This was a publicly stated challenge

“Has it been at all noticed that I offered to debate anybody, on television or otherwise, about the RIGGED Presidential Election of 2020. This was a publicly stated challenge—I have been called a “ratings machine,” and therefore would be good for television economics—which have not been doing so well lately. With all the bravado out there, I have not had one credible person willing to stand up and debate me in order to defend the CROOKED election. All involved, like those on the Unselect Committee of January 6th, know that it is a losing proposition for them. The election numbers are not defensible. Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and probably New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Mexico, and others were all won, and in some cases big, by a certain Republican Presidential Candidate, me. So, after one month, a very public offer to debate, I have no takers—not even the sleazebags you see on the January 6th Commission who speak with such fake reverence about the day. This is Cancel Culture. They think they got away with the Crime of the Century, and they don’t want it to be talked about or discussed. Look at what has happened to our Country, and what a shame it is!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mr President, please make it your mission to make transparent, immediately auditable elections. It’s clear the Dems cheated. Let’s stop them from ever doing this again.

Kreg Vergith

Ladies and gentlemen…

Please take this to heart:

Our Sacred Constitution was enshrined on only three pages of parchment.

If we stand by while the Radical Left rips out pieces with apparent impunity, we will literally have nothing left.

…I take that back:

They can never steal what is boldly written in the very first paragraph…something about…
oh, yeah, WE THE PEOPLE!!!

It’s the largest written script (apart from John Hancock’s autograph) in the entire document for a reason.

The will of a strong and free people will always be the determining factor in the construction and operation of our government.

We cannot, and must not, and will not, lose the very foundation of our Republic!!!

Mark Rakow

John Hancock did not sign the Constitution.

Nor does his name appear anywhere within it.

Kreg Vergith

Oh, okay.

I’ve been misinformed.

The copy of our Constitution which I studied in grade school was an obvious forgery.

Michael Quinn

Thank you so much Mr. President. I’m forwarding your message to every soul I know. All real Americans are with you 100%. I’ve even set aside a few bucks to invest in your coming corporation as soon as you go public with Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). That’s a first for anyone in our family….never been more driven and can’t wait for your return!! Thank you so much for all you do!!

Kreg Vergith

Any economists out there?

Both Gold at 1,800, and Crude Oil at 73-ish, are going up together – in the Feb contract, anyway.
They are usually negatively correlated – nor mirror images, but close.

What does this say about the Biden economy, and what does it portend?
I can envision a very quick and steep drop.

Rowland L. Holland

It requires blood.

Kreg Vergith

Fear, hence the interest in Gold, and optimism, hence the interest in Crude, cannot coexist. It’s always a Steel Cage Death Match.

It’s fascinating to watch, but maybe not to participate in.

Gregory Anderson

I agree with you Mr. President. I pray that the supreme court will hear the complaint being prepaired by the states that unlawfully certified electors. Our republic will depend on it. We need to eliminate electronic voting, go to certified paper bsllots, have 1 election day and make it a national holiday.


100% agree!

Mark Rakow

There isn’t any complaint for SCOTUS to hear. Under each state’s constitution, a specific person is officially designated and legally authorized to certify election results, a process which declares the vote totals as final and legally binding. As a result, the appointment of designated electors for each individual State occurs, which is likewise entirely lawful.

Just as prescribed, each of the officials empowered to certify the vote performed his/her duties. Based on that certification, each State’s electors were duly appointed, as each state’s constitution specifies and State law dictates.

Our republic has depended on this process for over 230 years. And, once again, the process worked just as it was intended to – whether you like it or not.

In other words, there was nothing unlawful about any of it.

Kreg Vergith

We all know about the electoral vote process works from Civics classes in grade school, Professor.
No one (that I’ve heard) is alleging any illegality in the certification process.

There are strong, and valid, concerns about how the electoral votes were certified at the state level – starting with AZ, which stem from a clearly compromised ballot count.

AZ electoral votes should have been, and could have been, discarded as in conflict, and sent back to seek a proper result (one way or the other).

Ted Cruz stood tall, and Mike Pence wimped out – likely because someone was twisting his arm.

Kreg Vergith

Okay, Hot Topic:

Any thoughts about President Trump’s running mate choice?

We would respect his choice, of course, but…

It would seem that, for a Ron DeSantis to accept ANY Federal post – VEEP, or any other, would surely be a BIG STEP DOWN from Remarkably Effective, and Easily Re-electable, Governor of the Free State of Florida.

What say you?


I think Florida needs Desantis there for now. Choosing a candidate based on their skin color or gender is, in my opinion, the stupidest and shallowest reason there is; it’s what the person would do for the country that matters. THAT SAID…I think it would be very smart strategy to choose a minority running mate, especially a woman. That would cancel out Kamala’s chance to utilize the race and gender cards, saying she hasn’t moved into the White House by that point. My top pick–not that I know anything–is that black lady who was just elected lieutenant governor in Virginia (I forget her name). She sounds conservative and sharp and could probably run circles around Kamala! No idea if she’s being considered though.

Kreg Vergith

I agree, DeSantis keeps hitting homeruns for the people of Florida.

Oh… Winsome Somes? You bet!

She really is sharp, and she could run Kamala through the wringer (I’d pay to see that!) She’s on the front lines of the Red Wave!

Kreg Vergith

She would be in sharp contrast to the Biden White House, where being a person of color, or proper gender (whatever that is these days) is the only qualification.


Exactly! If I were to apply for a job and find out I was hired only because I’m a woman I’d be insulted!

Kreg Vergith

Justifiably so!

They’re telling you that all the time, hard work, and study you’ve invested in your career – and by their extension- you as a person, have NO VALUE!

They like it!

Kreg Vergith

I’m reminded that the new Lt.Gov’s name is Sears, not Somes.

Sometimes, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

My apologies.

Kreg Vergith

Your last post just disappeared (I’m not saying that I did anything to cause that (wink!)).

Kreg Vergith

Disregard… It came back!


Michael Flynn for VP, keep DeSantis cleaning house in Florida and when he is superman then he should run for Pres

I really want to see another Trump though after Pres. DJT, and another one after that, ect…


NOBODY has confidence in our electorial process nor will they until it is fixed!!! And it appears EVERYONE IS ALL TALK!! Discouraging to see Arizona’s AG do NOTHING when so much proof was presented MONTHS AGO to the American people l and for the Entire World to see. Too MANY Rinos on the dems side, assisting them. Throwing them a life line EVERY TIME and destroying the GOP as a whole overall. How can they GOP look good when they do NOTHING about the fraud committed in the 2020 election..They should be screaming from the mountain tops and raising holy hell over it. But they are and have not. Super SHAMEFUL and not less than treasonistic behavior. NO ONE will or can trust them anymore!! And no offense President Trump, but people are learning the TRUTH about the experimental vaccine as well. The “FULLY” vaccinated are the ones getting sick and getting others sick. It is NOT good for our country. Everyone (other countries included) has gone apeshit crazy using it as an authoritarian tool to keep the people down. Its TRULY DISGUSTING!!!! Please read more about what is really happening to people ALL over the world because of these experimental jabs and STOP pushing it as your greatest accomplishment to date. Maybe it was meant to be that way, but it has been over the top weaponized and is KILLING PEOPLE DAILY!!! It isn’t going to help for re-election if you continue to stand by a FAILING experimental, at Best, vaccination (if that’s what you want to call it). Enough is Enough. People are growing tired of ALL of it!!

Kreg Vergith

The truth IS out there, and the Brnovich/Kelly Ward feud is creating nothing but problems where there were none before. Just slowing down the process and shutting off the flow of (verifiable) information to the public.
It’s embarrassing!

Vaccine and mask mandates are an effective way for the elite Marxists to remind the “great unwashed” (you and me) that we are only useful as grist for their Master Plan.

You’re right to say that John and Jane Doe are definitively saying we won’t take it anymore.

Witness the amazingly courageous parents demanding action from school boards!

Kreg Vergith

Easy Omicron timeline:

  1. Contract Omicron (it doesn’t really matter how). Talk to your Doctor if you like.
  2. Treat yourself at home – as if it were a fairly bad winter cold. Chicken soup ALWAYS WORKS!! A hot toddy isn’t contraindicated (wink). Plan on at least a week.
  3. Give your system a chance to build up natural anti-bodies.
  4. Go about living your life IMMUNE!!!
My Man Trump

Awesome idea! I like it. Nothing better than natural immunity.

Kreg Vergith

Natural is always superior to introducing a foreign substance.

No mask.
No panic.
No Fauci.


Johnny Appleseed

Here we go….









