This administration is destroying America

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists. That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, “Get the vaccine.” But no one trusts this administration. I developed the vaccine when everyone said it wasn’t possible, now without “Trump,” that’s their only solution. This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership. Besides my vaccine, this is the administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan. A lot of effort and money went into RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election, only to destroy the Country. Was it worth it?”

By Donald J. Trump

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I am not having that thing they call a vaccine injected in to me, I don’t care if they lock me up. It’s killing people. There is something very wrong when young people are developing heart disease just after having it. Very wrong when the leader of the EU Ursula von der Leyen, is opening discussions to revoke the Nuremberg Code in order to FORCE the injection in to people. In Australia they are putting innocent people into concentration camps they call health camps, and forcing the Aboriginal Nation to have the jab. Where are BLM there. This drug they call a vaccine, isn’t about a disease. It’s about moving us into having a digital passport system so they can track and control every human on the planet. That was always their intention, Covid19 was created to give the excuse and of course it was used to steal the 2020 election.


We are ready.

My Man Trump

Elections have consequences but none more so than stolen elections. Plus the fact that all of us Trumpers knew that during the primary Biden was doing what he is still doing…Lying his ass off about everything. How could people not have seen through his basement antics. Too bad we have to destroy a country and its people just to drain the swamp and stop the cabal. Very important work. You know what’s crazy, President Trump, they have their first of many life like robots. The cabal is plugging away very quickly. Time is of the essence.


Thieves do not bother to change the oil.

Cheryl Bethoney

My President had and still is working… If we can’t see whats happening here in the physical, let us stay united and bring God in this. this is evil from satan himself and God and his army are fighting for us in the spiritual realm. we need to not forget God has done alot of exposing for us and we must continue to stay in prayer and unity. the devil loves to hate destroy ans steel if we allow it. President Trump is one man and no one could have gone on this far without the anointing of God that has put him there as our President.. I am gratful for all those who had stood up to keep us protected and some had lost their lives doing so. evil really exist and it is ugly. I pray for our President and family and all those who are doing what we can’t see. I am holding on for our best days to come.. fighting a disease and want to be able to see the power of Our Almighty God delivers us. prayer and loving our God whom started from the begining and with his grace and mercy has not fogotten us.

Save Our United States

I guess it was worth it for the party of satan, since they are achieving their purpose for him: to destroy America.

Why do you think that America is NOT mentioned in Revelation? We’ll be wiped from the picture, so that the armies of the world, including China, can all descend on Israel. It’s coming, count on it, and THAT’S the end game that Biden and team are assisting.


The vax has been misused and not a vaccine at all. It is causing the ones who took it to make variants, that are not deadly, but may become if they continue this mass vaccinations. The globalist have an agenda 😞

calvin wrenn

sleepy joe is a two trick phony pony


Mr/President DJ Trump;
You have inspired, real love for this country to come out of hiding. You are no different (well a lot different), but I mean in the ways that adversities (no matter wealth), you have been honest about. The perseverance to dream big, keep family close to heart and the strength to have pissed off the criminals of capital hill and still achieving the goals you and your family have stood (beside) you, checking-off one-by-one, items “every one” running could never achieve; all-while the bull-dozing, dirty and devious underhanded attempts to discredit or disgrace. YOLKS ON THEIR FACES- and WAY TOO MANY DEATHS ARE ON THEIR HANDS.
Dirty Joe helped Obama cover up the 230,000 in 3 months dead from sars, back in 2015? exact date, can’t remember.
But thank you;
Holiday joy, for the whole family.


Sleepy Joe is a one trick phony pony


Sir, I know you did the right thing by rolling the CV vax out, but this administration and the one world order globalists are using it and the opportunity to control us, sicken us, and eliminate us. And we know that your policies were for America’s best interest. America was strong!

Mark Rakow

Joe Biden may be a “one-trick pony,” but Donald Trump is one big horse’s ass who knows no tricks at all. Millions of people trust the Biden Administration. But many millions more loathe Donald Trump, and will never, under any circumstances, allow that abysmal clod to become President again.

