This is yet another mockery to our Country

“Isn’t it terrible that all of Andrew McCabe’s benefits, pensions, salary, etc., were just fully reinstated by the Justice Department? This is yet another mockery to our Country. Among other things, McCabe’s wife received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Hillary Clinton and the Democrats while Crooked Hillary was under investigation, which was quickly dropped, of course. What a bad chapter this has been for the once storied FBI —I hate to see it happening, so many GREAT people work there. Next thing you know the two lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, will be getting awards for what they did, and Hunter Biden will be given a clean bill of health on everything done by him, with everyone to receive as payment a beautiful Hunter Biden inspired painting selling at your local art gallery for $500,000. While I have never painted before, Hunter has inspired me to immediately begin painting because I’ve always felt I have a talent at that, and could surely get at least $2 million dollars per canvas—and probably a lot more. I will begin immediately. Our Country is crooked as hell!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Maybe we can get cackling Kamala to look into the “root causes” of all OUR problems!



John F. Brzezinski III

Tree of Liberty must be refreshed.


It’s called pure power! They do not care that we see their corruption and all the while have to be silent or get destroyed.

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Hang tough Patriots. We are presently seeing the tail end of the harvest of bad seeds sown by B&H Clinton from 1992. They are all about to go away with the whirlwind. B&H, Barack and Michelle, traitor Joe, Susan Rice, Schumer, Nancy, Fauci, the whole bunch is on God’s Radar.

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God I pray that’s true!

John F. Brzezinski III

‘God’ better be an acronym in this case…….

There will be no help from an entity that cannot intervene…..

‘Hope’ without ‘Will’ is ridiculous

All of the above listed and MORE have been on ‘our’ radar for decades……

Dolly Madison

Love you Mr. President.

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Deanna Collins

That is funny President Trump ! I know I could not afford an original canvas painted by you ~ I would love to get a copied print signed by you !!! Would that be an option ?

Dick Johnson


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With Satan firmly in control of the demoncrap party, of course America is as crooked as hell.

A Trump in the Wind

So I understand Congress is working on barring Trump from ever holding a public office again, cutting his pension & seizing all his assets. Is this true?


maybe you can paint using your ears or toes. that would double the worth of your paintings. i’d buy one for 100 and sell it for 1000000 after you get back in office. when will that be? soon i hope. we are kinda anxious to get rid of these murders and crooks. americans are getting ready to do some real stupid things and none of us want that.

Air man

There are 8700 who run the federal government on a full time basis. All are almost impossible to fire. BO put 7000 into those positions. (SES, Senior Executive Services)


I can’t believe that I never put that together: BO!!! What a perfect coincidence! Thanks for making me aware of it!


I believe SES have to offer a resignation to each new president. And that’s the time to strike.

Save Our United States

When you return to office this time, you know what you have to do — clean out the top tiers of the alphabet agencies and replace with them with honest people that follow the Constitution. Better yet, let’s be responsible, do the right thing and close the unconstitutional alphabet agencies and use the savings to pay down our debt and give hope to our future generations. The states don’t need the Federal Government telling them what to do. They have the same agencies and know what to do already.

My Man Trump

Well, Mr. President, we always knew there are double standards. I was sick when I heard about McCabe. It’s the final insult to all of us. But you are so much bigger and better than they will ever be. Don’t concentrate on the piss ants that once again got away with murder. You can take care of them later. Concentrate on the country, and of course, your art. LOL Let’s go Branden!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Bernard

Hunter Biden is no artist. His artwork is crap. I am an artist, have been since my teen years. You can see my paintings at Teresa Bernard Oil Paintings (

John Varis

How are Boards of Education going to pass their next Levy when they are fighting their parents?

Uncle Sam

Crooked! God help us to continue to know and speak the truth and resist and triumph over evil. The Lord is my Shepherd …. See also Psalm 27! If we Trust in God, America will be never be destroyed. This Sabbath pray for America, Righteousness, and Justice. Be strong in the Lord! Thank you God for giving us people like President Trump. Bless us, him, his family, and the American Constitution. Be a just witness…

Curtis Dozier

YOu had the chance to do something about this kind of thing and you didn’t. There will never be another chance. I don’t give a s..t I am too old now to worry about who I vote for.


