This is all about massive Election Fraud

“Everyone must remember, this is all about massive Election Fraud which took place and which the Unselect Committee refuses to discuss. Likewise, they refuse to discuss the 10-20,000 soldiers that I offered 4 days earlier to secure the Capitol. Pelosi and the Mayor of DC, who are in charge of security, turned it down.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

It is also about DJT winning 2016 to begin with. He interrupted their evil 16-year plan that started with Obama, who wasn’t even born here. In the middle east where his brother still resides. They are all extreme lawlessness, corruption, destruction and the tearing down of the constitution and everything American, especially our children and every fabric of our being. They are parasites and must be dealt with in that manner. It is most definitely us, America or them! America and “us” will live long and prosper once DJT gets done with them. He is very, very close to the end of his plan, which is has already been highly successful. Nothing can stop it. RED WAVE!! ULTRA MAGA KING will return soon. Hint: He knows 2024 is way too late. Everything that the illegitimate regime has done will be undone, except of course FJB killing our troops and allies.


This should be common knowledge by now (your offering of National guard).

Team Norm L

Yeah. Too bad it’s not true.

My Man Trump

Yeah. Too bad your Team Loser who is a poser.

Team Norm L


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My Man Trump

LMAO. Fake news and FJB have “you’re” tongue.


Crime of the Century 2020 Stolen Election by a radical leftist democrats.



Save Our United States

I believe the upcoming House, which should be won by the Republicans, has a duty to the American people to set the J6 story straight — and fix many, many other things too. We want action, not rhetoric.

The Democrats are desperate to destroy this country. Republicans BETTER get with the program because I personally blame them for letting “things” get to this point and so do many others.


Agree. Something better happen soon.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

Like what?

Penelope Murphy-Westby

“Set the J6 story straight.” How so?

In other words, what could a Republican House say about J6? Very little, really, because any witnesses would have to testify under oath, and they run the risk of perjuring themselves. For one thing, a House committee cannot investigate the 2020 election, because under the Constitution, election matters are delegated to the States. Congress has no authority in this area.

The American people realize that many criminal acts took place on January 6. No sensible (or honest) person would believe that the Democrats planned, conducted, or were behind the riot in any way. That said, I realize Republicans would like the American people to believe they were.

Unfortunately, the people WON’T believe it. They know better. And if Republicans try to hoodwink people into believing something that simply isn’t true, it’ll cost them dearly in 2024.


There was NO fraud. Donald Trump lost a fair election. The problem is that he can’t conceive that fact. We have to face up to the truth as lies only cause more trouble. It is very disturbing to read some of the comments on this page. A lot of people need help.


Not true, there’s tons of evidence of voter fraud, just no one can show evidence of it, beyond 2000 mules. You just have to believe there’s voter fraud and that’s it!


You can also believe in the tooth fairy, but it doesn’t make it real.


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Please KEEP reminding the Commie-Liberals!
MAGA 2.0!

R Minoglio

I want my country back. The way it was before Biden and the demoRATS took over.


Just leave you wil not be missed


How are things in Russia Comrade Glenn?


You can leave this web site, you want be missed nor your stupid comments.


Do you need a safe place little snow flake?

Ralph Fleming


Michael Jenson

If the fraud is not fixed what’s the point of going on to another Schandel When they can look you in the eye and just Lie with no consequence’s, they will continue to do so…..

Stalwart Republican

Perhaps you should appear before the Committee and testify – UNDER OATH – about what you know. Double dog dare you, coward.


I’d vote for Trump if he did that lol

Patricia McDermott

Ah yes, selective memory – another “specialty” of the left. Of course they turned down your offer of 10-20,000 soldiers. Can’t have those solders interfering with what the left had planned. These sleazy, vile liars are the scum of this earth. They’ll sink as low as necessary to get what they want. Get rid of them by VOTING THEM OUT!


Spot On!
Thank You!

Team Norm L

If there was such an offer, there would be proof of it.

But there isn’t any proof. So there was no such offer.
Logic 101.

jo young

we know and won’t forget but heavens, I am so damn tired of this even though i believe the dems are in their death throes.


Trump is running out of money from donations, can you please donate more to him? He’s got evidence of voters fraud but needs YOUR MONEY to prove it!!



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