You know what…. If that shit is going to kill me you won’t have to worry about me opening my mouth in about 14 days.

And I won’t have to worry about assholes looking at me like a pariah because I don’t trust people that have lied to me over and over….


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

lmao!!! awesome


Right! From what I’ve heard, omicron should be good news…much milder variant that means covid is dying out. But of course media acts like the world is ending (yet again). If I didn’t have to be extra careful for my parents’ sake (both in their seventies and my mom is prone to bad chest infections) it would be nice to catch it and get it over with!

Kreg Vergith

The Elites’ mania of a “Winter of sickness and death” is quickly collapsing as “Everyday Americans” learn more about the virus and their deception.

It’s a marvelous thing to witness, isn’t it?

The care you provide for your Mom now, should be easily adapted to Omicron: no smoking, wash your hands, eat healthy, exercise, etc.

We wish her well.

I bet Omicron is a “one and done” thing.

WE’VE GOT THEM PEGGED (and they know it)!

“We won’t be fooled again” – Roger Daltry


Oh yes, Mom and I are both a bit OCD about germs lol (since long before covid). Wash hands often, and use sanitizers and wipes when out and about. Her favorite store is Bath and Body Works…she and I could open a small outlet with all the soaps and sanitizers, e.t.c. we got for Christmas! 😉

Kreg Vergith

HA HA! The lady has taste!

Hey, you two have been doing it right all along!

My Man Trump

Omicron (moronic if you scramble the letters, interesting uh?) is the beginning of the end of the chinavirus. The mutations should continue to be more mild until they become so weak it is not a threat. I can’t speak to what Fauci and China have planned for us next. Trump is calling out China to pay 64 trillion dollars to the world. When he gets back soon I am sure he will make that happen. Back to the important part of your reply—Your parents should be fine as long as they follow the practice of washing hands, social distancing, etc. I wish them good health and stay safe.

Mark Rakow

Trump is not going to get back soon. Or at all.

And he will not make that happen. Period.

Kreg Vergith

The all-knowing swami has spoken (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain).

Mark Rakow

I wouldn’t say “all-knowing,” but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Trump is not going to “get back soon” – and he’s sure as hell not going to get $64 trillion out of China.


Ooowh, love the hot toddy idea. Mb that’s a great prophylactic too.

Kreg Vergith

Yep, it’s a definite added benefit!

Kreg Vergith

The most-used phrase describing Biden policy:

“This just doesn’t make any sense!”.


Mr President, real time parallel audits are needed to ensure Americans have confidence in elections. I respectfully request that this be the centrepiece of your re-election platform. Fixing election corruption is critical for the nation.

Rosanne. Choate

Was announced on the radio news today that basketball players who’ve gotten the shots are dying or have died.


That’s bs

My Man Trump

Yes, I heard that too. Did you also hear the breaking news about Prize being a commie idiot.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

I agree with you Mr. President about the 2020 Election, however, the more devastating shame that has occurred is with the attacks on our Medical Science & Renowned Doctors around the World resulting in Genocide. Reports have stated that some renowned Doctors around the World are convinced that COVID-19 was none other than Operation COVID-19 that sabotaged Operation Warp Speed to try & make you look bad. Dr. Senator Rand Paul has discovered in Senate Hearings that Fauci with his Minions & the NIH funded Gang of Function research with American Taxpayer monies to ramp up a random number of 36 known Coronaviruses known for the past 65 plus years devastating World economies.

Fauci and his Minions have used every tool in their arsenal against “We the People,” plausible deniability, changing the medical narrative at whim, lacing EUA trials that are illegally called vaccines with Graphene Oxide some with Polyethylene Glycol & some batches Saline for trial purposes. To their discredit Fauci and his minions have succeeded to disgrace Medical Science, withhold essential medicines to treat these known families of 36 Coronaviruses known for the past 70-100 years. And with the help of the Bayh–Dole Act gave the green light to steal Medical R&D Intellectual Property. The Bayh–Dole Act of December 12, 1980, is probably one of many reasons why Big Pharma has become the monopoly they are today.

Vaccines are known “Immune Therapies” Dr. Judy A Mikovits will tell you. Synthetically engineered drugs don’t even meet the clinical definition of vaccines. Mr. President with all due respect the 2020 Presidential Election Steal, with the intent of Operation COVID-19 was the largest Crime against Humanity & Treason in a Century. While the fate of all Nation’s hang in the balance this Christmas season “We the People” must motion to repeal the Bayh–Dole Act , and restore the “Faith in the Promise of Science” as the renowned Doctor Judy A Mikovits, asked you in her most recent Video Documentary, the “Plague of Corruption.”

The depopulation of society by committing World Genocide… Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  

Fauci’s Critic; the Late Dr. Kary B Mullis, inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis PCR; never was designed to be a viral test… there is no test to any RNA virus outside of a blood sample if that… Rest in peace Dr. Kary B. Mullis… God save the Republic!

Quote: “There is no vaccine on the Schedule for any RNA viruses that works.” Dr. Judy A Mikovits.  Author of the Plague of Corruption “Restoring Faith in the promise of Science,” Watch her video a MUST SEE…  and her Book sets the record straight.

God save the Republic! God save the Free Speaking World!

Merry Christmas

Johnny Appleseed



Could not agree with you more!! People really need to wake up, start reading more and pass the info gained along to as MANY people as you can reach out to. And President Trump, please take to heart what the informed American people are telling you. Look into what is really going on with ALL the corruption around these so called vaccinations. They are NO good. Killing people daily. And the media won’t ever mention it or be HONEST about what is really happening. It is ALL so shameful. Our country is being destroyed!! And EVERYONE sees the GOP IS DOING NOTHING TO STOP IT!!!!! SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING!!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely correct President Trump! We need our rightful President back in the White House. The numbers and the discrepancies of the FRAUDULENT 2020 ELECTION do not add up. They “deep state” / fake news medias / big techs, are afraid of President Trump and they should be!
Every day which passes without President Trump leading our Country is a terrible day for our Country.

Carmine Gazerro

They will never except it they want to smother the truth they think if they don’t allow it to be spoken of it didn’t exist

Kreg Vergith

You can troll all you want, but as an American, and a citizen of the world, you need to become aware of, and very concerned about, the nearly fatal damage that the Biden foreign policy has already caused to our nation.

Our adversaries can see the weakness of Biden and his handlers, and they are poised to seize any opportunity to mount devastating strikes at any perceived provocation. They will not wait for them to self-implode.


They are SCARED to President Trump because they ALL Know you won the 2020 election!

Ken K

They’re injecting us all with nano technology under the guise of a vaccine so we will be dead once they activate the frequency that turns on the nano death bots.
Ask Japan. Physicist have uncovered the nano weapon.
Ask the 1000 virologist who have SUED THE CDC and have been banned who’ve said its designed to kill everyone.
Have Faucci and that kkk Nazi cUnt Hillary take a polygraph test.

Prescott Bush was NAZI
George H W Bush was NAZI
Bill Clinton KKK NAZI
Hillary KKK NAZI
Obama (Barry Sotero) Islamist NAZI

We sure could use Russia’s help to save the planet right about now because our military has been forced to genocide themselves by the NAZIS

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K
Kreg Vergith

Left = Paranoid.


I would LOVE to see that debate!! Everyone knows the truth, November 3rd was the real insurrection. Our country CAN NOT and WILL NOT move forward until November 3rd is fixed. I honesty don’t know how they can look their children and grandchildren in the eyes and feel good about themselves….no moral compass.

Kreg Vergith


Can the U.S. assure our fair-weather allies and our emboldened adversaries that the weak and delusional Biden foreign policy is an anomaly – destined for the dustbin of history?

Is our standing on the world stage beyond repair?


If no action is taken soon then, yes, it is beyond repair. Frankly, I don’t know why the masses are still listening to this damned fool in the White House. Ignore, ignore, ignore. 330 million people ignoring them and there is absolutely nothing they could do. The power they have is an illusion. It is only the power we cede to them.

Kreg Vergith


Whomever has the role of puppeteer must be watched very closely.

It is true that Joe can justifiably be ignored.

The good news is that “Every-day Americans” are standing up in protest much quicker and more forcefully than they have been.

But it’s not the time for pitchforks and torches, yet.

We are now just in “clean-up” mode for each succeeding policy debacle, which is working for now.

Patience and planning are key here, and they are something the Far Left doesn’t possess. This is to our advantage!


