This decision was mine, and mine alone

“From Election Day, November 3rd, the day I realized that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged, I would never have agreed to go to Joe Biden’s Inauguration. This decision was mine, and mine alone. The old broken-down Crow, Mitch McConnell, had nothing to do with it. According to third-rate reporter Jonathan Karl of ABC Fake News, McConnell unsuccessfully tried getting a letter signed by others for me not to go. This was nothing I ever heard of and actually, if he ever did get it signed, I probably would have held my nose and gone. The Election was rigged, the facts are clear, and Mitch McConnell did nothing. He was probably too busy working on deals with China for his wife and family!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Way to many RINOs. Hopefully they will be voted out. 👿 They made it possible for that huge bill to be voted in. No bill should be so many pages they can’t even read it. Every election we hear infrastructure to bad it isn’t spent on real infrastructure.

Lenora Thompson, Writer

And all the details connecting Mitch McConnell to China via his father-in-law are in this article! Read it and weep!


You are my President.


God Bless you President Trump, we all know you won the election in a land slide and with every grouping of people. I don’t believe there was one single group that you didn’t get the majority of the votes. I personally can’t wait till you are back in your rightful place in the White House.

Rosanne. Choate

Biden didn’t have the decency nor morality to concede has he should’ve.

Rosanne. Choate

Mitch McConnell is a no good do nothing, Mr. President.


Rinos situation stinks to high heaven

Elizabeth Headley

You never ceded, Sir. Why on earth would you ever attend their illegal farce??!!!

Rosanne. Choate

Amen!!!! You never conceded. You shouldn’t have to run again in 24. It’s ridiculous for a reelected President whose been rudely usurped to have to run a third time.


McConnel is a fake, however, this is M5M subterfuge to redirect attention away from the broken Biden-Democrat cabal. Don’t let them!


Mitch is just sucking govt mammary…..he does what the flow goes, like a reed shaking in the wind……no real substance.


of course it was your decision. only a brain-dead idiot would think (and I use the word “think” liberally), it wasn’t. evil liars.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I haven’t watched any of the big 3 news channels since 2017. The only news I watch and it’s not that often is NewsMax so this is my first time hearing about that however, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. They’re disgusting and a huge joke and I’m talking about all of them, yes even Fox. I happened to find out years ago that Fox was in Mitch McConnell’s back pocket and anyone that aligns with that scumbag must also be a scumbag.


Kevin, that’s one of the main reasons the followers of Mr. Trump believe his falsehoods. They don’t watch news stations like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN (stations that actually fact check their stories). NewsMax and Oan are not credible news stations.

Short Bus Sam

It must be so hard believing the literally EXERYBODY besides those agreeing with Trump’s wild delusions & fantasies is lying. Imagine a world where only your crazy drunk uncle is right!


Oh Shell, that’s exactly why I DON’T watch CNN, etc.: because they’ve been proven liars time and time again! They don’t fact check, they rush to judgment and they skew facts to fit their narrative. Exhibit A: the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. When Zimmerman called 911, he made no mention of Martin’s race until asked to do so by the dispatcher, whereupon he said Martin looked black. MSNBC aired that recording, but they edited the tape so that it sounded like Zimmerman was racist. That’s fact; I’ve heard both the unedited and edited recordings myself. They lied.
Exhibit B: the media did the same thing with the infamous Charlottesville incident, editing Trump’s remarks to make it sound like he said neo-nazis were good people; if you hear or read his full unedited remarks he specifically denied that. They lied.
Exhibit C: look what they are doing now with the Rittenhouse case. The facts are that this kid did not fire until he was threatened with lethal weapons by multiple people (with criminal backgrounds!). I sure would have fired under those circumstances, and I bet you would have, too! It was simple self-defense, and the people he shot were white. Not black. WHITE! Yet the media has painted him as a racist murderer! They lied. I don’t trust people who lie to me. They are completely biased toward the left, so do you really expect them to treat Trump fairly?

I hope you read this reply, Shell…I tried posting earlier but the site was acting up and wouldn’t let me! (Don’t you love technology?) I can tell you’re a nice person, and a thinking one, so it really hurts to see you believing people who aren’t worthy of your trust. I hope you will see the truth someday.




It will be ok. Your not the only one. I’m still waiting for my Twitter download to close it out. As for FB I’ll never get my login info back. Big tech is crooked. Can’t wait for the new Trump website!! 🙂


Shake the proverbial dust off your feet and say “Good riddance!”


