This is a highly illegal act

“The highly partisan January 6th Committee of political Hacks and Thugs has been found to have DELETED & DESTROYED all evidence and findings of the recently ended Committee of TRUMP persecution and hatred. This is a highly illegal act to, among other things, protect Crazy Nancy Pelosi for her grossly incompetent, or intentional, actions regarding her weak and inadequate response to security measures taken at the Capitol, for which she was responsible. This evidence is now criminally destroyed!”

By Donald J. Trump

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All this lawlessness and there is a lot, is being done in the American public’s face for all to see. That tells me the deep states back is against the wall. They are presenting a position of strength but in reality they have been found out. 45 did exactly what he set out to do, expose the deep state! Vary curious to see how all this plays out.


The Communist Banana Republic of America is doing just fine. Nothing will be done about this blatantly illegal act either. The nation is going over the cliff with its eyes closed as American Pravda (Fake News) brainwashes the mostly ignorant and apathetic public into neither seeing nor caring what is really happening.

Mary Geiger

The suggestion to delete and destroy all evidence of the J6 Committee records must have come from nancy pelosi. She started the committee; she is the troublemaker. She is bold because she has people like her whom she can count on to do her dirty work. She has no logic, no feelings. Only hate lives in the hole where her heart should be and darkness where her brain should be. I think she is actually unstable. They all are. Your truth will win. They’ve already lost.

Plato v2.0

It had to be Nancy or someone other than those on that committee. The majority of them give AOC a good run on who is the most stupid idiot in congress!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, How do they get away with it? Hillary got rid of thousands of documents without prosecution. All those who destroy documents must be prosecuted. Hillary should not get away with it either. Congress should demand retribution or maybe they can defund them until they produce the goods or fire them. You should be declared not guilty of any wrong for January 6. Or how hard would it be to reassemble your documents? The DEMS put on a whole show about January 6 and left out what what vital to your case. Maybe answering their presentation with the TRUTH would work. I watched some of their presentation and it was very biased and laced with lies. Sickening! Nancy A. Daylo


Has it been reported to the “police”? When are the American people going to see justice served?

Plato v2.0

Well I’ve been waiting for over sixty years for justice in America and it hasn’t happened yet so…pull up a seat, this might take awhile.



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