There is plenty of info, to prove widespread fraud, in possibly EVERY state, but especially focused in the battleground states IN the big blue cities which is the only place they could convince the even gullible of such huge numbers.
For instance:–2021-09-30–domcomplaint.pdf

Results from the first (almost) full forensic audit in Arizona, where there were far more questionable votes than the margin of victory, several times over. If even a fraction of this amount were fixed, the state would be flipped, and not won by Biden’s leftist regime. The same is true for each of the battle ground states.

There is so much to post here, I don’t know where to start, but for any curious individual, you can look up all the info, and should be able to filter out the disinfo and misinfo when they start talking about aliens, lizard people, and military tribunals “ongoing”.

But all the info about cheating in elections that has been going on for 20 years+ ? That’s all true, though it may take an hour or two for some of you to realize it’s not propaganda and anyone claiming it’s “russia or china lies” is likely a paid troll fueling the propaganda defense of the left.
Don’t shoot the messenger, just read the data, and make up your own mind!

Kreg Vergith


It’s all going to come out sooner or later.
The idea that many heads will roll is icing on the cake.

Mark Rakow

The links you posted contain no evidence of anything; in fact, they contain no credible information. For example, the link to the document of purported “true” vote counts is utterly meaningless. Vote totals in every State have long since been certified, and there is no legal nor Constitutional means available to “decertify” those totals – no matter what Mike Lindell, or anyone else, claims to be true.

As for that silly “class-action” lawsuit, since none of the plaintiffs are residents of Colorado, nor have any offered evidence of deliberate or substantive harm caused by Dominion, their lawsuit seems more than a little dubious.


you sure are a diligent troll, but at least you are consistent on keeping your account(s) straight. You are speaking the actual lie.

When around 1,000 citizens come forward and file over 1500 affidavits, you might want to REVIEW the testimonies and evidence, instead of putting your head in the sand, and pretending it doesn’t exist, or WORSE, repeat the parroted BS from those trying to hide their crime, which is exactly what you are doing.

If you WATCHED the videos, you’d find there is more evidence than you can deny in each of the battleground states, and in numbers greater than the margin of victory. It’s taking so long because of the “beyond partisan” swamp creatures working both sides of the aisle, the “team” effort of those that orchestrated the steal on a monumental scale this time, too large to be ignored, even by school children.

There is plenty of evidence here from very intelligent people doing diligent work, by the book, so it will stand the test of time and the courts.

Kreg Vergith

Thank you!

The wheels of justice grind slowly, But it’s not a good idea to stand in front of them.

Mark Rakow

I’m an attorney, and from a legal standpoint, affidavits are virtually worthless in this context – whether it be one or 1,500. An affidavit is a classic example of a hearsay document, because it cannot be cross-examined, and because it improperly shifts “the burden of proof” to the other party. In short, you’re declaring that something is irrefutably true…..and yet, as opposing counsel, I have to refute it. If it’s irrefutable, how CAN I refute it?

No lawyer I know would ever dare try to introduce an affidavit into evidence; they’d, quite literally, be laughed right out of the courtroom. Point being, it’d be a complete waste of time for me to “REVIEW the testimonies and evidence,” because affidavits are neither testimony nor evidence.

Incidentally, I don’t appreciate the suggestion that I’m “trying to hide their crime” – though this was perhaps merely a syntactical error in your phrasing. I am not currently practicing criminal law, but even when I was, I would certainly not be party to any case in which I would be asked, much less expected, to “hide” a crime. In fact, no sensible defense attorney would even try; his/her job is really just the opposite. If the evidence reveals that a crime has been committed, better to establish that fact in court FIRST, for the sake of the accused, rather than risk letting a prosecutor do so. After all, if I don’t, they surely will! Juries understand, all too well, that concealing the truth is a crime worse than the crime itself – and evidence of concealment is evidence of intent.

At least one of the links you supplied failed to open (I don’t recall which) but the mere fact that it didn’t is sufficient to make the point: Such “evidence” so flimsily and clumsily proffered – and, I might add, all from the same source – is, in fact, evidence only of flimsiness and clumsiness, and of nothing more. And given your bumptious assertion that this is “more evidence than [I] can deny in each of the battleground states, and in numbers greater than the margin of victory,” it’s abundantly clear that you’re hoping I’ll go looking for a mountain where you suggest that a molehill might possibly exist, if viewed just so – “even by school children.”

Let’s be clear: It’s taking so long, not because of any “team” effort, “working both sides of the aisle.” It’s because of foot-dragging on the part of people like you, grimly working the right-wing fringes of a silent, nearly-empty auditorium. There was no orchestra, and there is no music. Instead, just the endless, crude, unfunny jokes from a third-rate clown, demanding applause and peevishly refusing to leave the stage.

As for these “very intelligent people doing diligent work” and “by the book,” perhaps they should consider a law school textbook. The first few chapters alone would truly stand the test of time.


Seems like Mr TRUMP is actually just upset that no major media outlet, right or left, will give him any kind of platform for his election fraud rhetoric. The network “interviews” Mr TRUMP does get restrict the topics he can discuss. His forum lately has been a series of obecure podcasts, etc.

Ken K

Dean is a gay twurp


Ken K is a permanent psych ward patient

Kreg Vergith



Dean = Joseph Goebbels
FJB! and YOU!


Little foul mouthed, name calling, low IQ Stuart is desperately crying for any form of acknowledgement. Merry Christmas.

My Man Trump

Stuart doesn’t have to be desperate, he is constantly acknowledged. You, however, are merely tolerated because for some reason DJT approved you to be here. Go lick your wounds and be quiet while the adults are talking. Per Stuart…FJB! and YOU!


Ho-hum. Yawn. Same old leftist thought process. Dull and boring. For just a scintilla of a second could you attempt to be intellectually honest with yourself? The fact that they are restricting his discussions are very telling in and of themselves. Don’t you find that odd as well? Why would he be told what he has to say or not say?


Fox will not allow Mr TRUMP any coverage beyond taped “interviews” that contain no mention of Mr TRUMP’s election fraud conspiracy allegations. This is done to avoid legal actions against the network for knowingly advancing false allegations.

Kreg Vergith

CYA is clearly more important than broadcasting the views of someone they despise.


You are a textbook case of a misinformed leftist, spreading misinformation. But it’s nice to know Trump lives inside you Forever.

Kreg Vergith

In spite of it all,

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!!

Kreg Vergith

One by one, more Fake News commentators are learning that signing up to be a Biden sycophant was not a good career choice.


How can there be a debate when all you guys do is keep throwing crap against the wall hoping something sticks of significaance but it never does!!!

Johnny Appleseed

Awe…. Gwen is upset….

Well how do you like your completely neutered Faux Pas???

Sure you can put a resident in the White House….

We can also resist the cabal….

You “won” now you have a paper champion, a bullshit agenda…






Neither do Appletinis

Johnny Appleseed

Neither do Gwennuttlesses….

Johnny Appleseed

Nice… you admitted there was cheating….


Careful the position of words.


To our wonderful President. Please Mr. Trump, drop this so called “vaccine” BS, we’re not taking it, we trust our own immune systems far more that we trust the likes of a Gates or Fauci, or the likes of NGO’s that only look out for one another!

Stop trying to defend the Jab, we’re not taking it, we’ve seen the death and pain it has wrought on our country and others around the globe.

You are hurting your credibility by claiming the rights to getting the vaccine out in record time, a vaccine that was already available ten years prior to the CCP Bioweapon. (does this not strike you as odd?)

Get rid of the “Yes Men” that surround you, these DC “Bubble Dwellers” are a cancer on all of us!

Does this not raise red flags in your mind? It does ours, and the fact that the Marxist DNC are attempting to capitalize on your comments should be enough for you to realize they’re using your own words to discredit you.

Do you know why they’re doing this? Because they know something, those around you aren’t telling you, that your base is done with this CCP BS, and here you are trying to defend the indefensible.

As the great Bob Newhart once said, and I quote, “Stop It, Just Stop It!!!”

We love and appreciate you immensely, but move on from this, your base despises everything about this glorified cold.

Yes, I, as well as millions of others suffered when it first hit the States, months before any of us even knew of it’s existence, yet we lived without issue because we have something no vaccine can beat, the human immune system developed by God, not the likes of the lowly, phony scientist, Fauci.

Point is, drop it and lets stick to the important issues of the day, getting our wonderful country back.

Sincerely Tom/Solar

Kreg Vergith

President Trump has always said “Get it, don’t get it. It’s your choice, but I recommend getting it”.


If he does an about face on the vaccine, the media will be on it like white on rice. They use it against him and attack him the likes of which we’ve never seen. He needs to remain exactly where he is on it and just continue offering people a choice.

