“This could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics”

“As President Trump said recently in New Hampshire, “Joe Biden cares only about enriching his family. I care about enriching your family.”

The American public received more evidence today of the Biden Crime Family’s corruption. 

The House Oversight Committee unveiled evidence showing millions of dollars flowing from foreign companies to the Biden family. As Rep. Byron Donalds noted, this is inherently sketchy as “the Biden Family doesn’t have a business. There is no business structure around this family except politics.”

The committee obtained bank records that “show the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ companies. The Committee has identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as Vice President and after he left public office.”

The House Oversight Committee revealed “that more than $1 million flowed from a crooked Romanian businessman to the Biden family while then-Vice President Joe Biden paid lip service to cleaning up corruption in the Eastern European nation.”

Rep. Nancy Mace said at Wednesday’s press conference that “this could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics.””

By MAGA Inc.

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Sarah Luu

NOTHING that the Biden crime family mafia does, does not surprise me one bit. This, I’m sure, is one ONE of hundreds of things that thay have & continue to do & get away with NO CONSEQUENCES. They firmly believe that they are invincible as gods & can & do whatever they want & get completely away with it.JUST LIKE HITLER & THEIR TEACHERS, THE CLINTON MAFIA. COMPLETELY, EVIL & DEMONIC BEINGS. Just like the Clintons, THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT ALL. It seems NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO ELIMINATE THEM. ( Sorry Mr. President) As I’ve said MANY TIMES BEFORE , the M.A.G.A. followers in the military are our BEST HOPE of turning things around & PLACING THE TRULY ELECTED PRESIDENT BACK INTO THE WHITE HOUSE. A.S.A.P. before it’s too late if it’s not already.GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Sarah Luu


What also continues to be exposed it that DOJ & FBI are completely corrupt. The Biden crime family has been widely known since the 1970’s. Yet, no one acted to rid our government of clear corruption. They will all be damned one day for destroying our republic.

Terry Adams

Let’s count what he already done as president.


Biden CRIME Family for GITMO!
TRUMP 2024!


Too bad they can’t do anything about what they have found! Yet here you are being tormented at every turn!

Mary Geiger

Unfortunately, the justice system and law enforcement are not too honorable either.

Last edited 19 days ago by Mary Geiger
Dean Anoia

We love you sir and stand beside you 100 percent

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