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More of the democrat run areas shenanigans. Please someone help the people protect their vote.


How is it that Trump knows about this, or has heard this, or knows what people are supposedly being told, or that it’s “happening in large numbers,” or that it’s happening “elsewhere as well” – when NONE of this is being reported by anyone, anywhere?

No media source has even mentioned any of these things. No print media, no radio stations, no TV stations, none of the legacy netrorks, no cable network. Fox News hasn’t mentioned it, nor CNN, nor MSNBC. Not even Newsmax has said anything; not a word about any of this. Nothing.

And yet, Trump knows all about it. He’s heard it. He knows what people are supposedly being told. He knows that it’s happening in large numbers, and it’s happening elsewhere, too.


This man thinks you’re stupid. That’s why he lies to you, and is still lying to you.
The proof is right HERE. He has just proven it to you.

Have ANY of you, heard ANY of this, from ANY other source? Anyone BESIDES Trump?
Any of it?
How is it that Trump knows ALL about it – and no one else knows about ANY of it?

The fact is, he doesn’t know. He lied. He’s lying now. He lies to you constantly.
And yet, you BELIEVE it.

You’re either stupid – or a liar.
Or, you’re a stupid liar.

Patricia McDermott

I’ve heard honest media reporting about these issues. Guess you just can’t get enough of the crappy MSM lies and omissions. Or maybe you’re just another one of those sources. SMH

Kreg Vergith

President Trump knows about this because, as a concerned American Citizen, he does his homework!!
He pays attention to the events which affect our lives.
You would do well to emulate him.

The Fake news won’t cover this because they would be exposing their own lies.
They would be covering issues which they created and left to fester.
There’s no point in running a story when they already know the answers.
NEWSMAX has covered this effectively, because the actions of the “usual hot-spot” states
are so blatantly obvious, and are ignored by The Media.

Being well-informed is one of the duties of citizenship.

Since you are clearly not well-informed, you are failing in that duty.
You are not adding credibility to your position.

Kreg Vergith

Weren’t we supposed to “watch the watchers”?



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