Rosanne. Choate



Others may be on to something as well. Video explanation at about 30 mins.

EXPLAINED: Why Is President Trump Pushing The Poison Vaxx?


To our wonderful President. Please Mr. Trump, drop this so called “vaccine” BS, we’re not taking it, we trust our own immune systems far more that we trust the likes of a Gates or Fauci, or the likes of NGO’s that only look out for one another!

Stop trying to defend the Jab, we’re not taking it, we’ve seen the death and pain it has wrought on our country and others around the globe.
You are hurting your credibility by claiming the rights to getting the vaccine out in record time, a vaccine that was already available ten years prior to the CCP Bioweapon. (does this not strike you as odd?)
Get rid of the “Yes Men” that surround you, these DC “Bubble Dwellers” are a cancer on all of us!

Does this not raise red flags in your mind? It does ours, and the fact that the Marxist DNC are attempting to capitalize on your comments should be enough for you to realize they’re using your own words to discredit you.
Do you know why they’re doing this? Because they know something, those around you aren’t telling you, that your base is done with this CCP BS, and here you are trying to defend the indefensible.

As the great Bob Newhart once said, and I quote, “Stop It, Just Stop It!!!”
We love and appreciate you immensely, but move on from this, your base despises everything about this glorified cold.

Yes, I, as well as millions of others suffered when it first hit the States, months before any of us even knew of it’s existence, yet we lived without issue because we have something no vaccine can beat, the human immune system developed by God, not the likes of the lowly, phony scientist, Fauci.

Point is, drop it and lets stick to the important issues of the day, getting our wonderful country back.

Sincerely Tom/Solar

Kreg Vergith

President Trump has always said “Get it, don’t get it. It’s your choice. But I recommend getting it.”.


Sleepy Joe and CNN are on Santa’s naughty list this year 😴 #fakenews

Kreg Vergith

It’s easy to speculate that, given the aftermath of the ’20 election, many State legislators, Governors, State AG’s, election officials, and courts (including SCOTUS) were intimidated, or blackmailed, or just plain bought off, in an effort to throw out the valid results.

God bless Rudy and his team. The truckloads of sworn affidavits and proven evidence they have collected are still ready to be presented.

“Dismissed for lack of standing” won’t cut it.

Mark Rakow

There aren’t truckloads of affidavits, unless of course it’s a Tonka truck; there were approximately 400. However, affidavits aren’t proof of anything. I can sign an affidavit, swearing my next-door neighbor is a Martian, but that doesn’t mean it’s true – nor does the affidavit make it true. It’s only “true to the best of my knowledge and belief.” Therefore, strictly speaking, it’s only an opinion.

“Dismissed for lack of standing” is a legalism in all 50 States (with slight variations in wording) and it is perfectly legitimate. The intent is that any lawsuit brought by someone who is not a direct actionable party to the case has no standing, and cannot proceed. If the case is dismissed “without prejudice” – as many, if not most, of Trump’s cases were – it cannot be appealed, and cannot be refiled, under any circumstances whatsoever. Such a case is often referred to as a dilatory or nuisance lawsuit. A waste of time, in the view of the court.

I’m sorry, but that’s how it is. I’m an attorney, and these are the facts.

Kreg Vergith

Knowledge and belief are not necessarily synonymous with opinion.
An affidavit is considered equivalent to sworn testimony – with penalties for untruth or deception.

A great many of those who filed affidavits, as with other direct actionable parties, are also willing and eager to testify under oath, so there are many ways for citizens to present their case.

That’s what is most important here.
There’s always an avenue of appeal somewhere, and sooner or later it will happen.

Consider the truckload of ballots which were transported from New York to Pennsylvania in the dark of night and then mysteriously disappeared.

I can think of no instance where determining the outcome of a free and fair election would be considered dilatory or nuisance.

Mark Rakow

True enough; as you said, an affidavit is “considered equivalent to sworn testimony.” An affidavit, like sworn testimony, can be used as evidence, but it’s just a single piece of evidence. However, by itself, that piece of evidence doesn’t prove, or disprove, anything. What’s more, subsequent testimony, if any, offers no additional evidentiary value. In other words, one’s testimony does not prove one’s affidavit, nor vice versa.

That said, one must be extremely cautious in giving testimony regarding an affidavit. Even a slight discrepancy between the two can be enough to destroy the veracity of the statements, and the credibility of the witness.

Legally speaking, however, the fact remains. Whether it’s sworn testimony in court, a attested statement like an affidavit, or a deposition conducted under oath, it’s still just a statement of what a given person believes to be true. But, again, it doesn’t mean it IS true. Without independent, admissible, corroborative evidence – bearing in mind, of course, that not all evidence is admissible – then an affidavit is of relatively little value.

Kreg Vergith

One affidavit, or one party’s testimony, while surely not definitive of the entire case, is illustrative of one aspect of the whole.

Other elements of testimony, in any admissible form, would illustrate other elements.

And yes, there are those who will lie in an affidavit or deposition, to their own peril.

Assuming that the attorneys bringing the case have done their due diligence in preparation, corroboration may amplify other testimony, and open doors to other elements, which would then, ideally, be corroborated themselves.

Should any party give testimony inconsistent with another form of evidence (affidavit, deposition, etc.), it would be thrown out, likely with some penalty for the witness and their counsel.

Each element is one link in the chain, and the standard tactic would be to pile on as much supporting evidence as possible, should some element be ruled inadmissible.
To most accounts, President Trump and his team could wallpaper the courtroom (grain of salt…).

The most difficult step will always be to simply have a case heard, and not summarily dismissed out of hand.

All President Trump and his legal team are asking for is a fair chance.


Packet Captures!!
Try again Esq

Johnny Appleseed

The truth is they were so flabbergasted that anyone actually said anything they were scrambling to stop their heads from detaching at their shoulders unwillingly.

There has been a white elephant in the room since I was born.

Vote cheating.

We all knew it was happening. We all know about the under the table sums of money out there to guarantee an out come.

A lot of us have known all our lives…. But neither side was willing to address the problem because both sides saw it as their little ace in the hole.

Then they became pals and didn’t give a rats ass about the American people.

And they count on someone from the group to sabotage any and all investigations into the cheat.

This is deeper than just a few politicians.

The has little jerks running around being trolls making everyday good people look and feel stupid for catching on to anything at all….





You may believe 400 blah blah blah don’t mean nothing it’s no big deal….




Kreg Vergith

Circular arguments do no more than redirect a narrative, piss people off, obscure where you actually stand on an issue, and indicate a dearth of relevant evidence.

You’re making our case!

Kreg Vergith

The above reply was actually meant for Mark Rako (errant mouseclick).

Take it from there, Hoss.

Johnny Appleseed

Write it off as friendly fire… I do it myself sometimes. No skin off my nose.

Kreg Vergith

I won’t have to “stand in the corner and think about what I’ve done”?

Johnny Appleseed

I keep getting told by my kids they are scared of Trump supporters.

The guys I know (that do know how to fight and have been in fire fights) don’t want anything to do with a blood bath. They will fight if they have to, but will bend over backwards to avoid it. They will bite their pride and shut up. They will walk away. They will watch as their kids destroy the nation… all to avoid the fire fight.

They will wear the piece of shit badge until people actually see they ain’t. They will get ridiculed and called names and have shit pushed on them.

They will work hard and sit in corners by themselves while assholes run and play making their lives hell…

They will bleed and sweat hoping for their loved ones to pull their heads out of their asses spending their existence one day at a time praying to God to remove the veils placed over their people’s eyes to see the things that are important…

Birthday parties not the presents.

Christmas not the food and gifts.

Time as opposed to stuff.

Peace as opposed to fighting.

Thanksgiving instead of gluttony….

And they won’t be wore down.

Those horrible no good Trump supporters….


God bless them.

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Kreg Vergith

Jus’ sayin’…:

Perhaps a scholar of the collected works of Karl Marx could help us skip ahead a few pages – before the next steaming pile of Biden policy.

Everyone with a lick of sense knows they’ll continue their destruction of our nation from the inside out if we don’t expose them and remove them from positions of authority.

They are doomed to defeat in ’22, but God knows what damage they’ll do before that!


Mark Rakow

Republicans are widely expected to take control of the House. But that doesn’t accomplish a helluva lot. Democrats will probably continue to hold the Senate, and could even flip one seat; namely, Pennsylvania. Republicans are not likely to flip any seats, although in recent days, there’s been talk of flipping one of two seats in Arizona (Kyrsten Sinema.)

