This is far worse than anyone thought.

“Crime in our Country is escalating at a pace we’ve never seen before. At the same time, people are pouring through our Borders totally unchecked. Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States. This is far worse than anyone thought during the Fake Election!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Hey Mikie! Your ploy isn’t working here. No replies for you, paid troll. Better go “hunt” elsewhere. Breitbart sold out enough that you should able to get some gullible bites over there now. Bye bye.

Mike Hunt

YUP! No-one thought that it was possible for a few thousand Americans to turn traitor & ransack our Capitol while murdering & injuring our police. Not since the 60s have we had so many racist police murdering innocent black folk & getting away with it! Oh yeah, let me add this: ASHLI BABBITT WAS A TRAITOR & GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED!


Talk talk. How do we take action?


By voting and standing-up on a personal level for what you believe in. You dont need Trump to tell you that.

Kathryn Vass

Florida Robert, you ARE taking action. I know of two things you are doing: Reading President Trump’s statements and commenting on them when you feel so inclined! Every drop of oil we give is making the SAVE AMERICA movement run better and stronger!

Nonetheless, It does feel frustrating that we can’t do more, and that Trump can’t do more. But it’s not for lack of trying! The wheels of the gods grind slowing, but they grind exceedingly fine. Hang in there!! We all need each other! ❤️🤍💙

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We are ready, play the Trump card!


Vote Republican (not RINO) and Trump will do what he can legally on his end, to help save America.


Amen! Well Said!

Mike Hunt

Vote for the GQP aka The American Fascist Party!

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