This is Democrat controlled legislation

“The Democrats are now on a new kick with their so-called Voting Rights Bill, which is a disaster for our Country and certainly the Republican Party. The problem is, good old Mitch gave away our primary negotiating weapon—the debt limit, and he got nothing for it. This is Democrat controlled legislation that will make it virtually impossible for Republicans to win elections. It is a scam, as is everything else being put forth by the Democrats. McConnell is the best thing that ever happened to them!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

You are absolutely right, Mr. President, as always. This is why we are all terrified. We cannot stop the commies and the rinos. You must come back and claim your legitimate place as President of the New Republic. Please hurry, there are our people suffering.

  1. In Person voting ONLY or by absentee ballot with a Notary Public Stamp in special instances ONLY!
  2. Proof of Identity (Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID).
  3. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Local Police and Election Monitors Must be in place and if a person commits voter fraud They Are Arrested On The Spot!
Mark Rakow

You don’t get to make those decisions.


Do something about the steal. Does anyone believe that 2022 won’t also be stolen??


100% Correct Robert!
Fix it NOW or we will be Screwed Again!

Mark Rakow

They did something about the steal. It failed on January 6.

Now, Congress will take action against those who attempted to steal it. Up to, and including, Individual 1.

My Man Trump

Yes, I am certain of it. If they get away with 2020, what can possibly stop them–Except Trump’s return NOW.


The broken old crow


in the land of the ‘wing-clipped’


McConnell needs his wings clipped Forever!


‘debt limit’, if there actually had been a working ‘limit’ (on corruption), there wouldn’t be any ‘debt’ at all

Michael Jenson

And China, What is that poor state that rhino is from, the shame of it all only difference between them and Judas is the price. Ever get the chance take what they love the most THERE MONEY….


Judas = McConnell and his chinese shipping container business!


You heard it here : DONNY says “Voting Rights… will make it virtually impossible for Republicans to win elections.
Guess that’s why Republicans are trying to squash voters’ rights all across this country.


Dino, Trump was Re-Elected! Rigged and Stolen election by the Commie-Libs!
FJB! and YOU!


And here we have an example of leftist strategy–selective editing to make a person say something completely different than what they actually said. You completely changed the meaning of the post, and you know it. Do you work for MSNBC?


And for the record, I don’t want to make it impossible for Democrats to win elections. I just want a level, fair playing field for everyone, politicians and voters, and let the best candidate win. That’s what every American should want.


Dino is a Crack head like his buddy Hunter.


You guessed WRONG


Dino = Liberal Dope Head!

Mark Rakow

Oh? So, why are the Republicans “trying to squash voters’ rights all across this country?”

Mark Rakow


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