This happens to be true for Crooked Joe

“The Wall Street Journal and FoxNews keep pushing the narrative, through Trey Gowdy and others, that “BOTH” Crooked Joe Biden and 45th President Donald J. Trump are unpopular within their own Party. This happens to be true for Crooked Joe, where they won’t even let RFK Jr. have his votes fairly counted (more RIGGING, and STEALING Elections!), but VERY untrue for “TRUMP,” where I have a 90% Approval Rating, and am crushing the “second tier” candidates by 50, 60, and even 70 Points. THAT’S POPULAR!”

By Donald J. Trump

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They are starting to tell half truths.
Only because they can’t cover it up.


And they still lie.


Foxweiser News is On Drugs like the Biden Crime Family!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I told you that when you get such huge percentage rates and such huge donations, that you can. be SURE GOD is with you and is pushing the envelope in your favor. I have known this all along and I expect that you knew too. It is your destiny to be PRESIDENT of the USA.You were picked and chosen by GOD to do this charitable work.. And you ALONE have the heart to do it. For the past years I have prayed night and day for you, dear PRESIDENT.. I have wondered along with you why GOD has chosen to lead. you through this jungle to get to the White House. I have called it the school of hard knocks and you have fought like a champion and still stand as tall as a tree and majestic amidst the degradation of the criminalization of the government and elections and everything that is legal, lawful and right. These enemies are sick. But you are as calm as can be and ready to knock ’em dead.. They fear you and AMERICA knows that you are their ONLY HOPE to win against these minions of the devil. GOD is with you, FRIEND, and all AMERICA will vote for you. I have been sick and old for years but you are my shining star. I am due for surgeries and yesterday my breathing was very labored. I woke in the night and you were in my prayers. I don”t know if JESUS will take me home to heaven, but in any case, I would fight for you to the death, I believe in AMERICA, too, and I believe they will pray for you and run with you across the finish line. Nancy A. Daylo


Thank you Nancy, you too are a God send. I love to read your comments, they are heart felt and I feel the same. I will keep you in my prayers.God bless you.



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