Many Republicans believe Herschel Walker will prevail in Georgia, over the incumbent Rev. Raphael Warnock, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Herschel is popular, but he’s far from a shoo-in; other than his name, he has no real legitimacy, and obviously, no experience. That race is likely to, once again, go to a January runoff.

Incidentally, for what it’s worth, new electoral laws passed in Georgia in 2021, includes a Act containing a single sentence that is 907 words long. To say that it includes everything but the kitchen sink is to miss the point.

Kreg Vergith

Um… pessimism is contagious.

The good news:

Sinema will soon be gone.

The AOC and the SQUAD will soon be gone.

Nancy will relinquish the gavel.

Chuck will have to go back to…whatever he was doing.

Warnock will be seen for what he is, with other Leftist reactionaries.

Herschel Walker and other “inexperienced” candidates may be just what is needed to dislodge entrenched RINO’s from their cushy jobs, or to enlighten them, at least.

Take comfort in small victories, and the large pivotal victories will follow.

Problems can often be more clearly seen and solved by an “outsider”. Witness President Trump’s monumental success!


I’ve just seen your name pop up the last few days, so I’m guessing you’re a newcomer here…welcome! Just so you know, Mark isn’t being pessimistic; he’s a Trump hater. You’ll get to know who’s who on soon I’m sure! I hope you’re right about the midterms, though I can’t see AOC going anywhere; how could a Republican ever get elected in her district? Would be great to see her go, though…she is a complete raving socialist!

Kreg Vergith

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Yep, the Trump haters have already revealed themselves in SPADES!!
Eh, they’ll tucker out soon enough.

One would hope that her constituents will see the destructive folly of Fascism for themselves, and then seek a more rational person to represent them. A republican can then start on at least a level playing field, or even with an advantage.

It’s definitely not just a pipe dream!
It can really happen in a resounding success!

AOC was tagged early on as a petulant teenager playing dress-up as the people’s representative. She’s not all that smart, either.

Mark Rakow

AOC will not “soon be gone” and, for the most part, neither will The Squad. In most cases, they represent overwhelmingly Democratic districts.

Kyrsten Sinema might soon be gone – or not. A lot can happen in 10 months.

Chuck Schumer is up for reelection in 2022, but in his last three Senate races, New Yorkers elected him with 71%, 66%, and 70% of the vote, respectively. It seems likely he’ll win a fifth term – probably, quite easily.

Meanwhile, Georgians will see Senator Warnock as they will, and they’ll vote accordingly. In August, he was polling slightly ahead of Herschel Walker – who, at that time, was not yet a candidate.

As for Donald Trump, I would hardly call a twice impeached, one-term president a “monumental success.” Obviously, you do – which is your prerogative.

Kreg Vergith

We should not hope for an earthshaking epiphany, but sooner, rather than later, the people, and those whom they elect to represent them, will see the dangers of Fascism, personified by Chuck, Nancy and AOC, and seek to destroy it by voting out those who espouse it.

President Trump was impeached twice, and cleared twice, and yet the “investigation” still continues.

That speaks to the true nature those who brought the charges – not those of the defendant.


It’s time to start ignoring them. In my own little way I rebel. In NYC where I am, masks are mandatory, yet I refuse to wear one and I go about my business without it. I have been asked to leave places but I don’t. I just ignore their moronic “mandates” not laws, and live my life on my terms and what’s good for me. I think everyone should start doing that. From those dozens and dozens of cargo ships sitting out in the ocean waiting to unload, to airline travel, to all services that have been denied to us, these corporations and businesses have to come into dock, ignore any restrictions and start their businesses up and running again . Do what’s best for the company and it’s stockholders, and the citizens of this country….not what’s good for the DS and Biden, the commander in cheat.

Kreg Vergith

Good for you!
That sentiment is growing quickly thanks to your courage.

Masks are a not-only-symbolic way for the Elites to SILENCE YOUR VOICE and

Right from the Karl Marx playbook, the idea is to deprive the populace of the things they need the most, so that they will be grateful for the (likely inferior) things given by the Government.

And, the only mandates I follow without question were literally carved in stone a very long time ago, and still have the same meaning and truth today.



I’m Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, the Arizona Senator endorsed by Trump because I’m fighting to audit the 2020 election and create a culture of audits nationwide. I need your help- to decertify the fraudulent results from 2020!

So much coming out now- problems in Wisconsin, problems in Pima County AZ, and now- problems revealed in Pennsylvania!

You recall PA? When President Trump was up over 600,000 on election night?

Where Philly excluded observers, even when ordered to allow them by the U.S. Supreme Court?

Now we have receipts.

According to Liz Harrington:

In Philadelphia County:

792 out of 1,703 precincts had more votes than voters

These precincts account for 346,484 votes for President

It is against the law to certify these results without an investigation, which has not been conducted

It is literally illegal to certify an election in Pennsylvania if the books don’t match. And the quantity of precincts where the impossible took place, make it clear: PA should never have been certified.

Philly and Pittsburgh were problems, and everyone knew it, in 2020. And lo and behold, the numbers don’t match up!

PA law provides for the election not to be certified. We should decertify!

People don’t understand how bad this problem is- how flawed the system is. The laws are too weak. We need to strengthen the laws, audit 2020, and decertify every state with problems. 

This is just why we need audits to uncover the fraud. Help us decertify the fraud! 

Fraud will continue if we don’t stop it. Will you help me beat the fraud by contributing to my campaign?

Thank you so much,

Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (ret)

Arizona State Senator

Arizona’s 6th Legislative District

P.S. George Soros and the leftwing billionaires are going to target my district again with millions of dollars in attack ads like they did last time. Will you help me fend off the attacks by contributing before the end of this month?



Wendy Rogers is a retired member of the Air Force. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.


Seriously, you’re asking for money to “investigate” fraud claims that have been proven false many, many times? Most people don’t have extra money for food, much less to give to a conman or woman. You are a shame to whatever uniform you wore.

Ken K

You’re an idiot. Trump Won.



Mark Rakow

You have no proof that Trump won. Which is, itself, idiotic.

Rowland L. Holland

If you think that you ought not go round calling people idiots.

Rowland L. Holland

Not correct. If one wins, they are good, if one loses and did not cheat, they weren’t trying hard enough. That’s from the biggest Trump fan in the world, so …… yeah, it’s gonna take blood, now.


Your NO Prize!
Quit smoking crack with Brandon and Hunter!

Johnny Appleseed

Never proven false… been waiting for the proof it was false…

Have not seen one iota of proof it was false… saw with my own eyes there had to be something…


Proven false?? By whom?

During Trumps Presidency people were starting to have extra money. Due to his great economic policies.
The President we have now is intentionally causing pain to poor people throughout the nation in many different ways.

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It is PLAIN to see Arizona was RIGGED with the recent audit!
Decertify Arizona and let’s move on to the OTHER Rigged States!

Mark Rakow

The recent audit did no such thing. The Arizona Republican Party is merely obfuscating, doing nothing, and sticking to their talking points. After all, the results were known in early July, and were officially released in September.

It’s now December – and what’s happened? Nothing.

And what’s going to happen? Probably, nothing more. Because, for all practical purposes and from a legal point of view, the state Party knows the truth. It’s over. They tried, and failed. There’s nothing more they can do, and nothing more that can be done.

Trump lost the state. He lost the election.
End of story.

Mark Rakow

What Wendy Rogers doesn’t know – or, perhaps, she pretends not to know – is the following:

No State’s election laws allow for “decertification.” If they did, frankly, why would certification be necessary at all?

Certification exists for a reason: To prevent continuous challenges by losing candidates and/or political groups, including political parties. In this case, of course, that reason is both relevant and abundantly clear.

As a result, there is NO legal remedy nor process, not in any State, to rescind, invalidate, retract, expurgate, correct, alter, nor otherwise change election results, once they’ve been certified. As a process, certification is legally binding, thus making the results official and final.

What’s more, under existing law, no State legislature can act to “decertify” results. That might seem odd, but it really isn’t. Legislatures simply don’t have that authority, because certification is a process held within, and a power given to, the Executive branch in each State.The Legislative branch can’t just strip that power from the Executive branch.

I am aware of a formal intent to present these facts to Ms. Rogers, in order to ensure, both legally and officially, that she’s been so informed. After all, perhaps she really doesn’t know.

If not, she will – and that quite soon.


What does she need money for exactly? Not sure how these two things relate to one another. Anything she does regarding the audit is in government time and is paid for by us already. I applaud her efforts tremendously, but trying to get “campaign “ funds makes her efforts look disingenuous.