Trump did not “develop” any vaccine. The vaccine was developed despite anything he did, or could have done. Without Trump, the nation continues to recover from his ineptitude, dishonesty, sloth, and corruption.

This Administration is NOT destroying America. America is far too strong and resilient to be destroyed by this, or any Administration.

This is NOT “an administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan.” Instead, it’s an administration of many jobs if people want to take them, few if any layoffs, higher gas and energy prices because of previous Trump policies which were destabilizing and chaotic, very few if any empty shelves, not-even-close-to-open borders, and a horrendously pre-arranged surrender by Donald Trump and a subsequent evacuation that left American with few, if any, other options.

A lot of effort and money went into the 2020 Presidential election. But no rigging, whatsoever. The country has not been destroyed. In fact, it has been saved from destruction by the filthiest, phoniest, most inept horse’s ass imaginable. And I assure you, Mar-A-Lardass will NEVER be President again. Under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Was it worth it? Damned right it is! If the election were to be held all over again, today, I’d vote for Joe Biden again in an instant. I wouldn’t help elect Donald Trump to be Garbage Commissioner.


Trump’s page thankfully has FREE SPEECH, unlike the Leftist fascists !

Mary Geiger

Poor you. They’re coming to take you away you know they’re coming to take you away.


We as a country and the whole world was better off with Trump in charge, than it is now with sleepy Idiot Joe in charge. This is FACT OBVIOUS TO ALL BUT THE BLIND – You have chosen POORLY


Yes, sir. Isn’t it a shame that our young people think that Socialism has something to do with social media. No, sir, I’m not kidding, it’s a horrible thing that’s happening and it seems to be like a runaway train, no stopping it. With God’s help and your knowledge and guidance maybe we can make a difference and make America great again again. Got help us, we need it.


We have to stop promising people free stuff- that’s the hook to the young and ignorant- they don’t understand that there is no such thing as free stuff as socialist want to promote that agenda. They are using the young to achieve that goal but socialism ALWAYS FAILS. It’s been proven time and time again. Remember the union of Soviet socialist republics? —-it’s GONE- eventually they all FAIL people.


President Trump, you really must distance yourself from this vaccine. It has become highly politicized and has taken a turn into government coercion, unconstitutional mandates and even concentration camps for unvaccinated, all four a virus with a 99. 9% recovery rate. Side effects are being covered up, contraindications are being ignored, and along with a compliant media, politicians are fomenting fear, panic and divisiveness throughout the country.


Don’t forget…. Dirty, Doublecrossing, Underhanded, Sleepy-Sleezy-Joe aka Brandon. And; Clinton, Obamas’, McCain, and all other Dirty-Rotten-Soundrels on DC’s Capital Hill, got their wish to punish all voters of 2016 PE (“the obvious and benevolent patriot wine fair and square”) “ I just don’t know why, those ignorramos’ had family members and friend DIE or get deathly sick…. ALL because of greed and hatred; hatred for the voters, (no-care-to-the-sides-of-isle)
No difference to that of a Cereal-KILLERS!!!!
Hold FOUCHI and all those Fuckers ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!
The “jackasses” built THE lab; funded The lab and Fouchis’ (not worth spelling properly) signature is on the dotted-line for release; they (those jackASS’s and crooked politicians) it’s is very very sad, the seven deadly sins; Vindictive and malicious, making it now 9-deadly sins and counting with the BoweLMovements’


Ummm . . . not great English, but worthy intentions.

Johnny Appleseed

Just think about this.

If the President didn’t push them into a corner to produce their snake oil…

They would have locked us down for the next decade until we were so beaten down we were begging them to save us.

They would have been able to use the vaccine to force us into the corner and pretty much make this place a police state (more than what it has become already).

We would have starved to death, turned to killing each other for supplies, and then be happy to send our young ones off to war.

We as a people would have never had the ability to tell them to shove it up their ass.

