This is really big “stuff.”

“This is really big “stuff.” When this came out, everybody said that they were conspiracy theorists, and now it turns out to be true! Congratulations to Byron York. Why isn’t the FBI and Department of Justice doing something? This is a big piece of what they said happened, and it did, indeed, happen. Of all people, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón arrested him. Gascón could be a National hero on the Right if he got to the bottom of this aspect of the Voting Fraud, that is, after all, his job. He could change his image of being weak and ineffective overnight. He would be a hero throughout our Country. We would be raising the American flag to him. Go, George, Go!”

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This needs more press. Let’s get to the bottom of this. We the People demand it.

My Man Trump

Great job Byron York! Georgie is NOT sustainable or an upstanding person unless….He’s jumping ship. Nah, too much to hope for.

MAGA through God

Thank you, Sir, for sharing with us this “really big stuff”. The China Syndrome is an enormous concern, of their involvement in our election. We need to pray on this one.

Kreg Vergith

He would,
but another George, Soros, is throwing him too much money to ignore.

A small token case, but not nearly enough to make any real difference in his behavior.

It’s L A, remember…




WOW! A DA from LA made the arrest? That is incredible and respectable.


Hopefully they are waking up from their slumber and can see what’s behind the curtain. I pray they are putting on their shoes and doing the work that we pay them to do.


Great Job Byron York!

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