My Man Trump

Sir, they will never debate you. They are running from you because they also know the truth. Please, Sir, you have the definitive proof–Present it to the world and let’s MAGA. We are waiting…..

Rosanne. Choate

Yes, we are waiting on our real President to clear the illegitimate regime with the Lord’s help. Some of us can’ t help financially with the decertification.

Mark Rakow

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. Trump has “the definitive proof,” and yet, he hasn’t presented it. Not “to the world,” nor to anyone in it.

Why not?

If he has this “definitive proof,” why has he kept it to himself? After all, the man never shuts up.

Kreg Vergith

Neither President Trump, nor anyone else has any obligation to hand evidence to you directly.
The courts will eventually hear cases, and that is where all this will be decided.

Mark Rakow

The courts hear cases that have merit, legitimacy, and standing.

However, since Trump’s claims have none of these, don’t hold your breath.
They also lack credibility, because Trump has none – and he has no credible evidence either.

Kreg Vergith

Blanket statements regarding as yet unseen and unpresented evidence.
Good practice!

Not part of the solution – it’s part of the problem.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Mark, just a little FYI We the People are at the mercy of our great United States Military while the Office of Military Commissions JAG conducts Military Tribunals, in accordance with President Thomas Jefferson’s Insurrection Act of 1807 that was invoked by President Donald J. Trump January 11th-14th 2021. Giving the U.S. Military the sole power to run this Country and that is exactly what is happening. The Military has all the evidence Mark not President Donald J. Trump. And there will be no Federal Court hearing any Case in these matters on a broad scope other than JAG. When the Pentagon says the Word then and only then will we the people hear from President Donald J. Trump and that could take some time… And just in case you weren’t watching in April 2021 the United States Military released the Election Crime evidence for all to see at the 2021 Cyber Symposium. So stay tuned JAG is making progress substantial progress & there is more to come… Godspeed… Merry Christmas…


You lost, 65 court failures to prove it, the whole world knows. No evidence of fraud. Dream on.
no one will debate you as they don’t want to give you airspace with your lies.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Pip FYI the 65 Court Cases you’re referring to might have been 62 that Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr., decided for SCOTUS not to hear that was a blatant miscarriage of Justice & denied a sitting President of the United States & his Voters Due Process of Law. All the States (Military’s) evidence was right before SCOTUS & Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr., knew it. So you might want to ask why Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr., not have SCOTUS hear the cases, because the Man was paid off by none other than George Soros and his Minions as reported. SCOTUS could have given the whole World a Civics lesson in Justice and save the day but failed to do so. SCOTUS failed we the people miserably & failed their own Oath to defend & uphold the United States Constitution. Sixty Two Counts of Legal malpractice Criminal Obstruction of Justice. The Office of Military Commissions JAG I am sure is on it. God save the Republic God save the Free speaking World.

Merry Christmas

Kreg Vergith

I love every brave man and woman who serves to protect our country, but…

Should they be charged with handling the aftermath of our elections?

You know how militaristic regimes usually end up…


Why doesn’t Mr TRUMP go on TV and an “empty chair” debate & proudce all his undeniable proof of election fraud.
That would be viewed by half the country.

Mark Rakow

Why, indeed?
Because he has no such proof, nor does he have evidence of election fraud.

Rowland L. Holland

That’s the only way, cause than “We the people” might stand up. But, again, it will require blood.


Oh ye of such little FAITH!

There’s much more going on behind the scenes most of us will never know about, but we can see it exploding all across the world.

You have opened the eyes of many by bringing to light by setting back the globalist elites plans 100 fold and forcing them to expose themselves through their relentless efforts to destroy you and shut you down.

People were rising up across the globe while you were in office, and now as the fascist faces of these globalist wannabe masters rear up against their citizens trying to secure reign of power over them through their dictatorial mandates all the while ignoring the International Laws and Treaties governing them, the people in the Compromised States and Sovereign Governments like Poland and Hungary fight back, and possibly bringing about the demise of the EU and putting the power and authority hands of the people where it belongs to govern as they see fit.

This ain’t going to be easy, and it only gets worse before it gets better (kinda like the flu I just got over), but we’ve got your back, and those that don’t well quit yer yappin and move along then.

You’ve got this President Trump, ROCK ON!!

Johnny Appleseed



Well said, straight and to the point. No equivocating here.


Let’s Go!!!!!


Yes, they “think” they got away w it. We’ve patiently been waiting for you to pull the plug, -drain the Illuminati swamp! Btw: we’re sick of the Republican Party machine. More than half are RINOS. We know that both parties are corrupt! They don’t know how to serve the American people anymore. They serve themselves, Satan, and Demons. We need a patriotic party for the people, that take the power out of the hands of the govt.

Rowland L. Holland

Yeah, but this is why he don’t get the chair back.

Kreg Vergith

Note that, at last count, 23 Dem House members are, at least considering retirement, rather than face the wrath of voters in ’22.

They have been exposed as cowardly idealogues.


You’re going to need a change of course regarding all things vaccines. You already know that. Get Dr Z back on the line, Navarro, Bannon. They all know this shit’s gone south on Warp speed. How come you don’t? At the very least..Stop yappin about it

Johnny Appleseed

He did what he had to do.

If he didn’t force them to come out with a vaccine as fast as possible millions would be dead.

The plandemic would last 10 plus years.

It would have moved so slowly we would believe it in our bones.

It ain’t President Trump’s fault people would rather believe some gooberment official even though their friends are saying they would rather wait it out.

It’s not President Trump’s fault they said it was “99% SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!!”. He can only go by what he is told…. AND WE ALL KNOW THE LYING PIECE OF SHIT BIG PHARMA SCUMBAGS LIE!!! HOW MANY HAVE WE BURIED IN THE LAST 20 YEARS USING THEIR POISON??!!

Don’t be a fool.

Trump played the cards he was given.


Every time I hear him say “We came out with a vaccine it’s a great vaccine… I think people should do their research and make up their own minds”, I hear “sure we got the same shit they advertise on television that will rot your nuts and make you go blind but your asshole won’t stink you may want to use your own brain do you want to touch a hot pot…. Over and over??”

But hey… I guess with everyone needing crayons and construction paper…

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Agree totally. Isn’t it odd how people keep blaming Trump for this when clearly CHINA should be the one on the global stage that takes the barbs for this Wuhan virus. Where is the outcry to China? Where is it? Why aren’t they held accountable? Everyone keeps lambasting Trump for his efforts and China laughs all the way to the bank. Such distorted and misplaced anger. It’s disturbing.


If we do not clarify the cause of the fraudulent elections and eliminate the cause, the fraudulent elections will occur again and again.
Then America will be devastated
This moment is a turning point, and we should tackle this problem with all our might.

Here, we will establish a mechanism to operate the election correctly.

For example, confirmation of ID, prohibition of mail voting, etc.


exactly ZERO electronic voting systems, paper ballots will do just fine. Get Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on the case, and never allow any point in the election system to fall to a single point of failure ever again. Nor any other part of government for that matter.

Mark Rakow

Voter ID only prevents voter impersonation, which is exceedingly rare. This is why it’s often called “a solution in search of a problem.”

Much more importantly, Voter ID violates both the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The Fourth, in that it’s an unreasonable search and seizure of an individual’s personal effects. In other words, the government has no reason to believe I’m not who I say I am. No person is required to carry an ID, nor even display one, because no law requires anyone to prove their identity to anyone. Not even the government.

By the way, when a police officer asks to see a driver’s license, it’s NOT to prove identity. It’s to confirm authorization to drive – although it can be, and is, legally used to determine whether one has any outstanding warrants, is a “fugitive from justice,” etc. Displaying an ID at a liquor store is to confirm age, not identity, age being the determinant upon which the store can legally deny the sale.

Voter ID also violates the Fifth Amendment, and in two different ways. First, it implies, for each potential voter, a criminal intent (of fraud) before the fact (of voting.) Second, it requires individuals to prove their innocence without even having been accused of a crime – in fact, before there’s even evidence of any crime at all. In other words it’s, literally, the criminal justice system operating in reverse. It’s not up to the accused to prove their innocence. Instead, it’s up to the state to prove their guilt. Needless to say, if there’s no crime, there cannot be an “accused.”

As for prohibition of mail-in voting, that’s how hundreds of thousands of members of the military vote. Are you really going to deny them their right to vote? By the way, allowing mail-in voting just for the military violates the Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment; it establishes a separate set of rules, which isn’t allowed – not even for the military. Meanwhile, there are also untold thousands of people who legitimately, legally, and routinely vote absentee, which is a mail-in vote. Denial of their vote is likewise unconstitutional under the Fourteenth and Fifth Amendments, for the reasons outlined above.