Good for them–just doing their part to avoid another Jan. 6.


So you think no one should be allowed to voice support for a former president on those platforms? That’s blatant censorship. Unless Mary Lou was posting plans to blow up a building or something, of course, which I doubt! 😄


Those are badges of honor!


I never believed the so-called letter. I do believe Mitch McConnell has always been a problem for the republicans as well as others (Example: Lindsey Ghraham). These two examples are examples of two people that put self interest and personal gain ahead of service to the American People. They are not fit for the job.

Nothing gets done in DC, unless it is done by a democrat(s) and then it requires breaking the law in order to achieve their goal(s). Many dirt bag politicians and greedy citizens that are also self centered and focus only on personal gain are the problem(s).

Seemingly, the law need only be applied on the good law abiding citizen that protest the wrong doing of the law breaking politician(s) (typically the democrats).

The term/phrases: “Clean-House” or “Drain-the-Swamp” means something. It doesn’t help when it is not done to it fullest or is done just a little bit here and there. Mitch McConnell’s name throughout his political history has been notoriously known. Ask; what is Mitch afraid of at this point in his long career? Nothing unless you wish to lock him up for crimes he committed. Even then he may not give a damn at his age. At Mitch’s age if he goes down and his family benefits he may feel it is worth while. Another example of this would be the Biden Family. These Cartel like / Mob like families must not be given access to easy money – an elected position that they can hold and milk dry of tax payers dollars.

We (America) have been a country for a long time and in that time does are progress as a people really represent the tax dollars paid to leech politicians?

Like most political issues or problem politicians; politicians that would acknowledge other problem politicians is rare but when a person or an issue is talked about from our elected politicians it is often just talk with an evil ulterior motive for their self interest. Seldom is anything ever done that is just. Again, all most politicians do is talk the talk but never walk the walk.

Looking at most politicians today as if a first time observer one would think they are dong what they do for themselves and not the American People.

Name a politician (other than you DJT) that is / have succeeded/ing at getting anything constructive done for a single American?

If the tax payers had the same mind-set as our politicians; that mind-set being: May be I’ll get around to paying my taxes or may be I won’t pay at all; the country would be a third world country in a fraction of the time the average politician has been a politician. The People are expected to pay their taxes and yet our politicians are just talking and not doing? The typical worker is expected to produce, but it seems that is an option for a politician.

The weather man can screw up the call for a weather forecast and get paid and a politician can do nothing or even commit a crime without doing the time and give himself a raise.

Politicians seem to get a pass as a known failure with what they do or don’t do all the time. Politicians take vacations all the time. Politicians give themselves a pay raise all the time. “Houston we have a problem.” This problem is not the American People.

What the American People need to do is stop working, stop paying their taxes and take up arms against a corrupt gov.

Name a politician that hasn’t committed insider trading or suffered by their own political decisions during the Covid19 Pandemic?

Who the hell does a politician think they are to decide that Walmart is a needed business and must remain open, while Ma & Pa grocery store (the only one for many miles) must close? How is it that The Local Hardware Store is shut down while the Big Box (Lowe’s and Home Depot) remains open?

Politicians are not do’ers; instead, they’re freeloaders. If anyone is a leech on tax payers monies and are a burden to the People it is the Glorified Welfare Receivers – Politicians. We talk of the economy going bad due to hand-outs (I’m not receiving any) yet we paid politicians to do what? Politicians are the greatest Welfare recipients.

No accountability is the creed of a politician. Above the law is seemingly the way of the politician.

Can you imagine screwed up the country would be if the many jobs the American People do was done in a half assed way or we just talked about doing the job and never actually doing it – you know; like our politicians. What is we the American worker may be fix that or may be built that or may performed this surgery etc. The country would stop functioning.

Not doubt the smart politician would just farm out their needs to be done by China’s slave labor and these smart American politicians would pay with the tax dollars by the jobless American people?

It is difficult even for a real and pure News source at today’s hunger for instant News feed/speeds to investigate the facts and protect the general public from the lies by supplying the public the truth, Instead the People/public are being told today by much of the opinion News makers lies and made up stories because the speed at which the computerized world has gotten gave way to the only way for Lame Stream Media to survive is to take money in return to support the agenda of a corrupt group(s) paying them – ie democrats.. Clearly, the news makes up the news in order to remain viable in a world that is hungry for facts instantly. Or worse they avoid the real news.

