This is a war that never should have happened

“It doesn’t make sense that Russia and Ukraine aren’t sitting down and working out some kind of an agreement. If they don’t do it soon, there will be nothing left but death, destruction, and carnage. This is a war that never should have happened, but it did. The solution can never be as good as it would have been before the shooting started, but there is a solution, and it should be figured out now—not later—when everyone will be DEAD!”

By Donald J. Trump

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100 % CORRECT President Trump!


It’s unbelievable that there are such evil people dressed as leaders in our White House. They are not leaders of our Country but of their own privileges of self wealth and destroying anyone who gets in their way. The list just keeps getting longer. But that’s ok, we need to know who they are so we can pluck them when the time comes.


But the demons need a nuclear episode in order to cancel the election . . .

My Man Trump

It happened through weakness, or better known as FJB. This war and all the China and Afghanistan BS would have never happened through strength, DJT! Our President has been sorely missed in so many ways but one day soon we will get him back in the WH and life will be good again. FJB will still have a lot of blood on his hands and go down in history as the WORST imposter ever.

Jojo Gomez

President Trump it is a well known fact that you and Putin are good friends, and also that you had a perfect phone call with Zelensky. Do you think you can step in and stop this war? It seems like that the only way to end it quickly. We need someone with strong negotiation skills

Dan for DT

Saying someone is smart is not the same as being friends with them – just wanted to point that out because that’s what the Dems wanted everyone to believe. They are not friends.

Mark Rakow

They’re sure as hell not enemies.



Johnny Appleseed

Deep state don’t care.

They want us all dead.


Now Durham’s report says that the CIA knew 5 years ago that “Russiagate” was fake. So who can we trust? Pompeo? Haskel? nope. nope. Making sense now why Kennedy wanted to get rid of them?? He saw this day coming when elections would be fake. Is it reversible?? God, only, knows.

Gloria Hensley

The “show runners” – the elites in control, want death. 90% depopulation. Biden goes along with them (if that clone is really Biden) because he owes CCP. Democrats seem to like wars. They run the country down to inflation and/or recession, then get a war going so they can make money from it. I think that would be called a war racket. Murder for money.


Biden deserves CCP communist concentration camp treatment beaten for months starved then forced kidney extraction then his tongue then dragged around what the ccp does to the Falun gong & other Chinese immigrants he needs to have 1st hand treatment and see how to live authoritarian

R Minoglio

We need you Sir. Biden is destroying this country . The demoRATS want all the power. They are destroying our American way of life. We have no freedom. I miss back when. I want that back ASAP. Real Americans know the truth. The democrats hate America and the American people. We need you.


Spoken like a true “genius”.

Dan for DT


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