Kreg Vergith

You’re making our argument for us.

Simply being asked to display a valid photo ID is not search and seizure.

Any Law Enforcement officer will tell you that determining a person’s identity can often lead to the discovery of a lengthy criminal record.
That can be a critical factor in the Officer’s safety, and it must be investigated.

All persons of legal age ARE required to possess valid ID.
A driver’s license shows both identity and authorization to drive.
If you are who you say you are, and your record is otherwise clean, you can take your traffic ticket with a smile, and both you and the Officer can go on with your day.
Otherwise, authorities can use other ways to determine who you are, and why you would want to hide or obscure your identity. It’s a public safety issue.

Voter ID implies no presumption of any guilt in any matter.
It simply shows who you are, and that you are eligible to vote.
It says nothing about your politics, or your view of the world.
Voter ID cards provided by your state election commission give extra verification.
State ID cards for non-drivers can easily be obtained at the DMV or other state offices.

Mail-in voting can be the only option for some who cannot physically stand in line at a polling station.
Thankfully, many charities and other groups routinely provide transportation for those who need it.
No excuses.
For those serving our country overseas it is an important lifeline to the democratic process.

Granting one group the additional method of voting does not take the right to vote from anyone else.

It is also the aspect of voting which is open to the most manipulation.
Voter ID can quash a lot of that, as well.
The concept of ‘one person, one (legitimate) vote’ has always been the foundation of our Constitutional Republic, and, despite a few glitches along the way, it works very well if conducted fairly.
That’s all we’re asking for.

So, stand in line if you can, show a valid ID, vote your conscience, get an “I voted” sticker from the poll worker, thank them for their hard work and dedication, and know that you have performed your duty as a citizen (that’s in the Constitution, too).


Mark Rakow

Several of your statements are inaccurate, or misleading. And some are downright false.

The words “search and seizure” are inaccurate when taken out of context, which I provided, and you didn’t. What I said was,” it’s an unreasonable search and seizure of an individual’s personal effects.” All of which is perfectly true. Only 36 states ask for any sort of ID, but in 10 of those states, it need not be an actual ID card. Only 8 states have a strict photo ID requirement. This wide disparity from state to state renders the requirement to display it unreasonable. And, of course, a person’s identity (and proof thereof) is the most personal effect of all.

Incidentally, having said nothing about my assertions regarding the Fifth Amendment, I presume that you share my opinion. Which is wise, because that opinion is correct.

“All persons of legal age ARE required to possess valid ID.” Wrong. That statement is absolutely FALSE. No one, in any State, is “required to possess” an ID. No one has ever been charged with not having an ID; so, obviously, it’s not against the law.

Voter identification “is also the aspect of voting which is open to the most manipulation.” That’s also false. Of the approximately 400 examples of voter fraud found in 2020, most were people who cast two (or more) ballots; in most cases, at least one ballot was mailed in, which has has nothing to do with their ID. These cases were found because mail-in ballots are individually encoded to the specific voter. Few or none of the cases involved problems with ID.

Accordingly, “Voter ID can quash a lot of those problems, as well” begs the question: What problems can it quash? Besides, of course, the problem of voter suppression – which the Republicans don’t consider a problem at all. Just the opposite, in fact, and not a few Republicans have even said so aloud, much to their embarrassment. They’ve known it for years; Voter ID is a great way to keep voter turnout low, and Republicans tend to do better when turnout is low. That’s the kind of “quashing” they’re interested in.

As any cop knows, and just about anyone else can tell you, a Driver’s License is a license to drive. It’s both the purpose and intent of the card; indeed, it’s the main reason one gets the card – or even has it at all. The implication, and the point, are both clear. Drivers must carry their license when driving, and no other ID will suffice. Period. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you don’t have that card when you’re driving, you’re breaking the law. It couldn’t be simpler: What’s the MAIN purpose of a driver’s license? Authorization first, identification second.

As for the rest of your holier-than-thou hectoring and hypocrisy, you needn’t bother. I’m certainly not going to. My state doesn’t require Voter ID, and I doubt this will change anytime soon. Even so, I plan to continue to vote by mail, in 2020, my local precinct didn’t offer in-person voting, and I heard nary a complaint about it.

Kreg Vergith

Aw, jeez…

The fifth amendment is not as all-encompassing as you would have us believe.

If a police officer were to confiscate your Driver’s license or your car without cause, that would constitute unreasonable search and seizure.

What I said was “Simply being asked to display a valid photo ID is not search and seizure”.


If some event causes a police officer to be suspicious of your actions, the contents of your car in plain sight, or some other factor, he or she would be
prudent to launch further examination, with his or safety foremost in mind.

A bloody machete on your front seat in full view would at least make an officer curious as to why you would possess something like that.
Verification of an ID starts the investigative process.

That’s context.

All states require Driver’s licenses as proof of both identity and authorization to drive.

Voter ID requirements do vary from state to state (subject to immanent change), but they do not make judgements about the validity or relative value of anyone’s vote compared to that of the next person in line.
They are in place to weed out ineligible, or, yes, fraudulent, ballots.

Either you have valid ID and are eligible vote, or you don’t.

And, I didn’t characterize your comments. I was actually more polite than is warranted.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Mark… Mark… Mark… Where on earth are you getting this information about Voter ID? Voter ID is used to verify you’re Name; you’re Address, verifying you are present & registered to Vote. I disagree Voter ID does not imply a crime. Proving who you are does not violate your rights or the United States Constitution… My God Man… Or as my friend Derek would say, “Al be Dip” unbelievable! Gee whiz Mark you make my head spin! You might want to re-read the Fourth & Fifth Amendments again and consider printing a retraction here… Now if one were to ask you for your SS# then you would have a concern that is why SS#’s were taken off of Drivers Licenses & Airmen Certificates… Godspeed…

Kreg Vergith

Thank you, brother!

Rowland L. Holland

Already is devastated. Now we need to fix her.


Mr President, THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS you won the election by a landslide!!! So when are you going to step in and take your rightful place as president of this country????
You know you won. We know you won!! THEY know you won!! Get rid of this fake fraud corrupt POS peodphile killer, and TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AS PRESIDENT!!!!
We the people stand with you!!! We the people elected YOU!!! Congress does NOT elect the president in this country!!! We the people do, and there is NO DOUBT in ANYONES mind who we elected!! Take your rightful place as president sir, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including force!!!


First: “force” – NO! Not necessary and not a good move.

Second: returning now would trigger “Only 3 more years for Don and then he’s out.” I’d rather see us neuter the demons in the midterms (we MUST turn out in droves in the suburbs in order to overwhelm the fake numbers from the big cities (look at VA)), put Trump in as Speaker of the House, and THEN elect him for a third time in 2024.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but by then, it may be too late. The sooner, the better, to put an end to this one world government globalist plan, and root them all out of government and indeed out of our country. It is that bad.
And we have worse coming on the horizon from mother nature, so time is of the essence.

Rosanne. Choate

It might be fun to see President Trump take the gavel from Pelosi as new Speaker of the House!

Mark Rakow

Such “fun” would come at a gigantic cost – and that cost would become even more costly in both the short- and long-term. The Republican Party would bear the brunt of those costs, in both credibility and permanence. Their desire for such fun, over their desire and intent to govern, would make Republicans the laughing-stock of the nation, and the source of a national outrage and fury the likes of which are difficult to imagine.

But try to imagine this: Nationwide, in the very next election, no Republican would even be elected dogcatcher. It might not be quite that bad. But almost.

Mark Rakow

Putting Trump in as Speaker of the House would achieve what, exactly? We may as well install a 7-year-old child as Speaker, for all the good it’d do.

For those who think becoming Speaker would lead to Trump being reinstated as President, think again. First, it would require impeachment and removal of Joe Biden (removal requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate, or 67 votes – which is all but impossible) Then, Vice-President Harris would become President; she would nominate a new Vice-President. Then, impeachment and removal of President Harris, and the new Vice-President becomes President. Then, impeachment and removal of that person – and so on, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum – or ad nauseam, as the case may be. Which, of course, begs the question of what all this might possibly accomplish, other than to permanently discredit and destroy the Republican Party. Which would be fine with me. Can I assume you’d feel likewise?

One other thing: As long as Trump continues to claim he won the 2020 election, he can’t really expect to run in 2024. Because it would mean he’d be running for a third term, which violates the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution. Changing it to allow Trump to run is a notion which, by itself, is beyond absurd.

