This is all being done in order to hurt a political opponent

“The Document Hoax Lawsuit, which is the “Weaponization” of the Justice Department and the FBI, is yet another Scam against me, much like Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, the Mueller Report (No Collusion!), Spying on my Campaign (and getting caught!), Lying to the FISA Court, Lying to Congress, Illegally Breaking into my home in Florida in violation of the Fourth Amendment, also violating the Presidential Records Act, and so much more.

This is all being done in order to hurt a political opponent, me, who is leading in all of the polls by over 50 points against Republicans, and from 5 to 10 points against the two primary Democrats, Biden and North Korea Sympathizer Kamala Harris. They have been doing this to me for six years ever since my wonderful journey down the “Golden Escalator.” The Radical Left Democrats are out-of-control, and our Country is going to Hell!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Mac Carthy

We are going to drive you so far into the political ground that only an oil slick will be left


You are talking about the Biden Crime Family, correct?
You are talking about a Burisma oil slick right?


This is how they spend our money. This is how they campaign, trying to destroy their opponent.
They can not win on their own merits.
President Trump is their biggest threat to their agenda.
They don’t want “We the People” to have any support so they can continue to destroy us with no recourse.


No polls, anywhere, have Trump leading Biden by 5 points, let alone 10 points.

Naturally, Trump will continue to tell this lie.


Quit smoking crack with Hunter Biden and the russian prostitutes!

Wild Bill

God Bless President Trump and his Beautiful family. All of the heart aches they’ve been thru is wrong and the truth always prevails.

Wild Bill

I have to agree with President Trump. Mr. Trump is the most popular politician in modern times. And I would like to think that American’s have enough common sense to realize the truth. The folks in the white house mislead their party and everybody feels the pain of the cost $$$ of products. The message that joe joe and the democrats send to america is that ” we want to take away from you and we want to control you. A nuclear power like Putin is no pussy cat. He has the largest stock pile of nuclear weapons in the world. This is a bad situation. Wake up, bend over and kiss your ass good by? Respectfully.


Always in my thoughts and prayers President Trump. God bless you and Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸 MAGA


How sad that this is all true. What has become of our Nation where this is allowed to happen is right out of a communist play book.
We must Fight against these radical entities and put them in their place.
America belongs to We the People. We will stick together and fight this evil.
There are more of us than the fbi, DOJ, and the other entities put together.
Our intentions is based on God.

MAGA through God

Yes we must fight against this, and the BEST way is to help others get to the voting precincts. Help older or disabled or someone who can not drive. Pray for everyone to vote. We know many democrats have woken up to this awful communistic take over.
Help them all. Pray for God to protect our voting places and bring all these good people in the congress and senate.




100% CORRECT President Trump!


Biden invited violence against conservatives in his psychotic red background speech, he may seem incoherent to normal people but his mentally ill followers here his call for violence loud and clear. I suspect that’s why the Democrats knew he could speak to retards in code that sounds like dementia induced ramblings to sane people. They come out in droves using cars, guns,fists to attack conservatives, just open your eyes and look at what’s happening all over the country. He is without a doubt the most divisive and destructive president EVER. FJB and his retarded thugs.

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Save Our United States

In other news: President Trump, I recommend that you start focusing on the economy and informing the public of your strategy. Time to go on the offensive instead of the standard defensive Republican position. The economy is in worse shape than people think and it is fading fast (intentionally) and the communists are waiting, arms open. First, they will blame it on you. Second, people will vote in droves in upcoming elections for financial relief — aka handouts. The communists know exactly what they are doing and they are just waiting for the bottom to fall out. The snakes cut oil production exactly for this reason (destroy the economy) and not for their stated reason of global warming / climate change. All of this was a long term plan. Meanwhile, the Republicans have been playing right into the communists game plan spending and spending completely unaware of what is going on around them. Time to wake the hell up America. We have the world to save.

Just Me

Timing is everything. The mid-terms have to result in a Republican majority in Congress and the new Congressional term has to begin in January 2023.

Then, the first step is to build a strong, supportive, trustworthy base of Congressional support. That’s going to be almost impossible as, apparently, nobody in the Capitol is capable of not leaking everything to the news and to their opponents.

MAGA through God


Save Our United States

Didn’t the mommies and daddies of these Democrat thugs teach them that lying, cheating and stealing are naughty and that in the end the truth prevails?


The Commie-Libs Parents taught Them to Be Criminals Like THEY are!

Kreg Vergith

Anyone who is winning big by putting America First is automatically their sworn nemesis.

They have no usable policy of their own, so they manufacture charges when there is no crime.

Envy is a character flaw, and a sin, Joe and Kamala!

Pablo Picasso

Got more court papers by any chance? Justice is slow at times!


Yes, the Biden Crime family is correctly being indicted.

My Man Trump

Our country is going to hell ever since the illegitimate commie regime and the FJB crime family stepped in. The Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the FBI/DOJ and all the rest of them will get what is coming to them and no one can stop it. DJT has performed miracles for us in his very brilliant way. All in preparation to save us and this country from commies and the DS and he won. It is just a matter of time now. He has sacrificed everything for us and I love him for it. Absolute respect, boss!! MAGA!

MAGA through God

80 Million thumbs up.


the American people

Sylvia Hebert

Yes it is & how is it going to be stopped!!! Our lives are being ruined, financially & emotionally, while these treasonous creatures are in control! What has happened to our military protecting our constitution and our country? If they can’t do their jobs, then why do we have them? Please hurry and right this wrong!!!


Please be extra vigilant for your safety, we need you to put this country back on the right path, be sure you can trust every member of your security, beware of any sudden changes of any kind. The liberal bastards are beyond desperation and since they cant win on their merits they may employ hitmen, dont forget the Clinton’sand others desire for you to be eliminated to hide their corruption. I pray for safety and swift return to office. God bless you and the USA ,MAGA.


The DemonRats led by The Big Guy from Brandon Falls are absolutely terrified that you will drain the swamp properly this time, and will do anything to prevent it. Hopefully the vast majority of Americans are now seeing through the DemonRat media propaganda and will vote intelligently and patriotically when the time comes.



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