Seemingly half of the country according to Joe Biden voted for him? Meaning half of the country is as dumb as a box of rocks. If this is true (I doubt it); what we should see is 80% of 50% of those alledgy voting for Joe Biden has voters remorse. Hence, the next election should bare these facts with a huge win for Donald J. Trump assuming he runs. How? Do the math: 100% of Trump Supporters + 80% of Unhappy Biden Cheaters equals nearly all of the American population.

In short, the People must vote out democrats (all democrats – Sen. & Rep.) and vote in good republicans.


President Trump, it must be a SLOW Day at the FAKE NEWS.
I guess the FAKE NEWS thinks TRAITOR McConnell is now buddies with the Commie-Liberals since he signed off on the 1.2 Trillion Green deal that had NOTHING to do with infrastructure! Turtle McConnell is on the phone with the Commie-Chinese and worried about his Chinese Commie container business! WHAT A JOKE!


why would you even want to go to a fake inauguration? this fool won nothing-all voter fraud.


Well Said Donna!
A 100% RIGGED Election and EVERYBODY Knows It!


I got up early on Inauguration Day so I could watch Trump’s departure on TV, and as soon as his plane took off and the attention turned to Biden I turned it off. I watched both of Obama’s ceremonies but this was too much!

Corey Frederic

Dear Mr President, Donald Trump – Can you Please Help?
America Loves You and we all expected another (4) years – so that we might “finally” get to see “Justice” in the Drain-The-Swamp dept… It never came.

For 4 years I received forms in the mail asking me for my opinion on what are the important issues – that you could help with. Each Time – I made a special effort to cross-out ALL the selections, and had to “Write-In” the choice of “VOTER FRAUD”… it was never a choice given to us on those forms.

Now we live in this mess of Criminals who are bought-out and controlling everything.

After the SHOCK of the election loss… we all had HOPE that what we saw in the patriot news forums might actually be true… that “You Have it ALL” and Justice will soon be served.

How many Americans do you think are going-to (or have already) committed Suicide – due to the “Lack of Justice” that we see on display daily from the Criminals. There is no more hope for America – without leadership to show us that Criminals can “NOT” get away with what they have done.

By 2024… those criminals will have Loaded-Up over 12MM more Illegals into our country… and NOBODY is stopping them.

Can you please help?
Thanks for your time and consideration, Corey


Old Crow McConnell and his Chinese Connection have to GO!!! Good one Mr. President!

Rosanne. Choate

Birds of a feather!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Vote out all democrats and RINOS!! The democrats had this all planned out. Pelosi said she had a quiver of arrows. Fake impeachments and then they unleashed the China virus all in order to RIG the 2020 election.
McConnell is a China loving RINO.


Roger-That BIG TIME!

Short Bus Sam

That’s a big 10-4 good buddy! Rock & roll, lock n’ load there Skippy!

Cary Miller

Over a year, it has been, A YEAR ((+)). THEY stole the election and were aloud to do so. So they all “Stepped right into it”. “We have it all!” The evil that has enslaved the minds of the people of the world has been/are, telling and promoting “The death of MORALITY”, the walking away from God! So many, even in my own family, are brainwashed SHEEPLE! The ‘Legacy Media’ are their truth, the absolute lying (SOS) they are and still the Sheeple only understand that this has always been their truth. What we believe, the truth, we suss out, track and trace, pin down, we find and spread. But so many (Sheeple) cry “Conspiracy Theory”! (Yes they are morons) We love them and are trying to get them to see that the (DS CABAL) is the ‘Enemy of the People’ and yet they still do not wake up??? Hard to fathom!!! Impossible to understand!!!

We need help to save everyone possible. Authority must be shown to these Sheeple, soft disclosure through RRN and others is good but not good enough. We not only have the (LM/MSM) discrediting but even ‘Trusted Truthers’ are denouncing. So what good can (Michael Baxter, Real Raw News and Light Dancing) to name a few, what good can they do when even “Christian PATRIOT News” are canceling and blocking and shaming them and anyone who believes, the (SD)?
We must be able to SHOW THE SHEEPLE some real Truth. You, Q, Q+, QANONS, MILITARY, TRUTHERS, WHITE HATS, MUST, MUST, MUST, show some real Justice! Over a year and we have seen no “REAL JUSTICE” and it is having “Unintended Consequences”, its authorizing (STUPID AND MORRILESS EVIL) to these Sheeple.

