This is massive

“So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Katie Kress

Get em ALL Mr President love ya


Yes Yes overturn the Election, reinstate our rightful President. Let’s go Brandon.

Bonnie Posner

Yes! Voters demand it!

Sarah Luu

Mr. President, YOU know, with ALL of the evidence presented ALREADY, i.e. 2000 mules, dead people voting, Stuffing machines with duplicated ballots, computer hacking, Mike Lindell’s expert’s findings,etc. that YOU WON THE ELECTION WITHOUT A DOUBT even if Biden’s laptop was undiscovered. Hopefully this will be “the shot heard ’round the world” & the election results “WILL BE REPAIRED” & YOU will be rightfully shown, as we already know, that YOU and ONLY YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA. However, You also know that they will DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER (Insanely) to null&void, lie, twist, delay,etc. with THE FULL HELP OF THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA. They ALL are really going more AFRAID and INSANE by the second. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! DESPERATELY INSANE people are completely UNPREDICTABLE with their actions. I PRAY TO GOD that this will be the FINAL STRAW that BREAKS THEIR BACKS. I try to be optimistic, but after what ALL they have gotten away with??? With ALL of my families love & respect, Sarah Luu

Pat McGroin

Mike Lindell’s expert findings?? Hahahaha. You can’t be serious! And fyi 2000 mules is a movie and not even remotely considered “evidence”

Sarah Luu

Obviously You’ve SEEN NONE OF IT & don’t have A CLUE of what you’re TRYING to discredit-DUMB5HIT!


Very classy. You and your friends can’t respond without vitriol. Sad!


Almost as classy as you when you made the statement on Donald Trump’s In Memoriam post about Ivana Trump when you said he begged for and used donation money to pay for her funeral. You’re the last person here that should be talking about class.


If you McGroin sore?
Put some Vagisil on it.

Alison Bacon

As if all the other fraud wasn’t enough! Color Revolution coup!!! All players on trial! New Nuremberg now!!!


Whaaaat? Are you quoting the voice in your head? Q? If not, then who?

Sarah Luu



I am sick of these people pulling stunts.

My Man Trump

Absolutely, President Trump. Without the FJB regime any where near the WH and all of their criminal policies and activity wiped out.


SPOT ON President Trump!
Also, DEFUND and FIRE the fbi and REPLACE the SOBs NOW!

Michael Jenson

They see what we have always seen, on louder with crowder they state they had a survey of biden voters and 17% would not have voted if they knew of the hunter laptop just saying….. just thinking about $1.20 gas and l’ve forgotten what chicken wings and ribeye taste like that would be for dinner today IF IF IF ……


Very True!

Darren Baileey

What does Hunter Biden have to do with the fact that you lost the election? How about explaining why Subia Arabia gave your son in-law 2 billion dollars. It wouldn’t have something to do with all those boxes at you flop house in Florida.


Did you see commenter Michael Jenson’s response? Many people would not have voted for Biden if they knew about Hunter Biden’s corruption with child pedophilia, etc.


Does anyone know at what point Americans are going to have to pick up the pitchforks and torches?


“WE THE PEOPLE” are getting close to that point!

Airmen Anderson

Good afternoon Mr. President, first I would have the United States Military Whites Hates & Special Forces make the appropriate Arrests in all three Branches of our Gov’t then we can have peace of mind our Vote will count!
As for the 2020 Presidential Election, I declare YOU the Winner Mr. President 1000% and I
am sure that all 80 million that Voted for YOU will agree & concur!
I would be for YOU taking back your Rightful place in the Oval Office immediately! Have a
new Historic legal Inauguration for YOU to finish out the 2022-2023 Fiscal year with our Military overseeing the 2022 mid-term & 2024 Presidential Elections with YOUR New Re-Election for Office in 2024… Amen! Mr President, Sir!

God save the Republic!


I completely agree, it’s time for the US military to step in and put a stop to this madness. The lying, corrupt bastards need to be fully exposed to all of America, then locked up for their crimes against humanity. FBI,CIA AND DOJ do not have one redeemable quality!


I heard from Sergeant ICONS, that the CIA is gone and the FBI will soon follow. It’s true I haven’t heard much about the CIA recently.


Well Said!
Thank You!

Sarah Luu

Hello Airmen!, Always love your posts. I firmly agree that the only REAL solution to the election sham (and everything else) is OUR MILITARY. I’m quite sure that President Trump has enough friends in the services to do the job, HOWEVER the “top brass” are too chicken 5hit to DO ANYTHING! (I’m sorry to have to say). Take care, GOD BLESS & KEEP THOSE GREAT POSTS COMING! Sarah Luu


This shows part of the interview where #uckerberg admits the FBI had them stifle info being shared about the laptop from hell, specifically to avoid harm to Biden before the election and keep Trump from winning massively:


Rightness holds no sway under marxist rule; if it did, what Trump suggested above would already have been done and he’d be back in the White House. The non-marxists who still have government power had better get on this and get on it hard and thoroughly. Stop letting these demons run the show!!!

PS: Sharing this here because it’s important and also relates to the election farce:

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

Hahaha. That’s crazy. Who is he supposedly quoting?

Airmen Anderson

The Law!


The law says “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential election.”?
Also, he can’t be reinstated because he didn’t give the My Pillow discount code with his declaration.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize
Airmen Anderson

Lol Wrong… You must be reading someone else’s Law FYI: President Trump, won overwhelming the 2020 Presidential Election by a Landslide & is still the Legal President of the United States indefinitely until the Office of Military Commissions finishes their Mission; under the Insurrection Act of 1807, written by President Thomas Jefferson then & enacted by President Trump, January 2021. The enactment of this Act was absolutely necessary to take out this evil corruption that breached all three separate Branches of our Republic! Thank God, Congress has been stripped from their duty. The Pentagon has been Governing covertly… Read your History Prize you might learn something… God save the Republic!


