This is a Kangaroo Court

“Has there ever been a time in Congress where a Member is allowed, without any cross examination of any kind, to read lengthy and often untruthful statements, not from notes or other papers, BUT FROM A TELEPROMPTER? This is a Kangaroo Court the likes of which we have never seen in this Country!”

By Donald J. Trump

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T dog

It is an investigative hearing, not a courtroom.All I see are republicans testifying and two major conservatives are on the committee. Liz voted along with you 95% of the time. You just dont like hearing the god honest truth is all.




A teleprompter of Lies and Bullshit!

Dan for DT

From the Marxist Dems, the lies and Bullshit just keep on a comin’.

My Man Trump

Got that right, Sir. And There are a lot of things since the stolen election that are the likes of things we have NEVER seen before or tolerated as this lawlessness.

Mary Geiger

I haven’t watched any of their clown show, have read bits and pieces about it. They are lying, they know we know they’re lying but they have to push their narrative hoping some will believe them. And some do. They don’t want any testimonies about the other side of the story because most will believe that because it’s the truth. Nancy and fiends know she won’t win this either. She hopes DOJ can put something together so they can stop President Trump from running again. If he does, he will win, and they will be gone.




They are performing in their own clown show. They want allow any opposing characters because their show would fall apart.

Sarah Luu

ALL of these attacks against President Trump remind me of the Coyote & the Roadrunner!


Me Too!

Andrew Tripp

More pirates? geez!

Steve R.

So you’ve been watching what your former Republican Trump administration employees have been saying about you?

Please call the committee and tell them you want to make a statement!


Yes! Yes!, under oath.


It won’t do any good!
It is ALL rigged like the 2020 election!


Sir, we are waist high in Kangaroo’s! You’d think we were living in Aussie Country instead of what is supposed to be the wonderful US of A! Let’s make American better than ever without Kangaroo’s.

Last edited 9 months ago by Betty
Michael Jenson

It’s embarrassing, just shameful……

Eric Blake Britton

That tells me congress is owned by somebody and they are running the show



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