I have two Grandsons that are in DANGER, but the aforementioned is making it impossible for me to save them. Carry on with the “Plan” but I need help to save some of my own youngsters that no one is concerned about damb it. Over a year and no Justice. Show some freaking Justice. You don’t get to be Morriless thieves and Pedophiles and get away with it. Over a freaking year. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

We, life long, God-fearing Christian Patriots will have Justice one way or another!



I never believed the so-called letter. I do believe Mitch McConnell has been a problem for the Rupublicans as well as others (Example: Lindsey Ghraham).

Nothing gets down in DC unless it is done by a democrat(s) breaking the law in order to achieve their goal.

Clean-House or call it Drain-the-Swamp; this means something. It doesn’t help when it is not done or done just a little bit here and there. Mitch McConnell’s name in history has been none notoriously. ‘

Like most political issues and politicians acknowledge is rare but when it is talked about from our politicians it is often just talk with an ulterior motive. Seldom is anything ever done.

If the tax payers may be got around to paying their taxes, the country would be a third world country. The People are expected by not on gov., but by their fellow citizen to pull their own weight by paying taxes and contributing to society; and yet somehow politicians get a pass.

Politicians are not do’ers; instead, they’re freeloaders. If anyone is a leech on tax payers monies and are a burden to the People is it the Glorified Welfare Receivers – Politicians.

No accountability is the creed of a politician. Above the law is seemingly the way of the politician.

It is difficult even for a real and pure News source at today’s instant News speeds to investigate the facts and protect the general public from the lies being told today by much of the opinion News makers. Clearly, the news makes up the news in order to remain viable in a world that is hungry for facts instantly.

Seemingly half of the country according to Joe Biden voted for him? Meaning half of the country is as dumb as a box of rocks. If this is true (I doubt it); what we should see is 80% of 50% of those alledgy voting for Joe Biden is voters remorse. Hence, the next election should bare these facts with a huge win for Donald J. Trump assuming he runs.

In short, the People must vote out democrats (all democrats – Sen. & Rep.) and vote in good republicans.


mitch mcconnell is as bad as cry baby boehner.


You’ve always been your own man and made your own decisions, Mr. President. Thank you. We see what they’re trying to do.


Thanks for all you have done for us, President Trump. McConnell needs to retire ASAP. Need new blood in there.

Yuk Chun Birch

Oh yeah, the fakely civilized “reporter” Jonathan Karl. Couldn’t put his snow flake personal feelings on the side to report real news. Let the devil inside of him reigns. He just continues to destroy his credibility.
Thank you President Trump stands up to fight for the fake news! 💕


If they will lie, they will steal. Sadly there is little honesty in our government. I believe in public caneing,(flogging),for lies told to to take advantage of the American people.Can’t we fire the dishonest ,anti-American politicians,or at least flog them on the capital steps on the real news in front of the world!


Well said…waiting impatiently for justice


This was to expected from the “Turtle”.After all,his wife IS Chinese and both have connections to the CCP through a business venture.Crooked is as crooked does.

Chuck Roast

Answer to Mary: Trump has The Goods on all of them.
They are scrambling ! They Know Trump was ready to Bust Them!!!!!!!!
Corruption is very deeeeeeeep! Dems and Republicans !

Craig Barrett

Thanks Mr President for not being a part of GOOD OLE BOY RIP OFF AMERICANS CLUB, everyone knows you won and how CORRUPT our government is


It needs to all be brought out and you take your rightful place as our leader, we are tired of waiting, move now…

Short Bus Sam

Want to know why Trump has not ascended to the Oval Office yet? He CAN’T, he is powerless to do anything but complain & whine!


Patriots are uniting everyday ! God Bless America Land of the Free Home of the Brave 🙏🏻🇺🇸




It’s because he’s such a vengeful, lying, crass, uncouth, conman, crook. He has a history of scamming hard-working people, taking their money or failing to pay them for work they did. He did nothing for the country except divide it. He says nothing kind about anyone who doesn’t kiss his butt and is always out for revenge. Why is it never his fault? He lost the senate, congress and the presidency. Who’s to blame for that? Also, the national debt increased by 7.8 trillion during his time in office.


What about the historically low unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics and the booming economy (until covid of course)? What about the way he brought peace to the Middle East? What about the way other countries respected us, whereas now they’re laughing at Biden and starting to make moves they wouldn’t have dared to do before? What about bringing companies back to America? And on and on. Can you honestly say those things didn’t happen or weren’t good for our country? Do you hate Trump so much that you won’t give him credit for them? I loathed President Obama, but there were two things he did (yes, two lol!) that I liked, and I have no problem giving him credit for them.