I couldn’t agree more. Everyone knew and kept talking about how the “big steal” was going to happen and yet NO ONE did a thing about it. Except Talk. And we all got to witness the steal and are now deemed evil terrorists for noticing it and speaking out about it. And now ALL the RINOS exposed, we obviously have NO one really sticking up for us. A few you can count on ONE HAND. How sad!!! My husband and I (in the state of NV) unregistered to vote. I will NO longer waste my time, effort or energy voting in a RIGGED system. And the GOP doesn’t get it!!! How many more feel this way? I KNOW there was cheating in NV and not one person is even addressing it here. What a JOKE BIDEN has made of our country!!!! Its DISGUSTING to watch the erosion caused by such corruption placed in the WH. I am an Air Force brat, my dad serving 24 years. What a disgrace it ALL is now and I am truly glad my dad is not able to see the decent of our country. He served two tours in Nam and one in Korea. And for WHAT?? Makes me sick everyday. Too many crooked people (FBI, CIA, DOD, DOJ, DHS, AG M.G., pResident, Vice pResident, judges, prosecutors, SOS’s, and Im sure there’s more). EVEN rearing its ugly head in our school system (or what is even left of NORMAL schooling, not what I grew up with).Is it any wonder the country is in such horrble shape?? So much evil and corruption. It’s sickening. And the vaccine push MUST END!!! MY BODY, MY CHOICE.


Hang tight, I don’t think it ends this way…

My Man Trump

President Trump wanted it to happen so he could complete his greatest triumph…Draining the swamp! The swamp is too big and too old to be drained while he was in office. This whole time he has been working his plan and it will be done soon (I hope). When his plan is complete, there will be no more swamp. Don, Jr. was right…Biden is the Loch Ness monster of the swamp. LOL


I pray this is true. It gets harder and harder to keep the faith. He is only one man, albeit an AMAZING one, but still… one guy against SO MUCH EVIL?!?! I know he has many powerful allies but the DemonRats, well, they are demons. So… there’s that. But still, I pray you are right.

Milo Manx

You fail to realize that Pres.Trump was under constant obstruction. He done all he could and that was more than most.

Mr. Bloke

We should be running our cars on Banana oil.


how about water.. it’s free

Josh – Banned.Video – FreeWorldNews.TV 


Stop The Evil Great Reset NWO!!! Save America!!! – MAGA!!! #FightBackBetter – Banned.Video – FreeWorldNews.TV

Kitty Lenoir

We miss you and next time you’re in the White House, take no prisoners. Clean house and pick people you trust. Don’t listen to establishment RINO’s.

Milo Manx

Couldn’t agree more. Trump was obstructed and lied to constantly!




The cheating system is despicable !


HAVE FAITH PATRIOTS! Donald Trump has Never Ever given up! NO ONE in the history of history WINS like the man who is at this very moment standing between our Great Nation and oblivion. Remain brave and vigilant and NEVER LOSE FAITH! To say we are in good hands is understatement.


Never Ever given up? IMO he did when he walked away from the explosion and never fired the entire JCOS and swampers. He gave it all away leaving all of us holding the bag.

My Man Trump

You are right. You are 2FarGone. Have a great life.

Robert Taylor

President Trump – it is time to stick a fork into Twitter, so please join GETTR! They will all follow you!


I’m embarrassed to be an American under this administration. There’s no justice. There’s no integrity. I have lost all hope and fear for my two sons’ future. America is a joke; a third world corrupt banana republic.


Let’s go Brandon!!!

Milo Manx

Let’s go Brandon!

Mark Jagusiak

This was all planned out after you won in 2016. They had Hillary’s two terms after Obama’s to change America to China’s “democracy.” The battle now should be against Obama, who is using Soros funds with the direction of the CCP. You have to go after Obama and Soros, the two heads of the snake. We won’t last until 2022. The damage will be done. The $3.5trillion deal will fund all their community organizations, replacing Zuckerbucks with taxpayer money. It will be more rigged in 2022. The snake keeps alive til you cut off the head. .