So. All of the nonsense above, JUST to make Trump president again?
You’ve got to be kidding.

Kreg Vergith

Since President Trump did not, in fact, assume the Oval Office due to a flawed ’20 election, he has not, in fact, served his second term (yet).

He is free to run, if he decides to do so.

The convoluted machinations in Congress involving the Speakership would be rendered moot.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

I agree Kreg… Godspeed

Kreg Vergith

The best, most effective thing we can do is spread the word.


Thank goodness that nobody has taken you up on your challenge. You have no proof; absolutely no debate-winning proof.

Although the proof is out there, you don’t have it.

During your Presidency, the media mopped the floor with you, every day, all day long. Social media banned you. Never has their been such disrespect for a US President, such sabotaging of a US President, such censorship. But…you couldn’t hush.

You do not want a public challenge/debate on the election. We The People do not NEED for you to go down that road. Leave it alone.


You’re right . . . it is “just you” and your twisted leftie cabal who thinks he’d lose. Certainly no one with any positive reason on this site thinks that way.

Now run along. Mommy made you some nice cupcakes.

Johnny Appleseed

Another dumb fuck open their mouth and let the whole rest of the world know….
















TRUMP 2020!!!!



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

No one is going to debate Trump on his specious claim, because such a debate would prove absolutely nothing. Furthermore, there is nothing to be gained by such a debate, nor would it serve any legitimate purpose whatsoever.


You’re right too – it would serve no purpose – because EVERYONE, including you and the twisted lefties, KNOW THAT TRUMP WAS RE-ELECTED BY A LANDSLIDE!! A liberal leftout being declared a loser in a debate isn’t going to make any more brainwashed lefties acknowledge what they know in their hearts.

We don’t even know how many votes Trump actually got because we KNOW (yes there is an audit trail of evidence on this one) that the Dominion machines actually switched Trump votes to Biden votes. Trump probably got 100 million votes.

We’ll see in 2024, after the mid-terms and the fixing of the demoncrap party’s rigged Soros voting machines (which Barry Zero and Angry Mike brought to the game.)

Mark Rakow

First of all, I don’t know any such thing. The very idea that you say I do is, itself, ridiculous. Screaming at me in all caps, and/or insulting me, is even more ridiculous, not to mention unpersuasive. Saying it’s so is not making it so.

There cannot be any so-called “audit trail” of any such evidence, because Dominion machines do not switch votes. They don’t vote at all. They merely scan and tabulate information from the ballots. There is no way to input and/or change data on such machines, because they have no internet connection of any kind. Furthermore, all are “stand-alone” machines.

However, just for the sake of your assertion, exactly where, when, and how did these so-called audit trails become available to anyone, much less to the general public? In other words, what proof exists of what you claim? Point being, we don’t “KNOW” any such thing.

As proof that we don’t “KNOW”, your assertion that Trump “probably” got 100 million votes. If we “KNOW” such things, it stands to reason that we’d know exactly how many votes he got – and there’d be no “probably” about it.

In other words, you’re full of shit. And, by revealing just how much it smells, you’ve proven that fact quite conclusively.
The fact is, you stink.

Kreg Vergith


Actually, there is enough proven evidence of at least “mishandling” of valid ballots, and likely outright fraud in tabulating and chain-of-custody issues.

Ballots “disappeared”, both before and after they were delivered to the collection facility.

Multiple mail-in ballots were sent to persons who were not eligible to vote, and they were counted as overwhelmingly Biden votes.

Zuckerberg and company spent millions to place drop boxes in predominantly Democrat districts, and the votes collected were overwhelmingly Biden votes.

In short, the election was not conducted fairly.

The evidence is there, but no one is obligated to hand it to you personally.
Do your own digging, and you will see it for yourself.


Hate to tell you this, but this is not the site to go to if you’re looking for manners, courtesy and decorum! Glad to see someone else rooting for civil disagreement though!😊

Kreg Vergith

Big things start with small things, right?

I’ve just been putting in my two(now five) cents.
Trying to spark conversation – which is in sparse measure these days.

Trolls don’t have a lot of stamina, so they’ll go away, or better yet, join in (politely)!

Mark Rakow

The problem with your statement is that many of your claims are so illogical and nonsensical that it calls into serious doubt everything else you’ve said. For example, votes could not be counted as Biden votes, “overwhelmingly” or not, unless they really were Biden votes. Tabulator machines, which are used to scan the ballots, cannot mark ballots nor change them.

Furthermore, the idea that “Mark Zuckerberg and others” spent millions of dollars to place drop boxes anywhere, let alone in “predominantly Democratic districts” is patently false. Private citizens can’t do such things, even if they wanted to.

Anyway, I’m not about to waste my time, digging for evidence of something that doesn’t exist. You claim that there’s “enough proven evidence,” and that’s simply not so. The so-called evidence are merely claims – and in many cases, they are lies – and it’s not nearly enough to prove anything whatsoever.

Kreg Vergith

PLEASE do some homework!

I can suppose that you’re not really ignorant – just uninformed.

Kreg Vergith

To the contrary, it would give President Trump the opportunity to get our America First message out to those who blithely dismissed him, or openly attacked him.

Mark Rakow

In that case, it would be political advertising, and Trump would have to pay for it. Which, of course, he’d never consider doing. Anyway, all he’d do on TV is whine and complain and tell lies about the election he lost. The TV networks are not about to grant him air time for such crap.

Kreg Vergith

Sir, you’re absolutely correct.

The open sewer still going on here in AZ is a prime example.

They all have far too much to hide to debate you.

Kreg Vergith


Can’t even call that a “nice try”…
I know Mr TRUMP likes the gangster persona but this is more like a “desperado”…


Says the stooge who has never posted one single intelligent comment . . .



Mark Rakow

You believe him, because he has proven how wonderful he is.

So, let me ask you: Had he proven that he’s NOT wonderful, would you still believe him?


You Barry Zero and Angry Mike lovers wouldn’t know wonderful if it walked up and slapped your brainwashed head. Just go away.

Mark Rakow

If I were to go away, I’d miss the rare opportunity of watching someone descend into complete psychosis.

Fortunately, you’re not far from it.


NO SIR! There is NO 24!! Donald Trump was elected president by we the people NOW!!! Not 24!!! If he is not in the oval NOW!! there will be no 22 or 24!! Wake UP!!!


There is a LOT of truth in the saying “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” The self-disclosure of the communist party (a.k.a. Democrats) has opened the eyes of MANY brainwashed idiots. I think it fast-tracked the recovery of America that is about to re-take Washington.

Their brash arrogance has been their undoing! Their arrogant, bold election crimes have emboldened them to do things that are SO stupid even the fence-sitters have to admit that the Demoncraps have no clue.

Now we can clearly see (and show!) how much these traitors hate America and Americans. All they do is hate while they claim to be the inclusion party!

The sweeping change is also going to Include the jettisoning of several RINOs like Mitch and Linsey! Primary them out, or those not up for election will be recalled and removed by their states or put in a corner and neutralized. We all knew Pierre and Lyin’ Liz were traitors, but now several others have been exposed.


I agree. As a Christian I really struggled early this year with the question of why God let things turn out as they have. Now I wonder if it’s because America needs to see just how bad things can get in order to really wake up. Half the country votes for Biden and tyranny? Ok, here you go. Thankfully people are waking up and pushing back.

Johnny Appleseed

Sometimes people have to be shown the truth… they cannot be “told” the truth.

How many times did God try to tell people the truth before Christ had to come and show people the truth???

This suffering is nothing compared to what we hopefully avoided.

Mark Rakow

As a non-Christian (I’m Jewish) I’m puzzled by something you said:

If God is a loving God, as most Christians (and we Jews) believe Him to be, then why would He “let things turn out as they have?”

Kreg Vergith

As the horrors of the Holocaust told us, God “allowed” things to turn out as they have to remind us that there will always be unspeakable evil in the world, and we must fight a constant battle against it, or it will surely triumph.

We often forget that when we’ve had it too good for too long.


Mark, may I assume you are familiar with the Old Testament/Torah? How many times did God judge Israel by letting her enemies conquer her? Why did He let that happen? Because He loved Israel, and discipline is part of love. Just like a parent has to discipline a child. And sometimes the worst punishment can be to let someone have exactly what they want. That’s what I thinkis happening to America today.

Mark Rakow

These “MANY brainwashed idiots” you mentioned? I assume you mean Republicans.

The Democrats’ eyes must already be open. After all, surely they know what they did.

Mark Rakow

Donna is not a sir.” She’s a ma’am.
Or, so I assume.

I could be wrong.

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