Anyway, the GOP lost both houses, true, but by the thinnest of margins, not the landslide Democrats expected. That should tell you something. Also, by the time Biden is through, 7.8 trillion is going to look like peanuts.

Martin Heidt

The first 38 months of President Trump’s administration made the smallest percentage increase in National Debt of the last 8 presidencies. However then the “pandemic” hit and response to that forced increased spending as indicated on the chart at the 38th month.


That’s very interesting! Thanks for the info.


Trump inherited a great economy from Obama. There isn’t any stable peace in the Middle East, and in my opinion, won’t be until there’s a two-state solution. His tax cut only benefited the rich. The world didn’t respect him, except maybe some dictators. On at least two occasions, there was video of him being laughed at. If he did any good it was eclipsed by his hateful nature. Do you honestly think his behavior this past year is good for the country?


“For eight years under President Obama, the growing burden of government suppressed the economic recovery that should have followed the recession of 2008-09. Mr. Obama nonetheless has claimed responsibility for today’s boom, asking Americans in September to “remember when this recovery started.” Yet it wasn’t until President Trump took office that the economy surged. …The result is a rising tide that is lifting boats across every class and region of the country. …Today unemployment rests at 3.7%, near a 50-year low. Since the government began reporting the data, unemployment has never been as low as it is today for African-Americans, Latinos, Asians and people with only a high-school education.”

That is from the Wall Street Journal…the “Obama boom” is a myth. I don’t know what videos you’re referring to, but I know Biden is sure getting laughed at now! As for being respected by dictators, that is exactly what you want in foreign policy. Take Kim Jong Un, who is an evil man and a maniac who is always making threats to us and other countries. Do you want him to respect the United States! Absolutely! Respect is not approval, respect is minding your p’s and q’s because you know if you push things too far, the US is going to obliterate you and they mean business. That brings security to our country. Whereas Biden is little more than a doormat who I’m sure doesn’t intimidate Kim in the least. No, there isn’t peace in the Middle East now, thanks to Biden. The Abraham Accords were a miracle and Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for it. Finally, what behavior are you referring to? Endorsing candidates? Holding a few rallies and posting on this site that I’m guessing reaches a fraction of his Twitter audience? All I know is hearing him gives me and other supporters hope that things will change for the better down the road.


I don’t agree with anything you just said but appreciate that your opinions are well written and polite. You don’t scream and swear like many people on this site.
PS. Do you agree with what they just did to Liz Cheney?


Hi, Prize and Tabbysaurus! I found this post tonight and wanted to jump in. I don’t think most people would argue that Mr. Trump did do some good things as president, as this is true of every former president. The question is, did he do more harm than good? I believe that the answer to that is yes. As Prize pointed out, Mr. Trump has divided this country. Even in this post, he makes a comment that could be considered racial by Asian Americans. As far as him being well-respected, I do not believe that to be the case, as even most Americans lack respect for him because of the awful things he says and does on a daily basis and for his refusal to acknowledge that President Biden won the election. If he did that, I know I would respect him more. You mentioned Barack Obama. I was a firm Republican when he was president, and he most certainly did some things that I did not like, but I always saw him as a good man and still do. I could not say the same about Mr. Trump. I think fear is often mistaken for respect, but they are not the same.  


(Sorry this is late…website was acting up and I couldn’t reply earlier)

What I wrote is true, Prize! But thank you, what you said means a lot. I don’t “scream or swear” because I’m a Christian, and as satisfying as calling someone a dummkopf might be, I know that wouldn’t please God or be a good witness of my faith (or a good example as a Trump supporter for that matter!). When I see someone believing something I know isn’t true, I have an almost overwhelming desire to tell them the truth, and while they may not believe me, I know they definitely won’t if I pepper my response with insults!

As for Liz Cheney, I hadn’t heard about it until you asked me. I just looked it up, and honestly? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Here are my random thoughts. I think a party should be able to kick someone out who repeatedly fails to uphold their values…Romney comes to mind right about now. I don’t know how anyone with an open mind who watched the impeachment trial can believe Trump incited the riot. It was in progress while he was still speaking in a different location! And he never called for anything but a peaceful protest…the right of every American. If some of his supporters went a little crazy, that’s not his fault, just like no one blames Bernie Sanders for one of his supporters shooting Scalise. So if Liz Cheney really believes Trump incited the events of January 6 despite so much evidence to the contrary, I think she’s totally wrong; but if she sincerely does, and voted, as she claims, according to her conscience, I can respect that. If, on the other hand, she’s just a sell out, then she richly deserves getting booted.