Ha Ha!


We have declaring foul regarding the 2020 election since November 4th 2020. Yet nothing has been done to right this terrible wrong. Have you done everything possible via the court system to get them to address this massive crime?

Airmen Anderson

The Federal Court System FYI has been compromised… It is the Office of Military Commissions, White Hats, Special Forces and JAG that are in Charge folks!


Roger – That!
This is because of the COUP on 11/3/2020 from the Rigged and Stolen Election!


I had to look up what JAG is. It is Judge Advocate General Corps, the military justice branch or specialty of the US Air Force, Army, coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy.


I am not really sure how President TRUMP expects to win in 2024 when he was clearly cheated while he was the sitting President?

Airmen Anderson

Enacting President Thomas Jefferson’s Insurrection Act of 1807 as President Trump did in January 2021, has given the United States Military the Power to Run our Gov’t from the Pentagon stripping Congress from their Duty. Read your History Folks, President Trump is still our Legal President, under the Insurrection Act of 1807! We the People only have to give President Trump his rightful 2021 Inauguration that he so deserves! And since these are extraordinary times unprecedented in U.S. History I am sure the Office of Military Commissions will grant President Trump Re-Election Run for 2024…

God save the Republic!

Last edited 1 year ago by Airmen Anderson

It’s Real Easy!
Stop The Election Fraud!
Make Elections COUNT AGAIN!

Airmen Anderson

We the People will need the Military overseeing our upcoming Elections, Stuart for sure… God save the Republic


Correct. We really should have had them at the ready in 2020 because as soon as the China virus hit in 2019 we all knew what was imminently coming.

It kills me that any of this is news. I know and have always known. I can tell that YOU president Trump is also smart and knew this all along. I once gave all of society the benefit of the doubt and assumed most; not all, people were smart.

Since 2016 and president Trump’s election win I had my eyes opened to the fact that there are a bunch of dumb asses walking the planet. The democrats keep on proving it every single day!

So, if I knew, you president Trump knew; I hope most Trump supporters also knew of the FBI’s corruptions you write about in this comment?

By no one doing anything the democrats are doing everything. This slow “Yeah, we did it: drip, drip, drip of admitting to their corruption after the fact and late in time is their way of easing out of the trouble they created and crimes they committed.

This is Bad People’s 101 of “doing the crime / giving it some time, and slowly admitting and forgetting. As if; somehow, time and admitting it late in history makes it all okay. The democrats and their cronies truly believe that letting time go by and not serving the time in prison is somehow their way out of trouble?

Hmm? I wonder where they learned how to do that time is forgiveness and a get out of jail free card? Maybe because no one did anything about it immediately and allowed them to get away with it because it was so long ago.

If president Trump runs and wins in 2024 we have to put all of these people in prison and you have to deport all the illegal aliens. Basically, immediate results must take place regardless of the games democrats play and will play.

If republicans do nothing immediately, you will live to see WW3.

Airmen Anderson

God forbid WWIII or even WWIV but I am sure the Left will try very hard to make WAR! Because after all they themselves declared WAR!



Richard L Nusser

As an honor to the oath to my country, constitution, my country men, I will adhere to that oath under to true God. NOT the SATANIC god that the Cabal and regime occupying our country by illicit means.

I want my elected president, Donald J Trump back in the leadership chair.

All illicit wannabes beware, DO NOT come a knocking, revolution is at hand. My patience is running out – BQQM!

Airmen Anderson

Amen Brother! God save the Republic!



Michael Fuechtmann

I’ll take both options!!!!!! How do we get that done?

Airmen Anderson

With the Office of Military Commissions, White Hats and Special Forces! The Pentagon!


Start with WINNING the House and Senate in 2022!

Linda Goodman

The Gateway Pundit NEVER links to the original source of President Trump’s posts, so very few know exists or that they can leave comments, which many wish to do. Why the omission?


“Career-Criminal Joe Biden” APPOINTED Joesph Goebbels in charge of the FAKE News!

Mary Geiger

Gateway Pundit doesn’t allow links to any other stories.


President Donald J. Trump is the one that We The People voted for… not Joe Brandon! Nor his cronies! Bring President Trump back now!


Right On!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We the People want our rightful President Trump back in the White House! Enough of these democrat scheisters and cheaters. Demented Joe zombies and woke administration of retards who are destroying our Country.
Big Tech and main stream medias had a serious hand in perpetuating the stolen election of 2020.
Demented Joe and his administration are illegitimate and incompetent.
Add to the fact the likes of Stacy Abrams was hell bent on stuffing ballot boxes with votes.
Absolute disgrace.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!

R Minoglio

They won’t do it. We must take back our country. The Biden administration is destroying us.

Melody McGuire

Yes! We want President Trump!!!


Amen to that




kick brandon out.


Escort the SOB to the D.C. Police Gulag!
Set OUR Political Prisoners of the United States FREE!

Just Me

Declaring the 2020 election irreparably compromised and having an immediate election is the way to go. No guarantee you would win; but, it would be closer to a free and fair election.


Can the FBI arrest themselves for election interference and election fraud?

Airmen Anderson

LOL! No but the United States Military can Arrest all involved and put them in a Military Brig!


Yes, also Register the fbi as SEXUAL PREDATORS on the National Website for rummaging through Melania Trump’s personal Items!

Airmen Anderson

Amen Brother!



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