Amen. Glad to see that others get it. Hopefully, others catch on, as well, until each of those crooks goes to jail, or better.


Corrupt weaponized progressive establishment system remains in place courtesy of coward Bagpipe Bill

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Hannah Lenfestey

You do have a plan of action, do you not? We are counting on you, President Trump.


He has to have real Republicans in control of both houses….we have to give him that for him to be able to clean up Biden’s mess. He may not run without it.


If Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller (hero) is going to lose his career/retirement for speaking his mind righteously and if former FBI Andrew McCabe (criminal) is going to receive his retirement package for being a criminal then it is time to make the list of people and companies to boycott. No doubt this will help further divide the country which is going to further divide regardless of what anyone does or does not do.

Until Republicans regain the White House this chaos will only get worse. When we (republicans) take back the White House and rid ourselves of these forever self serving RINOs we must undo the things democrats created such as McCabe receiving full benefits for the crimes he committed, the border wall, deporting all these illegal aliens, arrest and punish the criminal politicians (end the get out of jail free cards for them), and so much more.


Schiller called President Trump a liar and despises Trump Supporters. He didn’t call the ossified fool at PA Ave a liar tho’! Schiller/Shiller is NO hero.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely correct. Yet, nobody says a word anymore about Milley and the 85 Billion dollar gift our Country gave to the Taliban.
Enough with all of this corruption!

James Brannan

President Trump why didn’t you fire General Milley when he worked for you? Why didn’t you fire Christopher Wray? Why didn’t you fire Gina Haspel? Why didn’t you fire Tony Fauci? Why didn’t you fire William Barr the moment he betrayed you? Why didn’t you fire Mark Esper the moment he refused to use troops to protect American cities? Why didn’t you fire James Comey the moment you entered office? Looks like you were not so good at firing people after all. You said you were going to clean the swamp but you didn’t.


You should write the other part of your list. Do you have ANY IDEA how pervasive the corruption is, how few honest people there are in high-level America, or how many corrupt swamp dwellers Trump did fire? Let’s keep some perspective here cowboy!

James Brannan

President Trump was one of our greatest presidents, but if you don’t learn from your mistakes you cannot improve. President Trump needed to learn from his mistake and fire more people, and if he had people inside his administration that were advising him not to fire people, he needed to fire THOSE people too. He needed to recruit professionals from outside government who wanted to help him Make America Great Again instead of relying on politicos like Bill Barr. He failed in this respect. If he comes back in 2024 he needs to implement mass firings, getting rid of entire departments (Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, FBI, NSA, CIA). Can he admit he made a mistake?


We gave it to the Taliban so they could share it with China and Iran. It is ALL part of the Globalist plan.

It’s NOT conspiracy theory if it’s true!

Marlo Marinakis


Mary Geiger

Maybe someday the great people who work for the FBI will let their bosses know they don’t appreciate that what they’re doing is damaging the integrity of the whole agency, not just the FBI name.


$2 million would be a bargain for such a Masterpiece.

Sue Mckee

President Trump you are amazing love your humour that is based in reality. From what we have seen you accomplish in 4 years more than any President in 8 years. I am 💯 sure if you did a painting it would be worth way more than criminal Hunter. Thank you and we love you!


what comes around goes around their time is coming mr. president.



Craig Barrett

The FBI needs to be disbanded if our military does not take over this country than every damn one of them are guilty of treason



A Trump in the Wild

Stewie = idiot


Whoa! What took you so long to report to work today, leftie troll? Did your mommy forget to wake you up?


And as a gallery owner, I could get 50%!! If I could get that $$ fronted to me, I will start building a gallery immediately. Fingers crossed we are half as successful as the smartest person ‘ol sleepy Joe knows. Right?


Our country and our planet is in horrible shape right now. Although I believe I know some of what’s going on, I’m beginning to wonder. Not a good day for me, and many are losing or have lost faith. Thank you for all you have done President Trump… I want to also thank others that have gotten involved and especially our military people and their families, who’ve sacrificed so much too. BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!


Screw the Commie-Liberals and FXCK the Federal Government!
What a BUNCH of B.S.!



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