The virus would have been used to cover up malpractice, force us to work for pennies on the dollar for food that was plentiful but with held to make a huge shortage to put us on out knees.





We know this Mr. President it’s time to hammer him

We know this Mr. President it’s time to hammer him on some other items


Some scumbags bank account is fat for the selling out of America. We must have more transparency into the finances of those that serve in gov.


When will Mr TRUMP release his taxes as he promised for the last six years ?


Probably, when the “fake news” stops lying.

Patricia McDermott

I know – I see it every day. What I don’t understand is why no one is stopping them! The entire administration is corrupt, committing crimes against our Country and destroying all that was great about the USA. I was never comfortable with non-tested vaccines being offered to the public because we were the guinea pigs. However, they seemingly saved some lives, but their side effects were serious to deadly to some. You would not have demanded that everyone be vaccinated and cause those who chose not to be to lose their jobs. This has to be stopped. Making the decision to get or not to get the vaccine is a very personal decision and we, as Americans, do not need, nor want, this corrupt administration mandating that everyone be vaccinated or they’re ostracized from jobs and family and friends. Freedom of choice has been taken away from far too many. I don’t know that this Country can survive until the 2022 elections, much less the 2024 election. The flagrant violations and disregard for our Constitution are destroying us every day. PLEASE, some way, some how, HELP US!


Mr President Trump, this vaccine is killing people. It’s poison. Americans need to know that if the vaccine developed under your administration is the same one being offered now. This needs to be investigated. If this vaccine is the same one developed under your administration; and it’s the same one killing people now, who do we trust?

We have to question those who advocate for this vaccine, especially when it’s known now that ivermectin is more effective than any other treatment. Ivermectin is the real cure.


As well as, antibodies and CQ.


So, I wonder if the zealots that helped states circumvent and perpetrate election fraud to get the current disaster of an administration are happy now?


Of course they’re happy ! Zealots are always happy, when they get their way, even if it is self-destructive.

Don McKellar

At least there’s no more mean tweets!

Rosanne. Choate

When the real vaccine came out, it was actually for the emergencies, but now it’s gotten to be an obsession.


The politicians are obviously being pressured or bribed by those above them.




That’s why you’ve got guns. However parents at school board meetings may be able to get the job done without bloodshed !

Rosanne. Choate

That was their whole intention, Mr. President when they stole our reelection of you! To overthrow the real President. Americans were scammed big time. The biggest scam of the century. We need you back before this country goes down the drain as it already. There won’t be a country left for you to be our President for.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

The demented Joe administration was a disaster before the even got in with their ELECTION FRAUD. The main stream media, but specifically Communistbook and Tweeter are censoring free speech.
I for one wish to join in the class action suit with President Trump. I have been unduly censored and restricted for 1) writing about the photographic high quality of President Trump’s upcoming book “OUR Journey Together”. Expressing mere support for the book got me censored.
Apparently, only LEFTISTS and haters of our Country are allowed free reign on these platforms.
It’s an utter disgrace. These demented Joe clowns and radical left are ruining our Country.


Shut them down! Lock them up! No more bullshit; let’s get our great back!

William d Byerline

For them it was worth it. The faster they destroy our country means the faster they can try to implement the great reset so they can control the population. Freedom will not die ever!!!






Well Said President Trump!
What about the 4.4 million people who retired, quit or were fired in September when Commie-Joe announced the vaccine mandates? This country is going through Hell due to the Commie-Libs and the Corruption! Fight the Good Fight America! We Will Be Back!

Craig Barrett

If you don’t come back within a few months, it’s over


No Sir–It wasn’t –saddens me to see what they’ve done to our USA.


“YOU” developed the vaccine???? C’mon really????




If you are sticking up for the current administration, then you hate America and are going to ruin it.


I think you know very well what he means. The first two vaccines were developed under his administration and he cut a ton of red tape that got it done in months instead of years.

Mr. Ree

And on the next day said “Let there be light” & there was!


Glenn = Crack Hrad like his buddy Hunter!


Typo: Glenn = Crack Head

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