This is yet another SAD DAY IN AMERICA!

“Why is there so much MURDER in Atlanta? Why is there so much Violent Crime? People are afraid to go outside to buy a loaf of bread! One big reason is that failed District Attorney, Fani Willis, who is campaigning and fundraising off “get Trump” (much like the others!), doesn’t have the Time, Money, or Interest to go after the real criminals, even the REALLY Violent ones, that are destroying Atlanta, and its once beautiful culture and way of life. This is yet another SAD DAY IN AMERICA!”

By Donald J. Trump

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A snap shot of what the democrats want to do to every state. Get behind me satan.

Sarah Luu

Once a year, we, my family & I, drive 800+ miles to near Orlando FL., to visit one of my younger brothers who lives there. He & his wife work at Disney Corporate HQ & my nephew whom goes to college in Gainesville. It’s a long drive but we have always enjoyed it until now. We always pass thru the Smokes. Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg are becoming ghost towns! Lots of closed up attractions that we’ve visited for decades-SHUT DOWN! VERY SAD. Came up on Atlanta, GA. Looked like a nice modern American city from I-75, but we stopped for gas & Immediately off the Interstate, slums, homeless camps, “people” hitting crack pipes, garbage & graffiti EVERYWHERE!! I told my husband to immediately get back on the interstate & made it down to Stockbridge,( my hubbie said “you’re readin’ my mind babe!” ) where it looked quite a bit more safe, but we still kept our guard up. DID NOT USE ANY OF OUR CREDIT CARDS THERE, out of fear of cards being hacked. Drove straight thru old Macon(didn’t take the by-pass) It’s very sad to say that I didn’t think Macon could get ANY worse, but it is & has, JUST LIKE ATLANTA!!! “So Sad”. Florida was not that bad. Lots of repairs & new construction going on, I assume because of all of the hurricane damage. My brother,my sister in-law & my nephew said things have really gone down hill in many areas. Their taxes of all types have increased dramatically & they have added on new ones I’ve NEVER heard of before. A few years ago, my bro & his family had their home slowly destroyed by 3 hurricanes in a row. He(my brother) is a pretty sharp guy & couldn’t find ANYONE TO HELP. He also suffered a MAJOR heart attack & EVERYTHING that comes with it. One day he said “WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO LOSE?”, so that morning, he tweeted YOU!. THAT VERY EVENING, SOME MEN CAME TO HIS DOOR, FLASHED FED. ID BADGES, & said “WE ARE HERE ON ORDERS DIRECTLY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE & PRESIDENT TRUMP. WHAT IS YOUR STORY & HOW CAN WE HELP?” My sister in-law said that SHE almost had a heart attack & pissed her pants!!! Although your people could not help him because of some STUPID state law that ins. co.’s ONLY had to pay out 40% of hurricane losses & other BS that they made too much $$$ working for Disney, that they were ineligible for ANY federal assistance. His ONLY alternative was to do what EVERYONE else around him was doing – FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY & STARTED OVER. It’s been quite a while, but I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR TAKING THE TIME TO RESPOND TO MY BROTHER & TRYING TO GET HIM SOME HELP! I didn’t believe him at first, until I saw the papers. TAKING YOUR PRECIOUS PRESIDENTIAL TIME JUST TO HELP ONE MAN & HIS FAMILY IN DIRE STRAITS!!!! INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS. PEOPLE, THIS IS A TOTALLY TRUE STORY ABOUT WHAT THIS GREAT MAN, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, DID WHILE IN OFFICE!!! I”M SURE THAT THERE ARE MANY, MANY, MANY SIMILAR STORIES ALL OVER THIS GREAT LAND. THINGS THAT THIS STUPENDOUS MAN DID FOR SO MANY OTHERS WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE!!!! ANYONE that KNOWS OF ANY, POST THEM!!! OUR COUNTRY NEEDS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE LOVING, CARING SOUL THAT THIS MAN HAS. MR. PRESIDENT, I HOPE YOU GET TO READ THIS & ACCEPT OUR UNDYING GRATITUDE. I WISH I WAS WEALTHY ENOUGH TO HELP YOU THRU THE RIDICULOUS BS YOU ARE GOING THRU, JUST FOR US!!! ALL I CAN DO IS THANK YOU FROM THE DEEPEST PARTS OF MY SOUL FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE, NOT JUST FOR MY BROTHER, BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! Sarah L. Luu

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Great story, thank you for sharing.



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