This could only happen to me!

“Did you see that the FBI Agent who was in charge of the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax is being “investigated” for being paid by Russians while working in, of all places, the FBI? In other words, the people who were investigating me for Russia involvement (Mueller Report proved No Collusion!) WERE ACTUALLY THE ONES INVOLVED WITH RUSSIA. This could only happen to me!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

The deep state…you have to love the irony. FJB and his regime are still doing it. Lying about DJT and the MAGAs doing things that the regime is actually doing. The poor FJB and the regime…They are really frustrated Trumpie wanna be’s. LOL

Donna Richardson

So your one of the cult members.


The “Swamp” Got Caught And The “Fake” News Media Remain Silent. Justice Will Prevail In God’s Timing. No Deals For Predators Who Traffic And Sacrifice Children.


This is treason against America.
They need to be prosecuted and jailed.
America has become a scary place to live, Knowing how corrupt our government is.
It will take some time to restore our security and trust in these systems.

Kreg Vergith

You can’t make this stuff up!!

They are allowed to ransack your home, and generally break the law, because they have the protection of the higher-ups in the FBI and the Biden “administration”.

The fall will be farther and harder and more widespread when all this hits the fan.
That will be fun to watch, but it never should have happened.



Donna Richardson

Mr. Trump I know your followers are either too lazy or just ignorant. If they would just let someone read the Mueller report to them they might see that yes your campaign did have communications with the Russians and you and your family have already admitted you make money off Russians. Trump you also ignored what are intelligence agencies told you and was kissing Putins ass on live television. Trump you are the worst president the United States has ever had. You already lost the popular vote in two elections. You know you can’t win. Your trying to just take over this country and it’s not going to happen. Us sane people see you for what you are. A failure at everything you touch. By the way Mr. Trump will you please stop sending me 20 emails a day begging me for money. Tell Jared and Ivanka I would never buy his book and it’s funny that your son-in-law looks like Peewee Herman.


Haha. You’re right he does look like Peewee Herman!


I noticed you didn’t correct Donna R on her, Trump you also ignored what ARE intelligence agencies told you comment. Odd because you seem to be a real stickler when it comes to proper pronunciations. Have you turned over a new leaf?


You are watching the biggest coverup in USA history.The fake news media knows, I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms,caught on the security cameras,and all the names, in Epstein’s flight log.Many in Hollywood and the government swamp, are guilty of sadistic crimes, on little st james(Epstein) island. They all got caught and justice is coming.Keep watching “fake” news, coverup for the child trafficking predators.None of them have the courage to expose the truth.The very reason I was chosen.


FJB! and YOU!

jo young

we saw it and we are NOT surprised! I believe that America is gone and it is the first time that I have been glad to be old so won’t be around to see our total destruction.

Linda Hill

We love you President Trump!! Thank you for all you do and what you have already done.


If ever you are in a position to sort all this lot out, you must take no prisoners… after all they’ve done to you, you are perfectly justified and they have absolutely no excuses..!


FBI is full of scum,they ruined Carter Pages life, rail roaded general Flynn,verified unverifiable documents,ignored hunters laptop, lied to fisa court, director wray is a piece of shit do nothing continuing to run the agency into the ground,Idont believe there is one redeamable person there.The floaters keep popping up, time to give them the royal flush.


When the storm comes the hoaxes will turn on them …

Hopefully, more people will be awake to support 45 …


Well, it didn’t happen to Hillary Clinton ….. Yet!


Everyone must understand the Democrats specialize in using projection as a diversionary tactic. It’s right out of the Alinsky playbook, and they’re being aided by some real losers in the mainstream media. They have been accusing you of doing the very things they were and are doing for the last 6 years.

James Cummings

Mr President, permit me to doubt that between 1908- 2022 that the FBI has only bothered you. It could be true and doubtless is so to the extent the perfidious Agents have bothered, betrayed and in general subverted the will of the citizens in 2020 but you may not be the only President they have so attempted to bother.


You are a strong person to have gone through all the lies. I pray you will be back in office very soon.


He’s unbelievably strong, amazing. Anyone else would have crumbled and given up years ago. Imagine any of the swamp being treated like this by the media, FBI, DOJ, and all the rest of the liars.



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