This reply is for Shell’s comment below, which is still awaiting approval. I would counter that it wasn’t Trump, or at least only Trump, who divided the country…it was the left’s vicious opposition to him at every turn. After all, if I try to do something good, and others become upset and oppose me, who is doing the dividing? The left smeared and lied about Trump at every turn and lots of people believed it and jumped on the bandwagon. What is racial about this post, Shell? Is McConnell’s wife Chinese? Yes. That’s a fact.
(Though I admit I don’t know if she was born in China or here.) Might there possibly be a conflict of interest somewhere due to her ties to China? Quite possibly. There’s nothing racist about saying that, any more than saying covid originated in China is racist. (We call the 1918 plague “Spanish Flu” but no one says that’s racist against Spaniards!) Now if someone said a racial slur about Mrs. McConnell I would definitely be uncomfortable with that; I can’t stand bigotry. I have a Jewish friend who was around some people as a kid who were anti-semitic and it makes me mad she was subjected to hearing that garbage. I just don’t see anything racial in this post; it refers to China as a country after all, not a race. That’s no different from, say, if McConnell’s wife was British and Trump referred to them having interests in Britain. It’s best not to read race into somewhere it isn’t. As for respecting Trump, I was referring to leaders of other countries. Sorry this is long and rambling!


Hi, Tabbysaurus! I tried to respond to all the comments you left me on this page. 


Comment about news stations: I liked how you thought out your responses, and you do present a good argument. However, the major news networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and even FOX) are required to factcheck their stories.  It’s mandatory.  If false information falls through the cracks, retractions are made, and people can even lose their jobs. That’s not to say that they’re not biased in any way and that individual newscasters can’t throw in their two cents worth. While CNN might appear to be biased against Donald Trump, it could also be argued that FOX is biased against President Biden. Mr. Trump is not more credible than these news stations. After the Arizona Audit, every one of the major news networks reported what the auditors shared. That is, President Biden won Arizona by even more votes than originally shown. Mr. Trump, however, continues to post misleading messages with such titles as: “The findings of the Forensic Audit Report were clear and conclusive.” 


Mr. Trump’s comments about China: It’s very clear from reading your posts that there is nothing racist about you. However, I do believe, especially based upon past comments he has made about China, that he meant it negatively. You brought up the Spanish Flu. I’m not sure who named it that, but I doubt it was the president of the United States. Things are not the same in America as they were 100 years ago.  There are different standards. Coronavirus was not named the China Virus. That is a slang term used by Mr. Trump to push any blame away from us on how it was handled back to China. 


Did Donald Trump divide this country? I stand by my comment that he divided this country but agree that he had some help. I, however, see that help as coming mainly from other powerful republicans who lacked the courage to stand up to the president and his election lies, knowing that if they did, he would do everything in his power to destroy them. (I could go on more about this but won’t at this time because of how lengthy this post already is.)


Being banned from Twitter: Concerning the woman who was kicked off Twitter, I, of course, have no idea what she actually said, but if she was kicked off Twitter for it, then she was breaking their rules and doing something more than just praising the former president. I know I’ve read a lot of posts on this site where it is obvious that certain Trump supporters are trying to rally up people for another Jan. 6 or even a civil war. 


It is clear to me that you are passionate in your support of Mr. Trump, and I respect that you show it in such a professional manner. I’ll check back on this page for a couple of days in case you want to respond back. Have a good week! 


Hi! Just a quick comment–China created this virus and accidentally or intentionally unleashed it on the world (I won’t get into the whole US funding/Fauci angle). They then surpressed news of it instead of warning the rest of the world. They totally should be held accountable for that, which may well be at least partly why Trump calls it the “China Virus.” Whatever mistakes we may have made in handling the virus when it reached us, it started in China.
Thank you for your nice words. I’m enjoying our little back-and-forths! You have a good week too!


Well Said Mary!


They are bamboozlers of the worst sort and we all know it.



joy young

i think mcconnell needs to go however ky seems to think he needs to stay. the only reason for this is that he brings home the bacon at the cost to the rest of the US.

Dee Sweeney

Love you President Trump..And QQQQQ

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President