This is what happens in Third World countries

“How do you indict an innocent man, a former very successful President who is now running and leading in the polls, that every legal scholar, and virtually every “hater,” says, “Don’t do it, there is no case here?” This is what happens in Third World countries which sadly, the USA is rapidly becoming!”

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Praise the Lord we dont live in one of those communist countries where they have taken away the fundamental right for everyone to have automatic guns. We do of course pay a little price in the form of dead School children. But all good things come with a price. I am sure the parents will understand.


History will remember Bragg as a footnote at best. Treat as such.
Long live 45!

Nancy A. Daylo

This is what happens when evil people are running scared. They lash out with illogical lawsuits and threats and try to frame you with their own guilty attemmps. Look at the Hillary Hoax, the Mueller case, the two impeachments, witch hunt after witch hunt, endless harassment, trying to scare you and. your family. They are sick and sons of the devil. Liars, cheaters, murderers and drug dealers. They are all there and being afraid of you brings out the worst in them. They need to be prosecuted and put in prison. But, I guess you have to win first so you can instigate these measures. But, the CONGRESS is working on it. But, the corrupt government blocks them or slows them down. Yup! You are definitely needed.I will vote for you today! Martha Stewart always said,”It’s a good thing!” I think she meant you running for PRESIDENT. Nancy A. Daylo

Sarah Luu



100% CORRECT President Trump!
The United States is currently a communist country!
GOD Help Us!
TRUMP 2024!


We have a corrupt Justice System. We need our Military to investigate them and serve them Justice.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!