This is not a time for him to hide

“So what’s Speaker Robin Vos doing on the Great Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling declaring hundreds of thousands of Drop Box votes to be illegal? This is not a time for him to hide, but a time to act! I don’t know his opponent in the upcoming Primary, but feel certain he will do well if Speaker Vos doesn’t move with gusto. Robin, don’t let the voters of Wisconsin down!”

By Donald J. Trump

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jojo gomez

It is time the people of the great state of Wisconsin know that their votes actually counted and that the true winner of the 2020 election was Donald Trump. We cannot let a rigged and stolen election stand or we the people will rise up and have trial by combat. if the election isn’t investigated and the true winner announced we will have 1776 all over again.


Please Robin Vos help the people of Wisconsin. We deserve the truth and make this right.


Any fool knows that this ruling is for future elections, not the 2020 election. What it must be like to work for the Trump organization. What Trump says is truth no matter what.


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