITARY COUP, but it seems that even the top Brass in the Military, whom I believe our still on the right side, ARE TOO CHICKEN 5HIT TO DO ANYTHING! They(the top Brass) took an oath “TO DEFEND THIS REPUBLIC, against ALL ENEMIES, foreign & DOMESTIC” & disregard orders that they firmly believe that are EVIL & WRONG! Even if we “clean house” this November, they(THE Biden Mafia) will still FIND ANY & ALL WAYS to keep RAPING US. GOD HELP US ALL, Mr.President, DONALD J TRUMP, OUR TRUTHFULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT. THANK YOU SIR, FROM THE DEEPEST PARTS OF MY SOUL, FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE & CONTINUE TO DO FOR OUR GREAT LAND & PEOPLE. KEEP FIGHTING, PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR WONDERFUL FAMILY, EVERY WAY YOU CAN! Sarah Luu

Michael Jenson

I Agree….

My Man Trump

Yes we are living in a criminal, lawless Country whose FJB Regime is destroying our nation and its people. When they can do what they did to a sitting President…well we now live in a dictatorship. They will try to stop the red wave and steal votes. Are we ready for it?


The Republicans in power had better be ready for it, and never again let demoncrat operatives run the vote counts, or the elections!

Last edited 7 months ago by Laura
My Man Trump

Right on!


If Rod Serling had created a Twilight Zone episode in which a gang of fanatical communists took the United States from being stable, prosperous and peaceful to a decaying third world dictatorship in well under two years, no one would have watched it. Reality is stranger than fiction in the worst kind of way.

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